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Soal Bahasa Inggris SMA REPORT Bagian 5

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The  following text is for questions number 179  to181

The orangutan is a member of the great ape family. It is related to the gorilla and the chimpanzee species of Africa. The word “Orangutan” comes from the Malay language, which means “jungle man”. These apes are found in the jungle of Borneo and Sumatra, but the numbers are decreasing every year.

The orangutan moves about in the jungle very slowly on its weaker hind legs. It depend great deal on its fore limbs which are much longer and stronger. It also relies on them when it climbs and swing from tree to tree.

The orangutan usually has a solemn expression on its face similar to man’s. the orangutan also acts like human being in many ways. A mother orangutan nurses and cares for its baby. Just like humans, it also punishes her child when it is naughty. Similarly, the orangutan suffers from many of the common illnesses that infect people, such as the cold and flu.

179.  What does the text tell us about ?

A. The word orangutan

B. Orangutan and its aspects

C. The origin of orangutan

D. Orangutan and and its habitat 

E. The life of orangutan

180.  What makes orangutan move faster ?

A. The fore limbs

B. The jungle

C. The hind legs

D. The tree

E. Its body

181.   A mother orangutan nurses and cares for its baby.

         The bold typed word equally means ….

A. looks after

B. runs after

C. searches for

D. grows up

E. feeds up

The  following text is for questions number 182  to186

The black widow is the most dangerous spider living in the United States. It is most common in the southern parts of the country, but it can be found throughout the country. The black widow got its name because the female has been known to kill the male after mating and, as a result, becomes a widow.

The black widow is rather distinctive in appearance it has a shiny globular body, the size and shape of pea, and is marked on its underbelly with a red or yellow spot. The female is considerably more ample than the male, roughly four times larger on the average.

If a human is bitten by a black widow, the spider’s poison can cause severe illness and pain. Black widow bites have occasionally resulted in death, but it is certainly not the norm for black widow bites to be mortal.

182.  What is the text about?

A. Spider

B. Black Widow

C. Descriptions of spider

D. Classification of a widow

E. Phenomena of spider

183.   What is the main idea of paragraph two?

A. A yellow spot on the black widow’s body

B. The size and shape of pea

C. The shiny globular body.

D. The appearance of black widow

E. The classification of black widow

184.   Which of the followings is TRUE according to the text?

A. After mating, the female kills the male.

B. The black widow is the most harmless spider living in the USA.

C. It is very difficult to get the black widow in the United States.

D. Black widow bites have often resulted in death.

E. The spider’s poison never causes severe illness and pain.

185.   What is really meant by the word “widow”?

A. American spider

B. Spider living in the USA

C. Woman whose husband has died

D. The male spider killing the female after mating

E. The classification of spider living in the world.

186.   “…it has a shiny globular body,” (Paragraph 2)

    The underlined word has the closest meaning as… 

A. triangle

B. square

C. sphere

D. fat

E. thin

The  following text is for questions number 187  to192

Giraffes are usually about six meters tall. Half of the giraffe’s height comes from its neck, which is longer than its legs.

A giraffe has big brown eyes which are protected by very thick lashes. As it lives in parts of Africa which are usually dry with a great deal of dust. The lashes are an important source of protection. It can also cover its nostrils in order to protect its nose. It has brown spots on tan skin and this coloring helps protect the giraffe. The giraffes also have two short horns on its head.

Giraffes usually live in a small herd and often feed with other animals. A baby giraffe is two meters tall at birth. It can stand up by itself within a few minutes and can run well in about two days.

Like the camel, the giraffe can go a long time without drinking water. One source of water is the leaves which the giraffe eats from trees. Since it is so tall, the giraffe can reach the tender leaves at the top of a tree.

Giraffes have two methods of self protection. If something frightens an adult giraffe, it can gallop away at about fifty kilometers per hours or stay to fight with its strong legs.

187. What does the text tell us about?

A. Description of giraffe.

B. Characteristics of giraffe.

C. Parts of giraffe.

D. Story of giraffe.

E. Folktale of giraffe.

188. What is the use of very thick lashes for a giraffe?

A. To cover its nostrils.

B. To reach young leaves.

C. To stay fight with its enemies.

D. To escape from its enemies.

E. To protect its big brown eyes.

189. What is the main idea of the fourth paragraph?

A. Giraffe can go a long time without drinking.

B. Giraffe can reach the tender leaves at the top of a tree.

C. One source of water is the leaves.

D. The similarity between camel and giraffe.

E. The differences between camel and giraffe.

190. Which statement is TRUE according to the text?

A. A baby giraffe can stand up by itself in about two days.

B. A baby giraffe can run well in about 48 hours.

C. Camels and Giraffes need much water.

D. The common giraffes are two meters tall.

E. Camels need more water than giraffes.

191. It has brown spots on tan skin and … (Paragraph 2)

      What does the word ‘it’ refer to?

A. Nose

B. Nostrils

C. A giraffe

D. Protection

E. Very thick lashes

192. “…it can gallop away at about fifty kilometers per hour …” (Paragraph 5)

      The underlined word means ….

A. walk

B. run

C. protect

D. scratch

E. far

The  following text is for questions number 193  to 197

Human beings are mammals, which mean we have hair all over bodies. The only places on our body without hair are our palms and the soles of our feet. On some places like our face, hair is not very obvious because it is fine and light-colored. Animal hair, or fur as it is called, keeps the animals warm in cold weather and cool on hot days. This can happen because fur traps air. This layer of air does not permit or release heat easily. Unlike animals, man does not have such long hair on his body, except on the head. But man keeps cool by sweating. When we sweat, heat is also released besides water and we can cool down. It is not practical for an animal with long fur to sweat. It will feel even hotter instead of cooling down.

  Hair grows about one-third millimeter in length a day. We have short hair on our bodies because they only grow for a period, then stop. But the hair on our heads continues growing. If we do not cut our hair for six or seven years, it will be long enough for us to sit on. After a strand of hair stops growing, it will loosen and fall out. Then, a new hair will start growing in its lace.

Different races have different types and color of hair. Asians, which include Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese, Indians, and Malays, have Black hair. Africans also have Black hair but theirs is usually curly. Europeans have a variety of hair colors. There blonde hair, brown hair, and auburn hair which is reddish in color. A European female with Black or dark hair is called a brunette.

193. What does the first paragraph tell about?

A. The function of human hair.

B. The function of animal hair.

C. The description of animal hair.

D. How animal and human beings cool down.

E. The differences between animal hair and human hair

194. How do human beings cool down?

A. They keen on hair growing.

B. They release heat by sweating.

C. They cut their hair to release heat.

D. They trap air with their strand of hair.

E. They trap air with the hair on their body.

195. What will happen if a strand of hair stops growing? It will ….

A. let out

B. die down

C. come off

D. come out

E. fade away

196. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text?

A. Brunette is a European male with Black or dark hair.

B. Human beings have hair all over their bodies except their palms and soles of their feet.

C. When we sweat, heat is also released besides water and we can be hotter.

D. Animals do not have such long hair on their body, except on their head.

E. It is not practical for human beings with long hair to sweat; it will feel cooler instead of hotter.

197. “… hair is not very obvious because it is fine and light-colored.”(Paragraph 1)

         The underlined word is synonymous as ….

A. short

B. long

C. visible

D. useful

E. important

The  following text is for questions number 198  to 200

Do you know the moon? At night you can see it shinning brightly in the sky. The moon is one of the objects in space. Because people are curious about many things, they study space and the things in it. The science that studies these things is called astronomy. Astronomy deals with objects such as the sun, moon, planets and even stars and other objects outside the solar system.

198. What is the communicative purpose of the text?

A. To explain the readers briefly about astronomy

B. To tell the readers about the solar system

C. To report the readers about the astronomy

D. To inform the readers what are planets

E. To let the readers know about the objects in space

199. The main idea of the above paragraph is . . . .

A. a brief explanation to understand astronomy

B. brief information to know the planets

C. people are curious about the space and the things in it

D. people are curious about some objects in the space

E. people are curious about some planets

200. The word ‘it’ in line 1 refers to the . . . .

A. sun

B. moon

C. planet

D. star

E. science

The  following text is for questions number 201 to 205


A facsimile or fax machine resembles a small photocopier. It is a device capable of transmitting or receiving an exact copy of a page of printed or pictorial matter over telephone lines, in usually, less than 60 seconds.

To send a document, the user inserts it into the machine and dials the telephone number of the receiving fax machine. After the connection is made, an electronic scanner on the transmitting machine moves across the page and converts the image into a set of electronic signals. These signals travel over the telephone lines to the receiving fax machine. That machine converts the electronic signals back into an image of the original document and then prints a copy.

Most of contemporary fax machines conform to a set of standards, known as Group III, that were implemented in 1980, and that requires digital image scanning and data compression. Machine built to conform to Group III standard transmit the data at a maximum 9,600 bits per second (bps).

News services often use facsimile to send news stories and photographs to newspapers and television station. Banks, laws firms and other businesses use facsimile to send copies of documents to clients and other organizations.

Nowadays, fax machine can be used to receive a copy of a page sent through email and the machine can even send it to e-mail. Latest science inventions cover real bigger photocopiers that can produce copies of documents directly sent to e-mail and, of course, to the fax machine in another part of the world. Facsimile has truly gone through great changes of role as just as simple photocopiers.

(Adapted from Window on the World 2)

201. How to operate a fax machine can be found in paragraph . . . .

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 5

202. Which one is NOT the function of a facsimile?

A. to send a copy of a document to another facsimile

B. to send photographs to newspapers

C. to receive image of the original documents

D. to send a copy of a page to an e-mail

E. to send e-mail to the real photocopier

203. What is the communicative purpose of the text above?

A. To explain what a facsimile is

B. To inform how to use fax machine

C. To persuade the readers to use fax machine

D. To describe how facsimile send news to the readers

E. To discuss the use of fax machine

204. “. . . , and that requires digital image scanning and . . . .” (Paragraph 3)

The word ‘that’ refers to . . . .

A. a set of standards

B. Group III

C. Data compression

D. Electronic signal

E. Facsimile

205. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?

A. Fax machines conform to Group III.

B. News stories and photographs can be sent by using fax machine.

C. We don’t need a telephone to send a document using fax machine.

D. The electronic scanner converts the image into a set of electronic signals.

E. Document sent through e-mail can be received by facsimile.

The following is the text for question number 206 to 211

Although gorillas look ferocious, they are really rather quite apes. They live in family groups in the thickest parts of the jungle.

A gorilla’s feet, hands and wrinkled face are bare and black. His fur may be short or long, depending on where he lives.

The short-haired gorilla lives in the hot, damp, tropical forest of western Africa, and the long haired gorilla lives in the cooler air in the high mountains of central Africa.

A gorilla’s arms are so long; they almost touch the ground, even when he is standing up.

Some wild mountain gorillas weigh as much as you, your father and your mother together.

At night, the father gorilla sleeps on the ground. But the mother and the baby gorillas sleep in a big nest of stick and leave on the ground, or, in the lower branches of trees, where they are safer from prowling animals.

206. The text is mainly about....

A. Father gorilla

B. A gorilla’s live

C. Kinds of gorillas

D. Gorillas in brief

E. The origin of gorillas

207. The... of the gorillas affects the length of gorilla’s fur.

A. Size

B. weight

C. Habit

D. habitat

E. habit

208. The following parts of a gorilla are not covered by fur, except....

A. the chin

B. the feet

C. the hands

D. the nose  

E. the arms

209. “Although gorillas look ferocious, theya are really quite apes.” (Paragraph 1).

         What does the underlined words mean? ....

A. Rude

B. strong

C. Fierce

D. clumsy

E. rough

210. “.... where they are safer from prowling animals.” (paragraph 6)

  What does the word ‘they’ refer to?

A. The father, the mother and the baby gorillas.

B. The father and the mother gorillas.

C. The mother and the baby gorillas.

D. The father and the baby gorillas.

E. Prowling animals.

211. The following statemants is true about gorillas, except....

A. its face is wrinkled

B. its hand are bare

C. its arms are so long that they almost touch the ground

D. the short-haired gorillas live in the high mountains of central Africa

E. some wild gorillas weigh as much as three people weight together

The  following text is for questions number 212 to 215

The Lion

The lion is called the king of the beasts. Lions are found living wild in the grassland of Africa. They hunt smaller animals and feed on them. There are no wild animals in Europe, but there are captive lions in the European Zoos. 

The male lion is a beautiful animal. Round his head he has a ring of long hair called a mane. When the lion is young, the hair of his mane is yellow. When he is old, the hair is sometimes black. The female lion, or lioness, doesn’t have a mane.

Lions are dangerous animals. They can kill a man.

212. Which is true according to the text?

A. There are no captive lions in Europe

B. The old lion’s hair is yellow

C. The young lion’s hair is black

D. Lions aren’t harm

E. Lions eat smaller animals

213. Which is not true according to the text?

A. All lions have manes

B. A young lion has yellow hair

C. The female lion is called a lioness

D. We can not find wild lions in grasslands of Africa

E. Lions feed on smaller animals

214. The writer mostly uses………….

A. Simple Past Tense

B. Simple Present Tense

C. Present Perfect Tense

D. Present Continuous Tense

E. Past Perfect Tense

215. “…but there are captive lions in the European Zoos.” The underlined word means…..

A. hostage

B. wild

C. tame

D. dangerous

E. harm

The  following text is for questions number 216  to 218

Bees are flying insects that are found all over the world. There are over twelve thousand different species of bees, but only about two thousand of these are found in North America.

Bees can be divided into two groups according to their living styles. Solitary bees live alone. On the other hand, social bees, like ants, live in groups. Only about six hundred species are of his social category.

Social bees are interesting because in their “society” there are different classes of bees. Each class performs a different task. Queen bees lay eggs. Workers, underdeveloped females, work in the hive but never reproduce. Males do not work; their only task is to mate with the queen.

Solitary bees occur as males and females. Every female make a nest after an egg is laid and put in a cell, the female also adds some pollen and honey for food. Then she seals the cell. The females then go elsewhere to build a new nest or die. When the eggs hatch, the larvae will feed on the pollen and honey which the female left for them.

216. What is special about social bees?

A. There are different classes of bees and each class performs a different task

B. They are interesting bees

C. Queen lays eggs

D. Male  bees do not work, their only task is to mate with the queen

E. They make a nest in the ground where they laid eggs

217. “… the larvae will feed on the pollen and honey which the female left for them.” The underlined word means……….

A. eat food

B. cook food

C. give food

D. produce food

E. look for food

218. “… the larvae will feed on the pollen and honey which the female left for them.” The word “them” refers to……….

A. female bees

B. male bees

C. eggs

D. larvae

E. pollen and honey

The  following text is for questions number 219  to 221

For many year people believed that the cleverest animals after man were the chimpanzees. Now, however, there is proof that dolphins may be even cleverer that these big apes.

Although a dolphin lives in the sea it is not a fish. It is mammal. It is in many ways therefore, like human being.

Dolphins have a simple language. They are able to talk to one another. It may be possible for man to learn how to talk to dolphins. But this will no be easy because dolphins can not hear the kind of sounds man can make. If a man wants to talk to dolphins, therefore, he will have to make a third language which both he and the dolphins can understand.

Dolphins are also very friendly toward man. They often follow ships. There are many stories about guiding ships through difficult and dangerous water.

219. The text tells us about………

A. Fish

B. dolphins

C. Mammals

D. big apes

E. chimpanzees

220. The fourth paragraph tells us about……….

A. how dolphins help man

B. how genius the dolphins are

C. how friendly dolphins to man

D. how diligent the dolphins are

E. how difficult the problem faced by dolphins

221. Why do we have to make a third language to talk to dolphins?

A. dolphins cannot hear the kind of sound man can make

B. dolphins are able to talk to one another

C. dolphins are also friendly toward man

D. a man wants to talk to dolphins

E. dolphins are not fish but mammals

The  following text is for questions number 222 to 225

Carnivorous plants, such as the sundew and the Venus-flytrap, are generally found in humid areas where there is an inadequate supply of nitrogen in the soil. In order to survive, these plants have developed mechanisms to trap insects within their foliage. They have digestive fluids to obtain the necessary nitrogen from the insect.

These plants trap the insects in a variety of ways. The sundew has sticky hairs on its leaves; when an insect lands on these leaves, it gets caught up in the sticky hairs, and the leaf wraps itself around the insect.

The leaves of the Venus-flytrap function more likely a trap, snapping suddenly and forcefully shut around and insect. 

222. Where can the carnivorous plant be found?

A. in wet area

B. in humid area

C. in hot area

D. in many places in the world

E. in the forest

223. What is the purpose of the text?

A. persuade the readers to visit areas of carnivorous plants

B. inform the readers about the important of carnivorous plants

C. describe about how carnivorous plants survive

D. present a very useful information

E. to make the readers aware about this phenomenon

224. What do the carnivorous plants do to survive?

A. develop mechanism to trap insect within their foliage

B. use digestive fluid

C. obtain necessary nitrogen from insects

D. use sticky hairs

E. shut around an insect

225. “….it gets caught up in the sticky hairs,…” (pr.2). The word “it” refers to……..

A. the plant

B. the leaf

C. sundew

D. insect

E. carnivorous plant

The  following text is for questions number 226 to 230

Orchid is one of the favorites flower in the world. There are 43.000 species in the world and 5.000 of them are in Indonesia.

According to the place where they usually grow, there are 5 kinds of orchids. They are epiphyte, semi epiphyte, terrestrial, and saprophyte and litofit orchids. Epiphyte orchids such as Cattleya and Aecidium grow on the other plant. Semi epiphyte orchids such as Brossalova and Ladia grow on the other plant too.

Terrestrial orchids such as Vanda, renanthera, Arachnis and Aranthera grow on the soil. Saprophyte orchids grow on humus or dry leaves, for example Coodyera sp. The last is litofit. It grows on stones such as Dendrodium and Phaleonopsis.

226. How many species of orchids in the world?

A. 13.000

B. 5.000

C. 23.000

D. 50.000

E. 43.000

227. Where do 5.000 species of orchids grow?

A. Malaysia

B. Indonesia

C. India

D. Philippine

E. Australia

228. Where do the epiphyte orchids grow?

A. on the stones

B. on the water

C. on humus or dry leaves

D. on the soil

E. on the other plant

229. Cattleya is one of the examples of…….orchid?

A. Semi epiphyte

B. Litofit

C. Terrestrial

D. Saprophyte 

E. Epiphyte

230. The example of litofit is…….

A. Aecidium

B. Dendrodium

C. Brossalova

D. Arachnids

E. Venda

The following is the text for question number 231 to 233


Elephants are the largest land animals in the world. Elephants are mammals. They have several distinctive features aside from their large side. Their long trunk is used for breathing, smelling, touching, feeding, drinking, lifting heavy objects, and trumpeting. No other animal has a nose with so many uses.

Elephants are equally remarkable for their tusks. They are enormously long teeth that continue to grow throughout the elephant’s life. They are made of bony material called ivory. Elephants have always been hunted for their tusks. The ivory is carved or shaped into sculptures, ornaments, and decoration.

Adult elephants have little hair on their thick, wrinkled skin, but their tails are tipped with wiry hair, and their eyelashes can be over 12 cm long.

Elephants need a great deal of food. A big male may eat up to 225 kg of plant material, such as leaves, bark, fruit, and grasses, a day, and drink between 75 – 150 l of water. 

Most elephants live in herds of 10 to 50 animals. The female carries her unborn young for 20 to 22 months before birth, the longest period for any mammal. Several females usually help the mother with the baby during and after birth. The baby needs nursing for two or more years. An elephant can live 60 or 70 years.

Elephants have been tamed and used to serve the needs of people for at least 5,000 years. Their size and strength have been used to lift heavy objects, carry heavy loads, and even lead armies into battle. Killing elephants for their tusks is now forbidden, but illegal hunting still takes place. Also, human settlement leaves elephants with less space to roam.

231. Which statement is not true according to the text?

B. Elephants still have large area to live

C. Elephant’s nose has many functions

D. It is allowed to hunt the elephants today

E. Young elephants have little hair on their thick, wrinkled skin

F. Elephants are tamed to support human needs

232. “Elephants are equally remarkable for their tusks.” (pr. 2). The antonym of the underlined word is………..

A. extraordinary

B. ordinary

C. notable  

D. worthy 

E. noticeable

233. “…They are made of bony material called ivory.”(pr.2). The underlined word refers to….

A. elephants

B. trunks

C. tusks

D. teeth

E. ornaments

The  following text is for questions number 234 to 236


Birds belong to a class of warm blooded vertebrate animals with feather covered bodies. Next to the mammals, birds are the most implant group of land-living vertebrates. All birds have feather, although in some types, particularly those that cannot fly. The normal structure of the feathers may be much modified and be downy, woolly, or straw like. The forelimbs of birds are modified into wings. The bony part of the tail, except in the very earliest fossil birds, is very short, and the visible tail is composed of feathers only. The teeth are absent except in some fossil forms. As in mammals - the only other group of warm blooded animal - the circulation is highly perfected so that there is no mixing of arterial and venomous blood, but the arrangement of veins and arteries by which this is accomplished is different in the two groups. Birds have keen hearing, although they have no external ears. The sense of sight also is very keen, but the sense of smell is weak or lacking, except in a few vultures and other birds.

234. The passage is about the… of birds.

A. species

B. definitions

C. clarifications

D. classification

E. characteristics 

235. From the text we can conclude that both birds and mammals have…

A. backbones

B. keen sights

C. keen hearing

D. downy feathers

E. week sense of smell

236. Which of the following  is NOT possessed by birds?

A. Feathers

B. Wings

C. Teeth

D. Tails

E. Ear

The  following text is for questions number 237 to 241

The sun shines for most of the year in Indonesia. This enables bananas to be grown and picked all year round.

Banana plants grow from a small root to a high of about three meters. They produce suckers, one of which is allowed to grow to its full size and to bear the fruit.  There fruits start growing downwards before they grow towards the sun in large bunches. A fully grown bunch can weigh up to thirty five kilos, the bananas as the bottom being smaller than those nearer the top.

Bananas are very easily damage and are consequently great care must be taken when they are harvested. They are picked by hand before they are fully ripe as they are.

Bananas are easily peeled and digested and contain important trace minerals as well as the benefits of fresh fruit. They provide quick, convenient yet healthy energy boost and are consequently popular with athletes and tennis players.

237. In what regions can you find banana plants?

A. In a small root

B. In tropical regions

C. In sub tropical regions

D. Anywhere in the world

E. In the  region without rain

238. The word “its” In paragraph two refers to....

A. Root

B. Fruits

C. Sucker

D. Banana

E. Tropical region

239. “They are picked by hand before....” (Par. 3)

    The word “they” refers to....

A. Fruits

B. Benefits

C. Athletes

D. Bananas

E. Minerals

240.   Why are bananas popular with athletes and tennis player? Because....

A. they are fresh fruit

B. they are our favourite fruits

C. they can be picked all year around

D. they are easily peeled and digested

E. they provide quick, convenient and healthy energy boots

241.  What is the type of the text above?

A. Report

B. Recount

C. Narrative

D. Procedure

E. Analytical exposition

The  following text is for questions number  242 to 245

Gold is precious metal. Gold is used as ornaments or as money. Gold is found in many places, but in a small supply. It is often found on the surface of the earth. Since gold is a heavy substance, it is sometimes found loose on the bottom of rivers. The gold is found together with sand and rocks, and must be separated from them. It is simple to search for this type of gold.

It is not usually necessary to drill for the gold, but when a layer of gold is located deep below the surface of the earth, it is possible to drill a hole into the ground. Engineers have developed modern processes for removing gold from rocks.

Since gold is not very hard, it is sometimes melted and added to other substances for making rings, coins, and art objects. It will be priced forever because it is beautiful, rare, and useful.

242. The best title or the text is….

A. gold

B. type of Gold

C. previous metal

D. rare ornament

E. removing gold from rocks

243. The following are associated with gold, except….

A. useful

B. precious

C. beautiful

D. expensive

E. unnecessary

244. The text above is mainly intended to.… about gold.

A. discuss

B. classify

C. describe

D. elaborate

E. document

245. “It will be priced because.…” (par. 3)

    The underlined word means….

A. valuable

B. worthless

C. interesting

D. wonderful

E. eyecatching

The  following text is for questions number 246 to


Many people call platypus duckbill because this animal has bill like duckbill. Platypus is a native Tasmania and southern and eastern Australia.

Platypus has a flat tail and webbed feet. Its body length is 30 to 45 cm and covered with a thick and woolly layer of fur. Its bill is detecting prey and stirring up mud. Platypus’ eyes and head are small. It has no ears but has ability to sense sound and light.

Platypus lives in streams, rivers and lakes. Female Platypus usually digs burrows in the streams or river banks. The burrows are blocked with soil to protect it from intruders and flooding. In the other hand, male platypus does not need any burrow to stay. 

246. What is the text about?

A. the description of platypus in general

B. the animal has bill like duckbill 

C. the definition of platypus

D. the length of platypus

E. the kinds of platypus

247. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?

A. the ears of platypus

B. the eyes of platypus

C. the length of platypus

D. the size of platypus’ skin

E. the characteristics of platypus

248. What is the communicative purpose of the text? 

A. to entertain the readers about the life of platypus

B. to explain about the length of platypus

C. to review on how the platypus lives

D. to discuss a platypus in the world

E. to describe platypus in general

249. Where does a platypus usually live? 

A. in  mountain

B. in the sea

C. in  water

D. in forest

E. in  river

250. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE based on the text.

A. Platypus is a native Tasmania and southern Australia.

B. Platypus lives in streams, rivers and lakes.

C. Platypus has a flat tail and webbed feet.

D. Male platypus needs a burrow to stay.

E. Platypus’ eyes and head are small.

251. “It has no ears but has ability to sense sound and light” (paragraph 2). The underlined word can be best replaced with ….

A. see

B. prey

C. find

D. invite

E. capture

252. “The burrows are blocked with soil to protect it from intruders and flooding” (paragraph 3). The underlined word refers to….

A. lake

B. river

C. burrow

D. stream

E. platypus

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Contoh Aplikasi

Silahkan Isi data sebagai Pemilik Laundry
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Mendeteksi Masalah lebih dini dengan Analisa Bakat

Mendeteksi Masalah lebih dini dengan Analisa Bakat 1. Mendeteksi Masalah lebih dini Beberapa hal yang bisa dideteksi antara lain Tidak dit...

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