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Bank Soal Bahasa Inggris SMA Bagian 3

 You have choose the best answer to each question from the alternative given.

The text is for questions no. 1-8

At present, almost every family has television,especially those who live in big cities.Now, television is not one of luxurious things anymore because it is so common that almost every family has one.

Many people –old and young-spend their time watching television, since there are a lot of television programs we can enjoy. There are music, film, sport, news and many other programs we can choose as we wish. An interesting program makes us keep watching it, so that sometimes we forget what we should do. It can be a disturbance for us, but we still love to watch it.

Everythings in this world leads to two sides; good and bad, and so does television. As one of the mass-medial television really brings many results. Of course, there are good results, and bad ones. The good results for us are that we get entertainment. It make us happy, and it also gives information and knowledge.

On the other hand, television shows programs that are not suitable for our culture, custom and age. For example, the romatic and action films, that are shown at noon when children stay at home and watch them.

However, in some ways television is very useful to us. We can choose the programs in line our favourite programs. We however, should consider many aspects.

1. Now, television is not a …. thing.

a. cheap d. primary

b. important e. unimportant

c. luxurius

2. “We, however should consider many aspects” (the last line)

a. care d. think

b. know e. take

c. learn

3. Who likes to watch television ?

a. All people d. Young people

b. Old people e. New people

c. Special people

4. The main idea of paragraph 2 is ….

a. only young people like to watch TV

b. sometimes TV TV programs distrub us

c. there are music, film, sport and news on TV

d. television programs are interesting

e. radio program

5. How should we watch the TV programs ?

a. As much we like

b. Choose the bad one

c. Choose the good one

d. Choose the suitable one

e. Choose the best one

6. I was sleeping when my father …. The announcement about me on the radio

a. heard

b. hears

c. was hearing 

d. will hear

e. hear

7. I read an interesting article about traffic accident yesterday.

The underlined word mean ….

a. front cover d. head line

b. dead line e. cover

c. story

8. There are many kinds of interesting …. on the television.

a. channels d. pictures

b. announcers e. tone

c. programmes

The text is for questions for 9 – 16

Many years ago, watching a view of events on a screen as well hearing its sound at the same time was a daydream. But now, television makes it true. Television presents events taking place in places thousands miles away in front of us.

Television makes the world narrower and long distances shorter. What happens at one moment in other parts of the world can be seen and heard at the same time. The great concert in London or the busiest haours of the New Your Stock Exchange can be watched on the television screen. Television does not only inform us of the world situation but also gives us some new information on science, technology, art and sports; periodically it presents many kinds of entertainment programs such as plays, films, musical shows, jokes, games and many others.

The government uses television to inform the people, for example, of the family planning program, the reports of the local development, the domestic economic growth, taxation, tourism, public health and so on.

9. What does television make true ?

a. a view of events

b. daydream

c. the world narrower

d. long distances shorter

e. short distance

10. Television presents events taking place in places …. (p.1)

The underlined words have the same meaning as ….

a. participating

b. happening

c. providing

d. joining

e. governing

11. What does the governments use television for ?

a. To present many kinds of entertainment

b. To make the world situation and give new information on science, arts, etc.

c. To inform us of world situation and to give new information on science, arts, etc.

d. To inform us of the family planning program; the report of the local development, taxation, etc.

e. To inform vs stock exchange or new information.

12. What’s the first paragraph about ?

a. People like watching television

b. People like to go to places thousands miles a way

c. Television informs the government program

d. Watching television isn’t daydream anymore

e. The dream comes true

13. Was it possible to own a television set many years ago ?

a. Yes, it was d. I think so

b. No, it wasn’t e. I hape so

c. I don’t know

14. Most of TV show different kinds of programs, giving the …. a wide range of entertainment to choose.

a. children d. viewers

b. family e. listeners

c. customers

15. The RRI …. always improve their programmes.

a. broadcasters d. technicians

b. breakers e. journalist

c. listeners

16. X : Have you read the advertisement on the newspaper about the haouse for sale ?

Y : Oh, yes, but it is very expensive to ….

a. meet the owner of the house

b. buy that house

c. look for the owner of the house

d. It is difficult to paint of the house

e. find the location

The text is for questions no 17-20

The production of a TV programme is an extremely complicated process. A programme requires careful planning, much preparation, and the combined efforts of many skilled workers.

The producer usually begins by obtaining a script writing job to a professional wrinter or team of writers, and the directing job to a professional director.

Writers prepare the script for TV programme. A TV script is a written account of what a to be said and the directing job to a professional director.

Directors read the scripts and then they get ideas about how the characters should speak, move and generally bahave.

A person who appears on a TV programme may be performer or a presenter. Performers include actors, actresses, comedians, singers, and other entertainers. Presenters or performers appear on TV as themselves.

The producer also chooses the production specialists are needed to produce the show. Production specialists are an art director, a costume designer and a property manager. The producer also hires composers, musicians, and conductors to perform the music.

(Adapted from The World Book Encyclopedia)

17. Who prepares the script for a TV programme ?

a. the director d. the writer

b. the producer e. the composer

c. the presenter

18. What is a written account of what is to be said and done during programme ?

a. a programme d. a director

b. a viewer e. a musician

c. a presenter

19. What is a written account of what is to be said and done during programme ?

a. a programme

b. a report

c. a script

d. a musical composition

e. a news-story

20. What is a director’s job ?

a. obtraining a script

b. choosing a producer

c. obtaining constumers

d. directing how the character should speak, move and behave

e. performing a programme on TV

21. The girl …. gave me the flower is Rita 

a. which d. when

b. whose e. that

c. who

22. I wanted to know the name of the girl  …. 

a. which lies on Jl. Supratman

b. where I bought this pen

c. when I have time

d. whose hair is long

e. that I have

23. The man was away on holiday. I wanted to see him.

The man …. I wanted to see was away on holiday.

a. which d. when

b. whose e. that

c. whom

24. Why don’t you go home? You look so pale and tired. You …. take a rest and sleep.  

a. shall d. would

b. that e. whose

c. whom

25. Mrs. Andi : Do you know the lady over there?

Mrs. Gatot : Sure, she is an English teacher …. son is the best student in this school.

a. who d. which

b. that e. whose

c. whom

You have to choose the best answer to each question from the alternative given.

The text is for questions no. 26-29

The printed words in newspapers and magazines has become an important part of people’s lives. People in the cities, towns and villages want information, newspapers provide them news on the government, crime, gossip, entertainment and sports, besides these there are the advertisements for products, films and concerts. Then there is the classified section which gives news of jobs, services and things for sale.

The production of newspapers and magazines is very hard work. The journalists write the articles. The editors decide on the headlines and the news layout. They decide which news must be put on the first page and which news must be put on the first page and which news can be left inside the paper. They edit and fit it into pages. The all the pages are put together and the managing editor approves the paper before publication.

There are daily newspapers like Kompas, Media Indonesia, The Indonesian Times, and The Jakarta Post. Then there are the weekly newspapers. They are special papers with articles that interest certain people. There is the Gema Olahraga published twice a week and the Bola published weekly for people who are interested in sports. Then there is also the weekly paper Citra and the Bintang for people who are interested in films, music, and sports. There is also the weekly paper Fantasi for young people.

Besides newspapers, there are magazines, they carry information for special groups. There are the magazines for young people like the Aneka, Hai, Kawanku and Gadis. They contain the latest fashions, music, art and short stories. Then there is Vista TV which gives you the latest information on films and films stars.

26. The above text tells us about ….

a. newspapers 

b. Printed Mass Media

c. magazines

d. electronic media

e. Printed materials

27. The …. seek for news and write the articles.

a. editors d. publishers

b. journalists e. columnist

c. managing editors

28. How often is “Gema Olahraga” published in one month?

a. Two twice d. Eight times

b. Four times e. Nine time

c. Six times

29. People who take part in the production of newspapers can be found in paragraph …

a. one d. four

b. two e. five

c. theree

The text is for question no 30-33

A newspaper is a paper printed and sold to the public usually daily or weekly. It contains news, notices, advertisements, etc.

A large daily newspaper contains a variety of information. It gives information a bout foreign, national, and local affairs. Newspaper writers report developments in sports, society, finance, science, religion, education, and agriculture.

The editor is a person who is responsible for the publishing of the newspapers. He decides what should be printed, corrects mistakes, and decides how the material should be arranged. A newspaper editor sometimes articles which are called editorials. He gives his opinion about the news in the editorial

The news department gathers and edits the news. The head of the news department is the managing editor. Under him are the city editor, news editor, telegraph pr sections.

The main source of income for most newspapers is commercial advertising. Therefore, advertising usually fills about 50 up to 70 percent a newspapers space. 

30. The text above tells us about ….

a. the price of a newspaper

b. the editor of a newspaper

c. the importance of a newspaper for people

d. the contents and things related to a newspaper

e. the price of magazine

31. An editor ….

a. only edits the news

b. sometimes writes about his opinions

c. works in the city department

d. publishes a newspaper

e. a few editors

32. From the text above we know that the editor’s work is ….

a. easy d. not complicated

b. not easy e. difficult

c. unimportant

33. “Alarge daily newspaper contains a variety of information” (paragraph 2)

a. similar d. many kinds

b. unique e. not the same

c. a small number

The text is for questions no 34-35

Andi : I’m sory to bother you, but may I read your newspaper ?

Pedro : Certainly, please do. Here you are.

Andi : Thank you. By the way do you buy it everyday ?

Pedro : No,I ____ 34) to it. I can save 35 %

Andi : What about the magazine? I mean what magazine do you read ?

Pedro : Film magazine. It is ___ 35) weekly.

34. a. subscribe d. announce

b. describe e. bear

c. borrow

35. a. bought d. programmed

b. published e. possessed

c. promoted

36. Mr. Hadi is a columnist he often sends his article to the newspaper.

The synonym of the underlined word is ….

a. letter d. music section

b. advertisement e. writing material

c. news in pictures

37. …. is someone who writes for a newspaper.

a. Editor d. Reporter

b. Journalist e. Participant

c. Novelist

38. If you want to be a …. of a newspaper you must fill in form given, and you must pay for it monthly.

a. publication d. subscriber

b. editor e. columnist

c. publisher

39. It is an impossible thing for the newspaper without any …. to know the opinion of the newspaper itself.

a. colums d. publication

b. headline e. writer

c. editorial

40. …. can express their ideas through the newspaper.

a. Headlines d. Colums

b. Readers e. Writers

c. Editorials

41. Some people read the newspaper …. before having breakfast or after getting dressed.

a. monthly d. daily

b. weekly e. everyday

c. yearly

42. Newspaper, magazines and tabloids belong to ….

a. mass media

b. electronic instrument

c. electronic media

d. readers ideas

e. readers digest

43. Reading newspaper can give us much information about regional, … and internasional events.

a. cultural d. situational

b. professional e. editorial

c. national

44. Farid : Tina, I think you can solve the problem.

Tina : What ? Lusi, what didi Farid say.

Lusi : He said that …. solve the problem.

a. he thought I can

b. he thought I could

c. you could

d. he thinks you can

e. he thought you could

45. Mrs. Sumi said “I don’t know who wrote the article in the magazine”.

The reported speech of the setence is Mrs. Sumi said that ….

a. I don’t know who wrote the article in the magazine

b. I didn’t know who writes the article in the magazine.

c. She didn’t know who had written the article in the magazine

d. She didn’t know who wrote the article in the magazine

e. She didn’t know who was writing the article in the magazine.

The text is for question no.46-50

Daniel Defoe, the man who wrote Robinson Crusoe, published the first magazine. He had strong opinions about the British government’s policies, and he wanted to publish his ideas so that people could read them. In 1704 he started writing and publishing the Review. It appeared every week until 1713.

Gradually other magazines were founded. Some lasted only a short time. Some have contonued to last up to the the present time.

More than 25 magazines are published in Indonesia alone. Some small magazines are put out by two or there persons. But the large, general magazines are tremendously complicated operations.

Magazines are sometimes classified according to periodic issue of a magazine-weekly magazine, bi-monthly magazine and monthly magazine. But the classification can be based on the age or sex of the readers. They are the gentlement’s magazine women’s magazine, boys’ magazine, and children’s magazine.

There are various kinds of magazines now religious magazines, farm magazines, and magazines for doctors, bankers, teachers, druggists, and homemakers.

Women’s magazine include articles concerned with family living, food recipes and dresses. Children’s magazine in a magazine for children. On its pages readers find stories, poems, and articles. Some articles, stories in serial form, sheet music, poems and declamations. Declamations speeches or reciatations with dramatic gestures.

46. …. published the first magazine

a. British Goverment 

b. Daniel Defoe

c. Defoe and Gruose

d. Robinson Grusoe

e. Deni Crusoe

47. What is the main idea of the fourth paragraph ?

a. The first composer

b. The kinds of magazines

c. The parts of magazines

d. The classification of magazines

e. The kinds of magazine

48. We can classity the magazines according to the periodical issue and based on the age, sex, profession or interest. So, the review magazine belongs to ….

a. age d. sex

b. interest e. possession

c. profession

49. “Some have continued to last up the present time” (paragraph 2)

The underlined words means ….

a. already stopeed

b. only in a short time

c. up to now

d. uncontinuously

e. until now

50. The review magazine published for …. years.

a. 10 d. 1704

b. 25 e. 1713

c. 1714

Bank Soal Bahasa Inggris SMA Bagian 2

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Text 1

Early one morning, Umar was walking to the bus stop to catch a bus to school. A loud, screeching noise suddenly pierced the air. Umar realized that there had been an accident. A small boy was lying unconscious on the road, and the car that had hit him had already run away.

Umar was confused and frightened. “is the boy dead?” Umar asked himself. However, the boy was still breathing. Umar could see that the boy had bruises all over his face and arms.

Umar did not know what to do. Few cars passed along this road at this time of the day. The nearest house which he could go to for help was his own, but it would take ten minutes to walk there. Umar finally decided to stay with the boy until somebody came by.

Time passed very slowly – so it seemed to Umar. The boy was still unconscious, and Umar prayed for the boy to regain consciousness.

Umar sprang to his feet at the sound of an approaching car. He waved frantically at the driver to stop. Umar asked the driver,”You will help this boy, won,t you, Sir?” The driver was kind. He carried the injuried boy to the car. Umar went with them to the hospital. Later, the driver took Umar to the police station to report the accident.

Umar had a lot to tell to his friends that day at school. All his friends though Umar was a very brave boy.”it was an unforgettable incident, wasn,t it?” They asked him.

“Yes, it was, “Umar replied.”it was a terrifying experience, thought!”

1. What is the genre of the text?

a. Descriptive c. Narrative    e. News item

b. Recount d. Procedure

2. The purpose of the text is to ….

a. tell a past event d. report a phenomena

b. entertain readers e. describe Umar,s activity

c. discuss something

3. Umar and the helpful driver went to the police station after they ….

a. stopped the approaching car

b. reported the accident they saw

c. brought the boy to the nearest house

d. had seen the injured boy on the road

e. had carried the injured boy to the hospital

4. “Time passed very slowly” ….( paragraph 4 )

       This part of the text is called ….

a. Description c. Event           e. Reorientation

b. Resolution d. Orientation

5. What do Umar,s friends think about him ….

a. he is an honest boy d. he is a kind boy

b. he is a coward boy e. he is an easy going boy

c. he is a very brave boy

6. The old woman was feel …. after she had heard that her beloved son was seriousely injured in a terrible accident.

a. delighted c. sorrow e. sadness

b. regreet d. unconscious

7. The room is to narrow, we need a ….  of air in here.

a. parfum c. light e. pipe

b. breath d. realease

Text 2

“Once upon a time a hawk feel in love with a hen. The hawk flew down from the sky and asked the hen, “Won,t you marry me?” 

The hen loved the brave, strong hawk and wishes to marry him.But she said,”I cannot fly as high as you can. If you give me time, I may learn to fly as high as you. Then, we can fly together.”

The hawk agreed. Before he went away, he gave the hen a ring. “This is to show that you have promised to marry me,”said the hawk.

So it happened that the hen had already promised to marry a rooster. So, when the rooster saw the ring, he became very angry. “Throw that ring away at once! Didn,t you tell the hawk that you,d already promised to marry me?” shouted the rooster .The hen was so frightened at the rooster anger that she threw away  the ring immediately.

When the hawk came the next day, the hen told him the truth. The hawk was so furious that he cursed the hen. “Why didn,t you tell me earlier? Now, You,ll always be scratching the earth, and I,ll always be flying above you to catch your children,”said the hawk.

The curse seems to have come true.

8. What is the genre of the text?

a. Descriptive c. Narrative e. News item

b. Recount d. Procedure 

9. Why couldn,t the hen say “yes” right away?

a. because she did not love the hawk

b. because she had no ring to exchange

c. because it would make the roaster angry

d. because the hawk was too brave  and strong

e. because she had to learn how to fly as high as the hawk

10. What is the story about?

a. A hen and a rooster 

b. A hawk and his wife

c. A hen and her children

d. A rooster ang his fiancé

e. A hawk, a hen and a rooster

11. The hawk flew down from the sky and asked the hen,”won,t you marry me?”(paragraph 1).

      What does the underlined utterance mean?

a. The hen wanted to marry the hawk 

b. The hen refused to marry the hawk

c. The hen agreed to be the hawk,s wife 

d. The hawk proposed the hen to be his wife

e. The hawk wanted to marry the hen at the sky

12. Why was the rooster angry when he saw the ring?

a. The hen had betrayed him

b. The hen had stolen his ring

c. The hen didn,t wear her own ring 

d. The ring was not good for the hen 

e. The ring was to small for the hen

13. What can we learn from the story? We have to ….

a. take care of our children

b. keep our promise

c. love one another 

d. listen to other

e. marry soon

14. The hen loved the brave ….(paragraph 2)

      This part of text called ….

a. Resolution c. Event e. Orientation

b. Step d. Major complication

15. When the hawk came ….(paragraph 5)

      This part of the text called

a. Resolution c. Event e. Orientation

b. Step d. Major complication

16. After the passengers had been out from the plane board, the stewardess collect the trash which may be …. By the passengers.

a. through c. set up e. saved

b. throw d. thrown

17. You needn,t to …., because we have heard your voice clearly.

a. loud c. whisper e. louder

b. shout d. shouting

18. What is the tense that use on the text above?

a. Past tense d. Perfect tense  

b. Present tense    e. Past perfect tense

c. Future tense

19. ”Didn,t you tell the hawk that you,d already promised to marry me?”

Shouted the rooster.

Which word of the following words has the closest meaning with the underlined    word?

a. loud c. terrify e. speak

b. louder d. scream

20. The hawk was so furious that he cursed the hen. One of the following words is the anthonyme of the underlined word.

a. happy c. angry e. dissapointed

b. delighted d. regret

 Text 3

How to make a Ballon Powered Rocket

You will need a ballon, sticky tape, sensors, string, a plastic drinking straw.

1. Thread the string carefully through the drinking straw.

2. The one end of the string to an object (tree, door handle, post, and so on)

3. The other end of the string to something ten meters away making sure that the string is tight.

4. Cut two pieces of sticky tape.

5. Gently blow a little air into the ballon.

6. Hold the end of the ballon tightly so the air does not escape.

7. Tape the ballon firmly to the straw.

8. Blow more air into the ballon and again hold the end tighly.

9. Quickly release the end of the ballon and watch it travel along the string. 


21. What is the genre of the text?

a. Procedure c. exposition    e. spoof

b. report d. narrative

22. What is the communicative purpose of the text?

a. To tell the story of a ballon 

b. To retell the event

    c. To explain the steps how to make a ballon power rocket

d. To describe the ballon

e. To inform the reader how to do something

23. What is the goal of the text?

a. Telling about the ballon powered rocket

b. Making a ballon powered rocket

c. Making a rocket power ballon 

d. Powered rocket with ballon

e. Powered rocket is a ballon

24. “You will need a ballon, sticky tape, sensors, string, a plastick drinking, straw.”

      What do we call this part of the text?

a. Goal c. Event e. Materials

b. Stept d. Coda

25. How many materials are needed to make a ballon powered rocket ….

a. 3                         b. 2                            c. 4                        d. 5                        e.6

How To Use A Public Telephone


26. First,……the phone receiver.

a. put of c.take e.push

b.lift d. pull

27. Then, ……..the coin (s)

a.enter c. move e. deliver

b.throw d. change

28. Next,……the number you want.

a. dial c. dial e. read

b.press d. hit

29. wait for the dial …….

a. instaled c.connecting e. connected

b. relate d.relating

30. finally,put the ….. back after you finish the call.

a. calle c. button e. cable

b. stick d. receiver

31. David : “Hi….how do you do?”

      Martin : “………”

a. How do you do c. I’m fine, and you? e. a and b are correct

b. Nice to meet you d. not bad

32. pete : “How about having dinner with me tonight?

      Kate : “Thanks you, I’d love to.

      From the dialogue above we conclude that …..

a. kate declines the the invitation d. pete invites kate to have dinner        together

b. pete want to hve dinner e. pete make a date with kate

c. kate love pete

33. The boy : “……, madam.Would you mind if I sit beside you?”

      The old lady : “ By all means.”

a. Hi c. Hello e. Nice to meet you

b. Excuse me d. How do you do

34. April : “ my brother has got a scholarship to continue his study in one of  prominent              university in America.”  

      Ivone : “ ……………..”

a. I’m glad to hear that       c. it’s common e. I’m not satisfied

b. I’m sorry to know that d. I’m not surprise

35. Cavin : “You know Rita’s father is hospitalized for his serious illness.”

Barbara : “…………….”

a. She must be very sad d. It’s borring

b. She must be very happy e. it’s good idea

c. Excuse me 

36. Directure : “Type and report the meeting conclusion immediately!”

Secretary : “ All right, sir!”

The underlined words express ……..

a. demand c. instruction e. comment

b. request d. command

37. when father came, children ……. A TV programe.

a. was watching TV c. watching TV e. watches

b. were watching TV d. watch

38. David usually ……… to the book store twice a month.

a. attending c. has attended e. attended

b.attend d. attends

39. Teacher 1 : “Did you see the head master?”

Teacher 2 : “Yes, he …… in the library now.

a. reads a magazines d. read a magazine

b. is reading a magazine e. has read a magazine

c. was reading a magazine

40. Deborah : “ My brother ………. To america for countinuing his study next weak.”

Roberta : “That’s great”.

a. will leave c. leaving e. left

b. leaves d. has left

41. Tina : “ When … you cut your hair so masculine?”

Martin : “ I have the barber cut it yesterday”.  

a. does c. did e. doing

b. do d. have done

42. Mr. Watson is teacher. She teaches in (famous - a – school – big) the good arrangement  for  the words in the bracket is ….

a. a school big famous d. a famous big school

b. famous a school big e. a big famous school

c. a big school favorite

43. Ramzy : wow! That’s a lovely “bandana”,tami.is it new?

Tami : yes it is. Thank’s a lot 

Ramzy : The color and the model look nice on you.

Tami : oh, I am. I am really love this bandana.

Ramzy : Did you buy it your self? It must be expensive!

Tami : Certainly not. Iyus . My lovely brother bought it for me as a gift. 

Ramzy : Did he? What a generous brother you have!

What is the gambit of the dialogue above..?

a. leave taking c. asking information e. breking in

b. giving compliment d. guessing 

The chairman and director of general mercantile ltd

Request the presence of

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackso

To the opening ceremony of the branch office of general mercantile at 300,

 Victoria strees, London E.C. at 7.Pm.

On Thusrday, 1 st April 2008.

Evening Dress RSVP Secretary

44. What is the invitation about ?

a. Request of presence d. General mercantile ltd. 

b. The opening ceremony of new branch office e. RSVP to the Secretary

c. Meet Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackson

45. Who were invited to the opening ceremony ?

a. The chairman c. Generel mercantile e. The secretary

b. The Director d. Mr and Mrs. Frank Jackson

46. Where was the opening ceremony held ?

a. 3000, Victoria street, London BC.

b. 300, Victoria street, London EC

c. 30, Victoria street, London EC

d. 30, Victoria street, London AC

e. 30, Victoria street, London BC

47. Which statement is correct ?

a. a large expensive round wooden table

b. a young sexy interesting lady

c. a Beautiful magnificient museum

d. Borobudur is a high and unique temple

e. Look at the nice blue and beautiful sky

Choose the best pronoun !

48. Julie fell off her bicycle and broke ….. arm

a. hers c. his e. he

b. her d. him

49. adam and Amanda are merried ……..live in an apartment buiding.

a. They c. Theirs e. They are

b. Them d. Their

50. we live in the same building …… apartment has one bedroom.

a. Ours c. Our e. Us

b. We d. We are

Bank Soal Bahasa Inggris SMA Bagian 1

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Text 1


Sanitation at Home

A home is a place where people cook, eat sleep and look after their children. It protects people from harsh weather – cold, rain, wind, the burning rays of the sun-as well as from insects, animals and other dangers, so a home is a very important place for people to live.

Sanitation at home is important. People can do a lot about improving some of their living conditions in which they live. They  should refrigerate food properly or store it carefully to keep it away from bacteria, and they should not leave food lying around because it may attract insects and rats. To Avoid these pests, proper care of garbage is also very important.

Careful housekeeping is extremely important to sanitation and food health. People should keep all parts of the house neat and clean by sweeping and mopping them, such as bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. They should tidy up the bedroom, scrub bathroom and kitchen often, and use disinfectants freely. Sanitary condition of a house protects people from germs but health problems not caused by germs are a growing challenge in the field of sanitation today.

1. The author is primarily  concerned with describing …

a. the importance of having a good home

b. how people should keep their house tidy

c. the ways people should obey to have good sanitation

d. the danger of leaving their meal open

e. the diseases derive from garbage

2. According to the author …

a. house is the most important thing  to have

b. people should store their meal in refrigerator

c. people should be aware of getting bad environment

d. flies, rats, ants and many other insects need our protection

e. keeping the environment healthy is the most important thing to do

3. Which one of the words below has similar meaning to sanitary ?

a. dirty d.  soiled

b. waste e.  health

c. clean

4. The word it paragraph 1, sentence 2 refers to …

a. a home d.  weather

b. child e.  wind

c. a place

Text 2

Healthy Water and Its Problem

Water is very precious  to people. They use it in almost activities they do. Primarily, they use water for domestic purposes such as drinking, food preparation, bathing cleaning, and watering plants. Secondarily, water is used for industrial processes, commercial protect. Realizing how important water is for drinking and food preparation. Clean water which is free from disease-causing bacteria should always be available. Boiling water is the traditional way to get healthy drinking water. Clean and healthy water is also necessary for bathing and cleaning; fish and plants need water which is free from pollution.

As the population of the world increases, people are now facing a serious problem of water pollution, especially in big cities. The growth of population does not cope with the development of housing facility.  Consequently, too many people live in one area, and environmental cleanliness cannot be controlled very well. People’s  activities are chemical substances that affect the natural condition of water of its intended use. Organic wastes from homes and industries contaminate the water. As the result,  waterways like rivers, lakes, and even oceans are subjected to pollution. This polluted water is harmful to living things that consume it. Plants cannot grow well and do not yield good quality fruit. Fish do not grow and breed properly. This in turn, will affect the health of people who consume them

Water pollution is really a problem for all people. They however cannot overcome this individually. They need to cooperate as responsible citizens. They should not throw away domestic wastes everywhere. They must not dump harmful substances into the rivers. Industries must realize the importance of recycling rubbish. And above all, they should not let the chemical waste get into the rivers or other public waterways.

5. The following are the primary uses of water except …

a. preparation of food

b. swimming –pools

c. cleaning

d. bathing

e. drinking

6. Water is very precious because …

a. it is not available everywhere

b. we cannot use it everyday

c. we use it in almost all activities

d. it is hard to get

e. we can use it to wash

7. We realize how important water is, so we have to …

a. find more water

b. boil the water

c. use as little water as possible

d. explore the earth for more water

e. keep water usable at all times

8. What do fish and plants need ? They need …

a. uncontaminated water

b. a large quantity of water

c. clean and healthy water

d. water from rivers

e. waste water

9. Why do big cities have serious water problems? Because …

a. water is difficult to find

b. they need too much water

c. water is needed there

d. too many people live in one area

e. of the development of housing facilities

10. We need … for bathing and cleaning.

a. a warm water

b. a lot of water

c. clean and healthy

d. water from natural sources

e. contaminated water

11. Plants cannot grow well and do not yield good quality fruit (par.2)

The word “yield” means …

a. grow

b. give

c. affect

d. consume 

e. produce/harvest

12. The primary cause of water pollution is …

a. animal waste

b. people’s activities

c. harmful plants

d. contaminated waste

e. the natural condition of water

13. Polluted water is very dangerous to ….

a. animal

b. all living things

c. environment

d. the people

e. health

Text 3

It is important to know how people in Jakarta satisfy the need of clean water.  They use ground water, the governmental water supply or PAM ( Perusahaan Air Minum ) and public hydrants. The number of the population in Jakarta is 8,5 million, but only 41% of them have accessed to clean water from PAM, while the rest still depend on ground water. The shallow ground water is used in hotels, offices, factories, and areas of residences. There won’t be any problem if they do not use the water more than the resource’s capacity.

Man is granted a large amount of colourless liquid called water. Life will not exist without  water. There are a lot of domestic purposes as drinking, preparation of food and beverages, bathing, cleansing, and watering the   lawns and gardens and secondarily in industrial processes, commercial products disposal of wastes in sewers, fire fighting, street sprinkling, swimming pools, and public fountains. For most of the purposes above the quality of water must be good.

There are a lot of sources of water supply such as underground and surface water. Ground water resources are near at  hand and systems are cheap to install, i. e by setting a pump or  digging a well. The surface water is obtained from large lake or river nearby, consequently it will be very expensive to get the water because the supply depends on the amount of water in large reservoirs, from which long pipes are needed to pump the water into the houses. Ground water is generally clear, cold, cold, colourless, and cleaner than surface water in some regions.

In order to have clean water supplies people should conserve the water. It can be conserved in many ways, including measurement and recording of all-purpose water consumption, holding flood water in o0versize reservoirs, desalting seawater and guard of ground water against the intrusion of seawater, and reducing evaporations in reservoirs using large ground water reservoir more extensively.

14. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text ? …

a. Deep ground water is used in houses.

b. Water is primarily used for fire fighting.

c. Ground water is generally smelly and gummy

d. The quality of water may be good for the most purposes.

e. People should conserve water to get enough clean water supply.

15. The main idea of paragraph 2 is …

a. We use water for domestic use

b. Life will not exist without water

c. The people in Jakarta use ground water.

d. There are a lot of sources of water supply

e. The surface water is obtained from large lake or river nearby.

16. The text tells us about …

a. clean water

b. ground water

c. the use of water

d. sources of water

e. the governmental water supply (PAM)

17. … people should conserve the water (par.3). The underlined word means …

a. harm

b. flow

c. manage

d. keep away

e. keep from lost or destruction

18. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the text?

a. The quality of water must be good

b. We use water for domestic purpose

c. The surface water is obtained from the lakes

d. Swimming-pool, public fountain belong to primarily use of water.

e. People in Jakarta use ground water, PAM, and public hydrant primarily.

Text. 4

A woman and her two children could not stop sneezing as heaps of kapok floated in the air around them. Even the afternoon downpour did not dampen their working spirit. With the silky fibers or kapok flying all around them and setting onto their bodies, they kept stuffing kapok into a large cloth bag to make mattress. 

Rasni 40 is one of the woman working in a mattress-making centre in Wanakerta mattress in Bajanegara village of Purbalingga district.   Almost all of the women in Wanakerta, which has population of some 350 families or about 1,200 people, works as mattress-makers.

Since 1978 Wanakerta residents have been making mattresses in a very traditional way. To make one mattress they need stuffing, mattress cloth and thread. There are two kinds of stuffing with which they are familiar : kapok and fibrous  yarn called benglon which is made from textile factory waste. The products have a good market not only in Purbalingga but also in other urban centers like Surakarta, Tasikmalaya, and Jakarta.

The mattress-making business in Wanakerta was pioneered by Mahwari, 50, and the late Rasmadi. Before trying their hands at mattress-making, they sold agricultural products in a number of areas in Java. When they were in a textile mill in Bandung, West Java they saw heaps of textile waste, the kapoklike polyester benglon fibers. 

The process of making a mattress in a traditional way is simple. “Before it is put into a cloth bag, the kapok or benglon must be first put in the sunlight so that it will expand, “said Rasni.

Then it is put into a cloth bag of mattress size. The bag is sewn up with mattress thread. “When the mattress is ready, it will be again put in the sunlight  so that it will expand further, “she added.

To make a single mattress, nine metres of mattress cloth, 20 kg of kapok or 25 kg of benglon and two rolls of thread, are needed. One mattress is sold at an average price of Rp. 90,000,-

The mattress-makers handle heaps of kapok and benglon every do not wear protective masks, leaving them vulnerable to health problem. The biggest risk they is when unpack the stuffing, put it in the sunlight and fill the mattress bag.

19. what is the text about ?

a. The price of mattress

b. The process of making mattress

c. The Wanakerta residents

d. The mattress business in Wanakerta

e. The pioneer of making mattress in Wanakerta

20. The main idea of paragraph 2 is …

a. Making mattress has been started since 1978

b. It is simple to make a mattress in a traditional way

c. There are two kinds of stuffing in making mattress

d. Wanakerta hamlet is a mattress-making center

e. The products have a good market.

21. Which statements is NOT TRUE according to the text ?

a. Wanakerta is located in Purbalingga district.

b. Wanakerta residents have been making mattress for about 25 years.

c. The stuffing of mattress consists of kapok and benglon.

d. The mattress makers highly care about their health problems.

e. The mattress will be sold in Surakarta, Tasikmalaya, and also Jakarta.

22. “It will be again put in the sunlight so that it will expand further “(par 5) 

The underlined word means …

a. become large

b. become smaller

c. reduce

d. lessen

e. decrease

23. Why don’t the mattress-making wear protective masks ?

a. Because they know to keep healthy.

b. Because they are only women-workers.

c. Because they don’t know much about healthy problems.

d. Because they work with their children at home

e. Because the silky fibers of kapok flying all around them.

24. Mother : Please … We are running out of sugar and flour.

Tuti : Sure, mom.

a. Don’t go anyway

b. Go to the grocery

c. Clean up your room

d. Don’t make any noise

e. Meet your aunt, Susi

25. Deni : I haven’t seen Dody for a week. How has he been ?

Tony : Fine. I met him two days ago

Deni : Did he tell you something

Tony : Yes, he told me that …

a. I had to help my mom at home

b. He had to help my mom at home

c. He has to help his mom at home

d. He had to help his mom at home

e. I have to help  his mom at home

26. Teacher : Where were you yesterday ?

Helmi : I beg your pardon, sir !

Tini : He asked you … the day before

a. where were you

b. where you were

c. where had you been

d. where you had been

e. where he had been

27. Toto : Where did you go last night? I telephoned you, but you weren’t at home.

Dian : Oh, when you called me up, I … the meeting the youth organization in my neighbourhood.

a. Attend

b. Will attend

c. Have attended

d. Am attending

e. Was attending

28. Aldi : Have you got the news that Rudi failed again in the English test at school?.

Hanif : It’s a pity …

a. He has to take the English course.

b. He doesn’t have to study harder

c. His parents must be proud of him

d. He is fond of English subject

e. It is strange that he is like that

29. Tuti : Hello Friends …

Dea : We hope that you feel comfortable in here.

a. Meet my friend, Hussein.

b. Let me introduce myself to you all

c. I would like to go abroad

d. It is not necessary for me to stay here.

e. You have to introduce yourself

30. Joko : Who is the man with a black jacket over there?

Fitri : Oh, he is my cousin, Amran


Joko : Sure

a. Allow me to introduce myself

b. How do you do

c. May I introduce Amran to you ?

d. I would like to introduce myself

e. What’s your name ?

31. Bagus : Eating too much instant bodies is not good for your health.

You should eat more nutritious food

Ida : Sure Gradually, I will change my habit.

The underlined sentence expresses ….

a. Prohibition

b. Advise

c. Permission

d. Order

e. Desire

32. Tini : In order to commemorate our school universary, we have carried out English speech contest.

Lia : Ohm That is a splendid activity.

From the dialogue above we know that the English speech contest …

a. is still going on

b. has already finished

c. will take place in future

d. started at some times in the past

e. was happening at some time in the past

33. Fitri : I met Andi, our old friend when were the students of elementary school.

Amazingly, he can speak English fluently.

Yani : Andi. No wonder he can speak it well.

He … in England since 3 years ago.

a. Lives

b. Lived

c. Will live

d. Is living

e. Has been living

34. Doctor : Take this medicine …… want to get well soon

Patient : Thank you doctor.

The underlined sentence express

a. desire

b. order

c. permission

d. offer

e. prohibition

The sun is the nearest star to us. It is a giant Bali of gases. Many researches have been done to … (35) the sun and it is now  kept under constant observation . temperatures within the sun reach millions of degrees. Scientists are working to find ways that the … (36) of the sun may be used to … (37) electricity. We know that we cannot live without it.

35. a. observe

b. improve

c. manage

d. seek

e. manipulate

36. a. space

b. beam

c. current

d. heat

e. ray

37. a. prove

b. generate

c. make

d. bring

e. maximize

Women’s clothes, unlike men’s are every … (38). Wise woman do not buy extreme …(39) at any time, for they tire of them quickly and they know that if their “public” remembers the costume rather that the  wearing, the  costume  is not a success. Woman should always … (40). Costumes that are flattering in both line and colour that cause people to say, “How attractive you look  today, “rather than “What an exciting dress you are wearing.”


38. a. declining

b. increasing

c. improving

d. changing

e. enclosing

39. a. kinds

b. styies

c. design

d. motifs

e. sketches

40. a. choose

b. chose

c. choice

d. to choose

e. chosen

The light of the Milky Way is the combined light a billions of stars … (41) have discovered than there are quantities of gases and dust spread on among the stars of the Milky Way . Most of the gases are …(42) but gases of other chemical element are also found. The particles of the dust at extremely … (43). They may come from gases or they may here blown away from certain stars.

41. a. astrologers

b. astronomers

c. astronauts

d. scientists

e. fortunetellers

42. a. hydrogent

b. oxygen

c. octane

d. carbon

e. carbondioxide

43. a. tiny

b. rough

c. fine

d. abundant

e. enormous

44. The teachers should not only educate students, but also enforce discipline.

The underlined word means ….

a. Improve

b. Compel obedience to

c. Maximize the quality

d. Establish

e. Allow

45. Waste water or sewage is a menace to health because it usually contains panthogens and other substances that may  contaminate food and drinking water.

a. benefit

b. advantages

c. danger or threat

d. effect

e. possession

46. She likes doing the …. Such as washing, cleaning, ironing, cooking, etc.

a. homework

b. household

c. job

d. assignment

e. duties

47. Mother usually reminds us to put on our …

before going to bed

a. pyjamas

b. suit

c. coat

d. sweater

e. uniform

48. Many residents in this area are suffering from diarrhoea and skin decease because of bad …

a. ventilation

b. sanitation

c. population

d. medical treatment

e. education

49. Sooner or later the flood will take place if the people still … the rubbish in the river.

a. pick up

b. throw away

c. escape from

d. put away

e. send away

50. One of the solutions to minimize the drop-outs by campaigning … program;  especially for the poor.

a. education is for all

b. long-life education

c. student exchange

d. foster parents

e. family planning

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