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Choose the correct answer by crossing A, B, C, D or E!

A Number of devices are available to help in the effort to quit smoking. Nicotine patches are small, nicotine-containing adhesive substances that are applied to the skin. The nicotine is slowly absorbed through the skin and enters the blood stream. Over time, the nicotine dose is lessened and eventually the craving for nicotine is alleviated. Nicotine gum works in a similar manner, providing small doses of nicotine when chewed.

The benefits of smoking cessation include the immediate reduction of health hazards for the smoker, lower health insurance premiums, and easier admission to social activities and institutions that ban smoking. Nonetheless, to quit smoking is difficult, most likely because smokers crave the effect of the nicotine in the smoke. In a 1988 report, the U.S. surgeon general declared nicotine to be an addictive drug comparable to other addictive substances in its ability to induce dependence. The report also called the monetary and human costs far greater than those attributable to cocaine, alcohol, or heroin. Some recent evidence supports this claim, indicating that the overall mortality attributable to tobacco smoking in the United States is about 20 times that of the mortality due to all other addictive drugs combined.

1. What is the main purpose of the text?

a. To persuade people to stop smoking.

b. To inform people of ways to stop and shy they should stop smoking.

c. To recent evidence support this claim.

d. To show people of the danger of smoking.

e. To convince people to use nicotine patches to stop smoking.

2. Here are some facts about nicotine patches, except:

a. They are used by placing it upon the skin.

b. They can be absorbed trough the skin.

c. They can help smokers quit smoking.

d. They help smokers decrease their dependency on nicotine.

e. The benefits of smoking cessation include the immediate reduction of health hazards.

3. The text concludes that nicotine....

a. is an additive drug comparable

b. is a dangerous as cocaine, alcohol, or heroin

c. is lessened when smokers chew gums

d. will be absorbed through the skin

e. are available to help smokers quit smoking

4. The advantage of stop smoking are the following, except:

a. Ex-smokers can avoid some diseases.

b. Smoking in USA is about 20 times.

c. Ex-smokers can have better social life.

d. Ex-smokers can pay lower health insurance premium.

e. Ex-smokers can be admitted to social institutions.

5. Which of the following statements is true?

a. To quit smoking is not easy, that’s why most smokers crave the effect of the nicotine in the smoke.

b. The nicotine doesn't lessened and eventually the craving for nicotine isn't alleviated.

c. U.S. declared nicotine to be an addictive drug less addictive that other addictive substance in its ability to induce dependence.

d. In the U.S., the overall mortality because of tobacco smoking greater than that of the mortality because of cocaine, alcohol, or heroin.

e. In the U.S., the monetary and human costs because of cigarettes are equal to those caused by other addictive substances.

TOKYO: A Japanese man who stole valuable king crabs from a fish marker was arrested after accidentally locking himself inside a freezer, a police spokesman said on Tuesday.

Unemployed Hirohisa Matsumoto, 32, allegedly broke into a fish marker’s freezes storage in Kagoshima, southern Japan, early on December 23 last year. Police said Matsumoto had netted ¥42,000 (US$400) worth of king crabs, and other seafood. However, it is alleged when back into the freezer to fetch more, the door closed, locking him inside.

Police said Matsumoto was trapped in the freezer, where the temperature was minus 16 degrees Celcius (3.2 degrees Fahrenheit), for about 20 minutes. He used his mobile phone to call a friend, who then asked a security guard to open the freezer door, police said.

Investigators believed the man could have died had his mobile phone failed to work.. – AFP

6. The following statements are true, except:

a. Horohisa Matsumoto stole crab for the first time.

b. Hirohisa Matsumoto was lucky.

c. Hirohisa Matsumoto went into the freezer more than once.

d. Hirohisa Matsumoto was alone when he stole the crabs.

e. Hirohisa's old is 32.

7. The topic of the above text is....

a. Matsumoto was trapped in the freezer.

b. A criminal who was trapped inside of a fish market.

c. A Japanese man who stole valuable king crabs from a fish market.

d. A. Japanese man who allegedly broke into a fish market’s freezer storage in Kagoshima.

e. A crab thief who was arrested after being rescued from a freezer.

8. The meaning of the last sentence of the text is that....

a. The man died in the freezer because he had a mobile phone.

b. The man was lucky that his mobile phone can be used to call for help.

c. The man was arrested because he call a security guard to rescue him from the freezer.

d. The man will die.

e. The man was dead when his mobile phone failed to work.

A golf course is divided into 18 sections, called holes. The standard course is about 6500 to 7000 yr (about 5900 to 6400 m). The individual holes may vary in length from 100 to 600 yd (about 90 to 550 m). Each hole has at one end a starting pint known as a tee end, imbedded in the ground at the other end and marked by a flag, a cup or cylindrical container (also called a hole) into which the ball must be propelled in order to complete play at each hole. The cup is usually made of metal or plastic, 4.2 in (10.8 cm) in diameter, and at least 4 in (10 cm) deep.

9. The topic of the above text is....

a. The cup. d. Golf course standards

b. World standards’ golf course e. Golf course’s facilities

c. Golf course is divided into 18 sector

10. The following sentences abut golf course are true, except:

a. Golf courses have 18 holes.

b. Golf courses diver in length and width.

c. Golf courses have only one tee.

d. Golf courses have tees, which are marked by flags.

e. Golf is an expensive game.

A month ago, I had no idea that on Saturday afternoon in November I’d be hanging 30 meters above the ground and enjoying it. Now I looked down at the river far below me, and realized why people love rock-climbing.

My friend Matt and I had arrived at the Activity Center on Friday evening. The accommodation wasn’t wonderful, but we had everything we needed (beds, blankets, food), and we were pleases to be out of the city and in the fresh air.

On Saturday morning, we met the other ten members of our group. Cameron had come along with two friends, Kevin and Simon, while Sister Carole and Lynn had come with Amanda. We had come from various places and none of us knew the area.

We knew we were going to spend the weekend outdoors, but none of us was sure exactly how. Half of us spend the morning caving while the others went rock-climbing and then we changed at lunchtime. Matt and I went to the caves first. Climbing out was harder than going in, but after a good deal of pushing, we were out at last – covered in mud but pleased and excited by what we’ve done.

11. What is the writer trying to do in the text?

a. Going to spend the weekend outdoors. d. Advertise the Activity Center.

b. Describe some people she met. e. Say how she spend some free time.

c. Explain how to do certain outdoor sports.

12. What can the reader learn from the text?

a. How to apply for a place at the Center.

b. What sort of activities you can experience at the Center.

c. When to depend on other people at the Center.

d. Which time of year is best to attend the Center.

e. If we want to go hiking is on Sunday.

13. How do you think the writer might describe her weekend?

a. boring c. relaxing e. unpleasant

b. interesting d. frightening 

14. What do we learn about the group?

a. They had already chosen their preferred activities.

b. They're boring people.

c. Some of them had been there before.

d. They came from the same city.

e. Some of them already knew each other.

15. .... We had everything we needed.... The word “we” on the second paragraph refers to....

a. Matt and Simon c. Matt and Carole e. Mat and Simon

b. Matt and I d. Matt and Amanda

When we buy canned or bottled food products at the grocer’s or the supermarket, we will find out that there are some additives added to the main nutrients. An additive is a nonnutritive substance intentionally added to food, generally in small quantities, to improve appearance, flavour, storage properties, etc.

A group of food additives includes vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, which are added to foodstuffs to compensate for losses occurring during processing or to provide additional sources in diets that might otherwise be deficient in such nutrients. Examples of their use include enrichment of margarine with the addition of vitamin A, and niacinamide to flour or bread. Salt often has a small amount of iodine added to it to avoid a diet deficiency that can cause goiter development.

Appearance is an important factor in food appeal, and legislation in most countries permits the addition of both natural and synthetic colouring matter based on the colouring standards issued by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO).

Flavouring materials are added to basic foodstuffs to provide a characteristic product flavour or to supplement or modify the original flavour. Most flavouring materials are still of natural origin, but progress in organic chemistry has made it possible to analyze flavouring materials and to synthesize products similar with those found in nature. Flavour can also be influenced by the addition of flavour enhancer as monosodium glutamate, which intensifies perception of flavouring.

16. Which statement is true according to the text?

a. Canned or bottled food is better in quality than fresh food.

b. Synthetic colouring is the same as natural one.

c. To improve the appearance, flavouring materials are added.

d. For the shake of storage, antimicrobial preservatives are not important.

e. Canned food can last long because of the antimicrobial preservatives.

17. Paragraph 4 tells us about....

a. kinds of flavouring materials

b. the use of flavouring materials

c. what flavouring material is

d. the similarity between natural and synthetic flavouring

e. the difference between natural and synthetic flavouring

18. What is the additive added to the food for?

a. to produce better products

b. to make the consumers satisfied

c. to put the food in the cans or bottles

d. to improve the appearance, flavour, and storage properties

e. to prevent the products from physical factors

19. The main information of the text is about....

a. Additives are very important in food products.

b. There are no regulations in adding additives to the food products.

c. All canned or bottled food products contain additives.

d. We must buy canned or bottled food products in the supermarket.

e. It is better for us to consume the canned food products.

20. What does “it” in the second paragraph refer to?

a. salt c. goiter e. vitamin A

b. niacinamide d. margarine

Put the verbs into the correct form, past continuous or past simple!

21. Donny.... to his walkman when I....

a. were listening, arrived c. was listening, arrived e. was listened, arrived

b. was listening, arrives d. was listening, arriving

22. What.... this time yesterday?

a. were you do c. were you did e. were you doing

b. was you doing d. was you done

23. How fast.... when the accident....

a. were you driving, happened d. you was driving, happened

b. was you driving, happened e. were you driving, happens

c. you were driving, happened

24. I.... along the street when suddenly I.... footsteps behind me.

a. walked, was hearing c. was walking, heard e. was walking, hearded

b. walked, were hearing d. were walking, heard

25. When I was young, I.... to be an artist.

a. wants c. wanted e. wants to

b. wanting d. want to

Ultraviolet light means the invisible part of the spectrum beyond violet. This light has always been regarded as very useful because it is uses to cure certain skin diseases, kill bacteria, detect counterfeit money, form vitamins, etc.

Along with the increasingly extensive use of computers in financial activities, ultraviolet light has been widely applied by banks to identify the signatures of their customers in passbook. When a customer opens a new account with a bank, the bank teller always asks him to sign on a card placed in the signature column of a passbook. When the card is removed, the trace of his signature will be left. This can be used to compare with the signature on the customer’s withdrawal slip under ultraviolet light.

Ultraviolet light certainly has many practical applications, but it may also be harmful to human beings on some occasions. To everyone’s knowledge, the direct impact of the light on the eyes for an excessive length of time may blind a person.

Even though it can cure certain skin diseases, it is also very harmful to the skin. A study just completed in the United States says that the light may cause skin cancer. The ultraviolet rays of the sun have been ranked as the third most dangerous cancer-causing agent after alcohol and tobacco.

It is high time to warn sun-worshipper in the guest for a bronzed look to be careful of excessive and uncontrolled exposure to hen sun.

26. We may conclude that the main information of the text about....

a. the advantages and disadvantages of ultraviolet light

b. the use of ultraviolet light in business

c. the application of ultraviolet rays on human being

d. the effect of ultraviolet rays on human being

e. the danger of ultraviolet light to people’s health

27. Which of the following statement about ultraviolet light is TRUE according to the text?

a. Ultraviolet is uses by banks for computers

b. The position ultraviolet rays is above the spectrum

c. Skin diseases can only be caused by ultraviolet rays

d. Ultraviolet light which is part of the spectrum cannot be seen

e. Ultraviolet light is one of the existing vitamins

28. We may conclude that the writer’s main purpose in writing the text is to....

a. Encourage people to get the best advantage of ultraviolet rays.

b. Explain that sunrays consist of violet and ultraviolet rays.

c. Introduce the effective use of ultraviolet light in banks.

d. Warn people against the alarming dangers caused by sunrays.

e. Ask people to avoid the use of ultraviolet light as mush as possible.

29. We benefit from ultraviolet rays as they can....

a. sign customers’ passbooks d. check customers’ deposits

b. detect false signatures e. be a component in medicines

c. cure a particular kind of cancer

30. Ultraviolet rays may endanger people who....

a. take vitamins regularly d. consume alcohol and tobacco

b. stay indoors e. like sun bathing

c. have skin cancer

31. ‘I haven’t heard anything from Leni.’


a. So have I c. Either have I e. Me, neither

b. I haven’t also d. Neither have I 

32. The chairman of the organization did not attend the meeting, and....

a. the secretary didn’t either d. nor the secretary did

b. the secretary did too e. so did the secretary

c. neither didn’t the secretary

33. “I didn’t like the film that we saw.”


a. So didn’t I c. I didn’t either e. So can I

b. I didn’t so d. Neither I didn’t

34. If you are able to do that job, and....

a. so do I c. so will I e. so can I

b. so am I d. so must I 

35. Tono : ‘My brother has just bought a new motorcycle.’

Parto : ‘What a coincidence, ....

a. my brother has too c. so does my brother e. my brother also did

b. also my brother d. my brother does to

36. Jane is interested in literature, and so is Bob.

This sentence can be rewritten as:

a. Jane is interested in literature, but Bob is not.

b. Bob is interested in literature, but Jane is not.

c. Both Jane and Bob are interested in literature.

d. Jane is interested in literature, and Bob too.

e. Neither Jane nor Bob is interested in literature.

37. ‘Yanti didn’t like the movie and Tati didn’t either.’

It means:....

a. Yanti and Tati didn’t like to movie

b. Yanti didn’t like the movie as much as Tati did.

c. Only Yanti didn’t like the movie.

d. Yanti didn’t like the movie but Tati did.

e. One of the two girls didn’t like the movie.

38. She never seems to care,.....?

a. is he c. has she e. does she

b. doesn’t he d. won’t she 

39. There is someone at the door, ....?

a. isn’t there c. will you e. can’t you

b. isn’t it d. isn’t he 

40. Shut the door, ....?

a. do you c. will you e. can’t you

b. don’t you d. could you

41. Let’s go to the movie, ....?

a. do we c. can’t we e. shouldn’t we

b. shall we d. wouldn’t we

42. His name is Paul, isn’t ....?

a. he c. that e. it

b. his d. so

43. She’s been very kind, ....?

a. doesn’t she c. hasn’t she e. won’t we

b. wasn’t she d. hadn’t she 

44. The dishes we had for lunch were all delicious, ....?

a. didn’t they c. were they e. weren’t they

b. hadn’t they d. had they 

45. “You didn’t come to class yesterday, did you?”


a. Yes, I didn’t c. But I have e. But I did

b. Did I? d. Yes, I have

Paris is the capital of a European nation of France. It is also one of the most beautiful and the most famous cities in the world

Paris is called the city of light. It is also an international fashion center. What stylish women are wearing in Paris will be worn by women all over the world. Paris is also a famous world center of education. For instance, it is the headquarters of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The Seine River divides the city into two parts. Thirty-two bridges cross this scenic river. The oldest and perhaps most well-known is the Pont Neuf, which was built in the sixteenth century. The Sorbonne, a famous university, is located on the left bank (south side) of the river. The beautiful white church Sacre Coeur lives on the top of the hill called Montmartre on the right bank (north side) of the Seine.

There are many other famous places in Paris, such as the famous museum the Louvre as well the cathedral of Notre Dame. However, the most famous landmark in this city must be the Eiffel Tower.

Paris is named after a group of people called the Parisii. They built a small village on an island in the middle of the Seine River about two thousands years ago. This island, called the Ile de la Cité, is where Notre Dame is located. Today around eight million people live in the Paris area.

46. The topic of the text is....

a. France, a European nation d. The Seine River

b. The city of Paris e. Education in France

c. French culture

47. Where is the Sacre Coeur located?

a. In the city of light d. Next to the Sorbonne University

b. On the southern side of the river e. On the top of the hill mountain

c. Outside Paris

48. According to the text which of the following statements is TRUE about Pont Neuf?

a. Pont Neuf is one of the oldest universities.

b. Pont Neuf is located near Montmartre.

c. Pont Neuf separates the Seina River from the city.

d. Pont Neuf is a bridge crossing the Seine River.

e. Pont Neuf is located on the south side of the Seine.

49. From the text, we know that Notre Dame is located ....

a. on the left bank c. on the right bank e. on neiter bank

b. near the Louvre d. outside the city of Paris

50. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?

a. The name Paris originated from the name of the inhabitants of the Ile de la Cite.

b. French people were called Parisii two thousand years ago.

c. Paris was the name of a small village in the middle of the Seine River.

d. In ancient times, Paris was on an island called Ile de la Cité.

e. Ile de la Cité used to be an island located in the middle of the Seine River.

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Aplikasi Toko Online dengan Nama Usaha Anda Sendiri

Jasa Pembuatan Aplikasi Android untuk Usaha Penjualan (Toko) dimana Aplikasi Tersebut dibuat dengan Nama Usaha Anda Sendiri dan tentu saja muncul di pencarian PlayStore.
Hal ini akan memberikan Warna Baru untuk Usaha Anda dan tentu saja akan menambah kepercayaan Pelanggan.

Fungsi secara Umum

  • Katalog Produk yang menampilkan seluruh Produk/Dagangan Anda.
  • Lebih mudah untuk di-share dengan hanya satu Link aja, dan seluruh Produk sudah include di dalamnya.
  • Broadcast ke seluruh pengguna dalam bentuk notifikasi dimana Pelanggan tidak merasa terganggu namun informasi tersampaikan.
  • Catatan Transaksi lengkap dengan status pembayaran dan status pengiriman sehingga lebih mudah memantau Kondisi Penjualan.
  • Penjelasan Produk bisa lebih detil dilengkapi dengan Foto, Video dan Teks auto Link.
  • Cetak Nota Pembelian dan Nota antar Barang.
  • Chat ke Administrasi dari Pelanggan sebagai Pusat Informasi.
  • Tombol WhatsApp yang langsung mengarah ke WhatsApp Anda.
  • Profil Usaha lengkap dengan Link Medsos yang terkait.

Apa yang berbeda ?

  • Memakai Nama Usaha Sendiri sehingga Anda tidak perlu ragu dalam memarketingkan Aplikasi tersebut.
  • Multi admin, Aplikasi dapat dibuka oleh banyak Administrator sehingga memberikan peluang membagi pekerjaan.
  • Fungsi berita dapat digunakan sebagai Informasi Produk baru, Aktifitas atau Promo Toko Anda.
  • Notifikasi akan langsung dikirim secara otomatis ke Seluruh Pelanggan ketika Anda menginput Berita,
  • Pengumuman dan Produk Baru. Hal baru seperti ini selalu disukai Masyarakat.
  • Ukuran Aplikasi relatif kecil hanya 10 mb, jadi Calon pelanggan tidak ragu untuk meng-install.
  • Fungsi Hadiah untuk Meningkatkan Jumlah Install.
  • Kategori Produk untuk memudahkan pencarian oleh Pelanggan.
  • Foto Slider depan sebagai Media Promosi Utama.


  • Katalog Produk akan efektif apabila kurang dari 500 item, sebenarnya bisa lebih dari 10 ribu namun produk akan sulit ditemukan karena fungsi pencarian hanya untuk 3 kata kunci.
  • Pada Tahap awal relatif sulit untuk membuat calon pelanggan meng-install Aplikasi. Hal ini bisa dirangsang dengan Hadiah atau dengan memberikan diskon lebih ketika membeli melalui Aplikasi.

Silahkan coba Aplikasi Sample-nya

Buka menu, pilih Login untuk mencoba menambah produk dan mencoba fungsi-fungsinya
Isi Nomor HP 0123456789 Password 1234

Biaya Pembuatan
Harga Rp 4 juta
sudah termasuk Upload di PlayStore
Mohon Persiapkan Logo, Nama Usaha, HP Pemilik, HP pusat Informasi.

Biaya Berjalan
Aplikasi ini Online artinya bisa berjalan karena ada dukungan Server. Untuk itu ada biaya Rp 10 per Aplikasi dibuka.

Custom Fungsi Tambahan
Ada Biaya Tambahan apabila Anda menghendaki Penambahan Fungsi (Menu) sebesar Rp 3 jt per Fungsi.

Update ke Versi Terbaru
Kedepedannya Aplikasi akan mengalami Penambahan Fungsi dan perbaikan-perbaikan UI.
Untuk mendapatkan ke Versi Terbaru, ada Biaya Update sebesar Rp 300 rb karena Perubahan data dan Script membutuhkan waktu cukup lama.

Pemesanan WhatApps ke https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6281391005464

Aplikasi Laundry Online

Aplikasi Laundry
dengan Nama Laundry Anda Sendiri

Biaya Pembuatan 900 ribu sudah termasuk upload di PlayStore
Lama Pembuatan sekitar 15 s.d. 30 harian.

Jasa Laundry masih akan berkembang layaknya Jasa Ekspedisi (Pengiriman).
Semakin lama orang akan semakin disibukkan dengan Pekerjaan sehingga malas mencuci baju.
Rumah semakin minimalis dan ruang cuci semakin sempit.
Tidak membuat Kondisi rumah berantakan.

Konsep Aplikasi

  • Branding di PlayStore Android dengan Nama Laundry Anda Sendiri.
  • Pelanggan hanya Sekali Klik untuk Penjemputan Cucian.
  • Tracking Kondisi Cucian di Aplikasi.
  • Tombol WhatsApp untuk menghubungi Custumer Service.
  • Biaya Antar Jemput Otomatis / Custom.


Contoh Aplikasi

Silahkan Isi data sebagai Pemilik Laundry
Aplikasi tersebut masih contoh sehingga digunakan oleh Banyak Pemilik Laundry, Nantinya setelah Pembelian Hanya personal untuk Laundry Anda Sendiri.

Biaya Bejalan
Rp 10 per Aplikasi dibuka (Sekitar Rp 100 per Paket Cucian)

Telah memiliki Logo (JPG/PNG) dan Nama Laundry

Hubungi Kami https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6281391005464

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