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Text 1: 

This text is for questions 16 to 20

Many years ego, there lived a hermit in a forest in Sumatra. He did not grow food but depended on the jungle fruit to survive. Soon, there was a drought, and all the plants and fruit trees in the jungle died.

The old man had nothing to eat now, so he turned to begging. He went to a nearby village trying to get some food. At first, the villagers were happy to help him. However, when he came continually, they refused to give him any more food. They told him to grow his own food.

One day, while the hermit was sitting in his hut, sad and hungry, he began to think about growing his own food. Just then, a boatman stopped by, and taking pity on the hermit, gave him some padi seeds.

Before the boatman went away, he said,” These seeds will grow and give you everlasting harvests if you work vary hard. If you are tired of the work, the padi plants will turn into weeds.

The old hermit worked hard to clear the land and sowed the seeds before the rains come. Strangely, after a short period of time, the padi was ready for harvesting. The old man got a lot of rice from the harvest. After each harvest, the plants grew back again right away.

When the villagers heard about the hermit and his wonderful padi, they flocked to his padi-field and took home as much padi as they could.

One day, the hermit become so tired of harvesting the padi that he shouted,” Oh, stop growing, you wretched thing!” As soon as he had said this, the padi plants turned into weeds.

16. What did the boatman give to the hermit?

a. Fruit trees. d. Some weeds.

b. Some food. e. Some padi seeds.

c. Padi plants.

17. The main idea of paragraph 5 is that …..

a. The succession of padi harvest.

b. The hermit should clear the land.

c. The hermit was successful as a farmer.

d. It needed a short of time to harvest the padi.

e. The seeds should be sown before the rainscome.

18. Why did the padi plants turn into weeds?

a. The hermit got angry with the villagers.

b. The hermit stopped growing the padi plants.

c. The villagers grew weeds instead of padi plants.

d. The villagers took home as much padi as they could.

e. The hermit shouted ordering the padi plants to stop growing.

19. ‘one day, the hermit become so tired of harvesting the padi that he shouted…… (the last paragraph)

The antonym of ‘shouted’ is ….. 

a. Said. d. Screamed.

b. Cried. e. Whispered.

c. Laughed.

20. Which statement is TRUE about the hermit?

a. He lived in a small town in Sumatra.

b. He went to the village to ask for some food.

c. He liked to give the villagers fruit and padi.

d. He died in the jungle when there was a drought.

e. He hated begging though there was nothing to eat.

Text 2

This text is for questions 21 to 25

Every country has people who are too poor to live a decent, comfortable life. They do not have enough to eat. They live in shack that they have built for themselves out of scraps of wood and metal-sometimes even out cardboard packing-cases. Often they have no proper water supply or drains. When they are ill, they cannot afford to go to the doctor. When they are cold, they have to look for fuel to light a fire.

On the hillsides in Brazil, the shacks of the poor are piled on top of one another like old cars in a scrap-yards. And scrap-yards are often what shanty towns are like places for people who have nowhere else to go.

Thousand of Brazilians leave the countryside each year and travel to the cities to seek a better life. When they arrive, they find that things are no better than in the country. There are few jobs to be had. The only way to find a place to sleep-other than on the streets as many have to do-is to move in with friends or build a shack of their own.

For these people, sleeping is often the best way to forget how hard life is. If you sleep, at least you might dream of better things.

21. The reading passage tells us about …. In Brazil.

a. A decent life for the poor.

b. The shacks in the cities.

c. Poverty in the cities.

d. Building homes in Brazil.

e. The shortage of doctors.

22. The Brazilians leaving the countryside for the cities….

a. Are earning a little bit better.

b. Are traveling a lot more to many cities.

c. Have succeeded in building their own houses.

d. Are living in better conditions.

e. Are very disappointed in their hopes for a better life.

23. Which is the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the text?

a. The poor like sleeping because they are very lazy.

b. It is difficult to find a job in the city.

c. Every country has its poverty problems.

d. Sleeping is a way to escape from reality.

e. In Brazil the poor build shanty towns in the hills.

24. ‘When they arrive they find that things are no better than in the country’ (line 10). This means that ….

a. It is easier to live in the countryside.

b. Life in the city is as hard as in the country.

c. Living in the country is not as nice as in the city.

d. People lead a comfortable life in the countryside.

e. Living in the city has many advantage.

25. What is a ‘scrap-yard’?

It is a place where ….

a. People forget how hard life.

b. Shacks are piled on top of one another.

c. People build cardboard shacks.

d. Old cars are thrown on top of one another.

e. Scraps of wood and metal are sold by the poor.

Text 3

This text is for question 26 to 29

MANILA (AFP): The Philippines has the most number of endemic bird species which are in danger of extinction, according to a nation wide wildlife report obtained here yesterday.

“The Philippines Red Data Book’, written by the Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines, noted that the country has 40 endangered bird species, more than any other country.

This includes the Cebu flower-pecker of which only four are known to still be alive, making it the most endangered bird in the world, the ‘Red Data Book’ said.

An endangered species is defined as one that has a 20 percent chance of becoming extinct in 20 years.

The ‘Data Book’ said the threat of extinction was due to the growing destruction of the forests which are the habitats of the birds and other wild animals, many of which are similarly endangered.

26. The text is about ….

a. The ‘Philippine Red Data Book’ on animals.

b. The wildlife Conservation Society in the Philippines.

c. The number of endemic bird species still available.

d. The endangered habitats of birds in the Philippines.

e. A report about the extinction of the most endangered birds.

27. According to the ‘Red Data Book’, some birds and wild animals are in danger of extinction because people….

a. Hunt them for sports.

b. Keep destroying forests.

c. Move their habitats.

d. Change forests into their habitats.

e. Catch them to be domesticated.

28. Endangered species are….

a. The forty percent of bird species in the world.

b. All wild animals except the Cebu Flower-pecker.

c. Birds which now remains twenty percent.

d. The endemic bird species kept in captivity.

e. Those predicted to be extinct within 20 years of time.

29. “….. the threat of extinction was due to…..” (paragraph 5)

The word ‘threat’ means …..

a. Notice d. Statement

b. Warning e. Announcement

c. Danger

Text 4

This text is for question 30 to 34

Governor Sutiyoso has launched his mass rapid transportation plan. This includes monorail, subway, water transportation, and Busway. Among the public transportation plan, Busway has been put into effect. The air conditioned bus fleet with their special roads have been operated since last year. Now more routes are being constructed to cover the five mayoralties. In fact, the existence of Busway makes pros and cons.

Some people consider Busway can solve a traffic problem faced by the metropolitan city. Every day millions of people commute from their houses to their respective work places. This badly needs adequate public transportation. If fifty persons go to their officer by cars, they need fifty cars roaming on the street. This number of cars can be replaced by only one Busway. Consequently, with reduced vehicles the streets are less congested. Therefore, I can decline traffic jams. Apart from reducing traffic jams, Busway eases Jakarta inhabitants  to go to their workplace or other destination. For this reason more access on Busway is being accomplished. Other Busway roads. Have been constructed, such as, Kota-Kalideres, and Kota-Polugadung. This definitely make easies for people who go for rcreation to the zoo.

Besides reducing traffic jam and comforting passengers, Busway can minimize air pollution. As stated, Busway can replace other vehicles in a great number. It apparently declines the danger of pollution. Less vehicles means less carbon monoxide coming out from the exhausted fumes. As a result, the residents of Jakarta are less threatened with sickness caused  by air pollution. And it Busway administration can manage the public transport well, Busway can create a new icon of Jakarta.

Those who resist the existence of Busway argue that instead of solving a problem, Busway create a new problem. Busway even makes traffic worse. The Busway line makes the roads narrower. Narrow roads cause passing vehicles to get stuck especially during rush hours. Furthermore, Busway adds up corruption that has become a vicious circle in this country. As reported in a newspaper the purchase of Busway fleet is under corruption suspect. Billions of expense, Busway fare is also much expensive than an ordinary bus. It costs Rp. 3.500 for once ride, while the common bus only costs Rp. 2.000. With the difference in the bus fare, it is likely that passengers prefer to ride ordinary buses.

Apparently, Busway still creates different outlooks among the residents of Jakarta. In spite of all the critics, the governor of Jakarta firmly continues to extend its route.

30. What does the text discuss?

a. The benefit of Busway.

b. The existence of Busway.

c. The weakness of Busway.

d. People who oppose Busway.

e. People who support Busway.

31. In paragraph two, people mainly talk about …..

a. Busway is comfortable.

b. Taking a public transport is easy.

c. Mllions of people drive their cars.

d. More Busway roads are being constructed.

e. Busway benefit the city’s residents.

32. What is the argument of people who are against Busway?

a. Busway fare is twice as much as that of ordinary bus.

b. Busway pollutes the capital city.

c. Busway is not air conditioned.

d. Busway is uncomfortable.

e. Busway makes roads narrower.

33. Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to he text?

a. More Busway roads are construted.

b. Busway makes the street less congested.

c. The governor is unsure about the development of Busway.

d. The city needs sufficient public transportation.

e. Busway can replace many cars to transport passengers.

34. ‘Consequently, with reduced vehicles the streets are less congested.’ (Paragraph 1) what word can replace the underlined word?

a. Dirty. d. Polluted.

b. Smelly. e. Crowded.

c. Slippery.

Text 5

This text is for question 35 to 39

When Tom decided to go on a holiday to England, he wrote a friend of his who was living in London and asked if he could meet him at the airport. The friend wrote back to say that he would be there. So, Tom was surprised when he reached the airport to find that his friend had not turned up.

He walked around for a short while and then, because he had aslight headache, went into the restaurant and had a cup of strong, black coffee. After he felt much better. He bought a couple of magazines at the bookstall and went into the lounge to read them. He felt sure that his friend would come fairly soon, thought he was beginning to get worried.

He had just started to read his magazine when his friend arrived with a young lady. Tom’s friend apologized for being late and explained what had happened. Apparently he had arranged to meet the young lady at six o’clock, just outside the under-ground station not far from where he was living. The young lady, who had only traveled on the underground once before, had set out in good time but unfortunately she had got on a train going in the wrong direction. She traveled for several stops before she realized this, because the train was very crowded and she could not see the names of the stations. By the time she got to the right station she was nearly three quarters of an hour late. 

35. Why did Tom write a letter to his friend in London?

a. To know whether his friend could also take a holiday when he was there.

b. To ask his friend to talk about his girlfriend.

c. To see whether his friend could pick him up at the airport.

d. To get some information about how to travel to London.

e. To know whether it was worth spending his holidays in London.

36. When Tom arrived at the airport ….

a. He found out that his friend had already left.

b. He looked  for his friend but did not see him.

c. He went straight to the restaurant and had some coffee.

d. He was immediately welcomed by his friend.

e. He began to read the magazine that he had bought.

37. The young lady was late in meeting Tom’s friend  because ….

a. The names of the train stations were not clear.

b. She had taken the wrong train.

c. She left almost 45 minutes late.

d. She had never taken the underground train before.

e. The train went into the wrong direction.

38. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?

a. Tm wanted a cup of black coffee to relieve his headache.

b. Tom’s friend lived near an underground station.

c. The young lady couldn’t get on the crowded train.

d. Tom had something to drink before his friend arrived.

e. The young lady didn’t come at the appointed time.

39. “His friend had not turned up”. (line 3-4)

The underlined words mean ….

a. Appeared d. Remembered

b. Acted e. Returned.

c. Stayed

Text 6

This text is for questions 40 to 44

Not being able to sleep, Iwan sat up in bed peering into the darkness. Suddenly he felt a current of cold air. He jumped out of bed. However, having forgotten the motion of the ship, he was instantly thrown violently across the room.

With difficulty he got up and groped his way towards the window, which to his surprise, he found wide open, for he was certain that he fastened it securely before he went to bed.

Suddenly, as he stood by the window, he distinctly heard something moving behind him and, a moment afterwards, as he turned to look, he heard a faint groan. He sprang across the room and jumped back into bed, only to discover to his horror that someone else was lying there. Stretching out his hand, he laid hold of something that had the shape of a man’s arm but was smooth, wet and icy-cold. He pulled, but the creature, whatever it was, tore it self out of his grasp, ran across the room, opened the door and rushed out. Quickly recovering from his fright, he started to chase at top speed but he was too late. The passage outside his room was empty.  

40. The story tell us about….

a. Iwan’s journey.

b. A mysterious creature.

c. A burglary at sea.

d. An adventurous night.

e. The case of board.

41. Why did Iwan jumped out of his bed and tried to the window?

a. He was throw violently  across the room.

b. He knew that the window was open.

c. He wanted to know where the cold air came from.

d. He was restless and could not sleep.

e. He couldn’t see anything in the dark room.

42. Which of the following statements is true according to the text?

a. Iwan wondered why the window was opened.

b. Iwan jumped out of bed because he heard something moving.

c. Iwan had forgotten to fasten the window when he went bed.

d. Iwan was waiting in the dark for the creature.

e. Seeing the window open, he immediately ran to close it.

43. Which of this following did not frighten Iwan?

a. Something moving behind him.

b. Finding somebody lying on his bed.

c. A sound unfamiliar to him.

d. The violent moving of the ship.

e. Touching something smooth and wet.

44. From the text we may conclude that ….

a. Iwan succeeded in catching the creature.

b. Iwan and the creature ran out of the room together.

c. The creature tried very hard to catch Iwan.

d. Iwan did not dare to run after the creature.

e. The creature remained a mystery.

Text 7

This text is for question 45 to 47

My mother is a fifty-year old widow. She and my father were very happy together – and I know she has been very lonely since he died.

I am very fond of her but sometimes her behavior is unreasonable. She is still quite attractive , even to men who are much younger than she is. Recently she has been seeing a lot with a thirty-six-year-old man whose wife died a few years ago in a car crash. I was very worried about this, but said nothing about it until yesterday. That was when she told me she intended to get married again. Can you guess who the “lucky man is?”

Naturally, I told her I would refuse to come to the wedding or have anything more to do with her if she went ahead with this crazy idea. But she refuse to listen the reason.

She doesn’t seem to understand I am only trying to protect her from all the problem and unhappiness she will have. Obviously, I can’t forbid her to get married. But there must be something I can do to stop her. Don’t you agree that it is very likely  the man is interested only her money?

45. What is the purpose of the text?

a. To advise the writer

b. To inform readers about the certain event

c. To share readers with the amusing incident

d. To tell readers about how to select a spouse 

e. To persuade readers that a woman should not merry to a younger man

46. The writer was worried about …………

a. his crazy idea

b. his new step father

c. his mother’s reason

d. a thirty-six-years old man’s wife

e. his mother’s relationship with a younger man

47. Why did the writer feel uncertain with the man?

a. He tried to protect his mother

b. The man was too young to get married

c. His mother was too fast to make up her mind

d. The man was not  really falling in love with his mother

e. He thought the man might merry his mother only because of money

This questions refer to question 48 to 50

Choose a suitable word to complete the following paragraph

Water pollution is really a problem for all people to solve. Solution to the problem …(48)…people to demonstrate their quality as responsible citizens. Individuals as well as their industries ….(49)….that they should not do anything ….(50)….to the problem.

48. a. makes                                             d. brings

      b. helps                                               e. requires

      c. encourages

49. a. will realize      d. are realized

      b. could realize      e. has realized

      c. must realize

50. a. contributing      d. is contributing

      b. to contribute      e. is contributed

      c. contributes

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