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Bank Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP 5

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For question  numbers 1 & 2!

1. What does the text above mean?

A. The passengers are not allowed to carry their baggage to the Aircraft.

B. It is forbidden to bring dangerous articles to the Aircraft.

C. The Aircraft is in dangerous situation.

D. It is suggested to bring articles for safety reasons.

2. Where do you find the Caution?

A. At the Railway Station

B. C. At the Airport

C. At the Barbour

D. D. At the Bus Station

For question  numbers 3 & 4!

3. From the text we know that … .. 

A. The Principal was away when the message was sent.

B. The sender can’t attend the meeting.

C. The Principal will wait for the meeting that day.

D. The sender was in Singapore when he sends the message.

4. The short message is written to … ..

A. Tell what had happened in the meeting.

B. Inform the cancellation of a meeting.

C. Say that the Principal won’t come to the meeting.

D. Inform that the sender has just arrived from Singapore.

Read the text and answer the question 5 & 6!

5. “ In this occasion  I  want to congratulate…..”. The underlined word means … ..

A. Letter                                                C.  chance

B. Conclusion                                       D.  change

6. Who sends the letter?

A. Sonia                                                 C.  Sonia and Arif

B. Fitria                                                  D.  Fitria and Arif

Read the text and answer the question 7 & 8 !

7. What is the text about?

A. The invitation to the cocktail party

B. The advertisement about Lacano’s restaurant

C. The advertisement cocktail party

D. The announcement to come to Willington Avenue

8. How long the cocktail party will be held?

A. Three hours C. five hours

B. Four hours D. six hours

Read the text and answer question 9 to 11

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is a special announcement for passengers travelling on Garuda Indonesia flight number GA 021 to Sydney. Garuda Indonesia regrets to announce a delay to the department of this flight, due to adverse weather conditions. This flight due to leaves at 10 am. The new departure time for this flight will be announced as soon as possible. In the meantime passengers are inviting to Lounge B for light refreshment compliments of the airline. Please present your boarding pass. 

Thank you.

9. What is the purpose of the text above? It is used to….

A. show the regret

B. inform the flight the schedule

C. give information about the delay of flight

D. inform the bad weather

10. Where will the passenger wait for the flight? 

A. Lounge B C. Garuda Indonesia

B. Sydney D. Boarding pass

11. The announcement is for?

A. Ladies C. Lady and Gentleman

B. Gentleman D. passengers

Read the text and answer question 12 to 14

12. What is the text tell about ?

A. Indian Cuisine

B. Chinese Cuisine

C. Food 

D. Indian and Chinese Cuisine


The underline word means…..

A. Salty

B. Sour

C. Sweet

D. Delicious


What does the underlined word refers to…

A. Reader

B. Writer

C. Reader and Writer

D. Food

Text For question  numbers 15 & 16!

15. What  is the text about? It is to ……. about/of the blouse

A. Gives some information 

B. Explains the quality 

C. Describes the benefit

D. Tell how to get

16. Can we bargain it?

A. Yes, we can

B. No, You can’t

C. Yes, she can

D. No, We can not

17. Silk, fixed prices. The underlined word means….

A. Cost

B. Fee

C. Account

D. Fare

For question numbers 18 to 20 !

Dear all students

I am     sorry to inform you that the Java Van concert will be delay.  Once the new date is confirmed, you will be inform. Tickets will remind valid for re – scheduled show. Refund is obtainable. 

   If you   have any further enquires, feel free to come

   to students’ center or contact us by E-mail at :

   Concert @JavaVan.Com or call us at : 081 999999999


Tiffani Van Java

     Students committee

18. What is the letter written for ? 

A. To promote the concert

B. To ask people forgiveness for delaying the concert

C. To inform the re schedule of the concert

D. To announced the concert of Java Van

19. Who wrote the letter ?

A. Java Van

B. Students

C. Tiffani Van Java

D. Committee

20. I am sorry to inform you …..(first line ).The word  you in the first line refers to ….

A. all students

B. Student

C. Tiffany van java

D. Java van 

The text for Question number 21 to 23 !

Criminal in my house

Last week, there was a crime in my house. When I opened the door, suddenly there was two persons came in and hold my hands. They asked me to show where I put my jewelries. 

They had characterized, one person has short hair, black skin, chubby cheeks, his body is strong, he is not very tall, it is about 170 m, and he is slim. Unlike, the second man, he has long hair and curly, bright skin, his body is strong, he is tall, it is about 180 m, but he is fat.

They brought my jewelries and put it in their bag, after I gave it. Then they went out, I am very shock and very scared. After that, I remembered to call the police. 

21. What is the text about?

A. Crime in the writer’s house

B. The characterized of man

C. Robbers man

D. Jewelries

22. The second paragraph tells us about…

A. Black and bright skin

B. The Robbers’ body are strong

C. They have short and long hair

D. The characterized of the robbers

23. What is the purpose of the text?

A. Informing

B. Describe

C. Announcement

D. Retell

The text for Question number 24 to 25 !

24. What is the text about? 

A. A tour resort

B. A recreation destination

C. A water spring

D. A location of recreation

25. The second paragraph tells about … ….we can enjoy in Tlatar 

A. recreation facilities

B. Places of interest

C. kinds of entertainment

D. Natural water spring

The following text is for question 26 to 28 !

26. The purpose of writing the passage is to …..

A. entertain the readers with the story

B. share experience about the story

C. inform the readers about “Penyusuk” beach

D. describe the king and the queen

27. Komala had a bad attitude because ....

A. she was a princess 

B. her father was a king 

C. she was a beautiful girl

D. her parents spoiled her very much

28. What does the story tell us?

A. A bad attitude girl.

B. A kingdom in Belinyu.

C. The legend of Penyu busuk.

D. The legend of Penyusuk beach.

The following text is for question 29 to 31 !

The Lost Ring

Many years ago a lady who lived in a big house in Wales lost her best ring. One of the servants must have stolen it. She was worried about what her husband, who was away at the time, would say. The ring had cost a great deal of money. She knew that she had to find it before her husband returned.

‘What am I going to do?' She asked her friends.

`Send for Robin Ddu,' they told her. `He is the wisest man in Wales.

So she sent for the wizard Robin Ddu. He came at once.

`Do not worry,' he told her. `We shall soon find the missing ring.'

He asked that all the servants be gathered in one large room. As they, came in, he studied them. But he could tell nothing from their faces.

Then he asked for a live cock and cooking pot that things were brought to him. He put the cock on the table and covered it with the cooking pot. Next he closed the curtains so that the room was almost dark.

`Now,' he said, `each of you must walk past the table and place your thumb for a moment on the cooking pot. The cock will crow if the thief touches it.

All the servants did as what they are told. But the cock never crowed. 

Robin Ddu opened the curtain. 

`The thief cannot be here,' the lady said.

`I think he is,' answered the wizard.

He asked the servants to show him their thumbs. The first servant held out his thumb. It was black with soot from the bottom of the cooking pot. So were the thumbs of the other servants - all but one.

`There is the thief,' Robin Ddu told the lady. The one who was afraid that the cock might crow.'

29. What is the problem with the lady?

A. She wanted to know what happened. 

B. She wanted to find her lost ring. 

C. She was afraid of her husband.

D. She wanted to live with the wizard, Robin Ddu.

30. What can we learn from the text?

A. Rich people can buy everything they want. 

B. Wealthy means everything. 

C. Wizards can do everything.

D. People will feel afraid if they are dishonest.

31. Where did the story take place? 

A. In a kingdom in Wales,

B. In a small house in Wales.

C. In a house of a rich family in Wales. 

D. In a house of a wizard in Wales.

The following text is for question 32 to 33 !

Young Star

The finalists of "Akademi Fantasi Indosiar 1" (AFI) were wonderful young people. One of them was Mawar.

Mawar who was born on 26 February 1985 was a cute girl. She has straight, short hair. Her bright skin, chubby cheeks, and lovely smile make her look very marvelous. She is not very tall. However, her weight which is 40 kg matches her body well and makes her look cute.

After she sang for the first time in the TV and the audiences said that her voice is very nice so there were some Recording company which asked her to join with them. It made that girl began popular in the Indonesian people as one of the new male singer. 

32. The text is used to ………  

A. Describes about Mawar AFI I

B. Explains about AFI

C. Introduce about wonderful people

D. Describes about the finalists of AFI I

33. "Her bright skin, chubby cheeks, and lovely smile ..." (Paragraph 2) 

The underlined word can mean .... 

  A. white

  B. black

  C. brown

  D. brownish

The following text is for question 34 to 35 !

As we know that Dengue fever is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world. Like happen in Indonesia today. Dengue fever is endemic in most tropical countries of the south Pacific, Asia, the Caribbean, the USA and Africa.

This disease rapidly spreads in most tropical urban areas of the world. It means people in these areas have high risks of infection of the disease.

Dengue fever is caused by a virus. The virus is transmitted into human by the bite of infected mosquitoes, usually Aides Aegypty. In other words, the disease cannot be spread directly from person to person. 

The disease is characterized by the high fever, severe headache, backache, joint and muscle pains. Sometimes, many patients get nausea, vomiting, and rash on arms, face and legs. There is no specific treatment of the disease.

Nowadays, there are many people in our country who suffer this disease. It is caused the less of healthy life behaviors.  Many Indonesian people still live in the dirty place or do not pay attention to their cleaning place.

34. What does the text tell about?

A. Many kinds of virus.

B. The tropical countries.

C. The symptoms of diseases.

D. Dengue fever.

35. The disease rapidly spreads in ...... countries.

A. big

B. tropical

C. endemic

D. infected

The following text is for question 36 to 40


To play the game we need : a broad, some counters and dice.

  How to play it

- First of all, give every player a counter.

- Next, make a toast to decide which player will start     the turn.

- Then the one who wins the toast throw the dice. If he throws four, he will jump to square four, but if he throws two will jump square two. When there is ladder in the square he can go up the  ladder  but when there a snake he must go down.

- Have the second player to throw the dice make a step based on the throw.

- Make steps until the finish. The one who gets the finish square first is the winner.

36. What is the purpose of the text?

A. Describing a kind of game

B. Telling the way to play a game

C. Informing a children game

D. Giving entertainment to reader

37. How many things do you need to play it?

A. Two

B. Three

C. Four

D. Five

38. What do you do after making a toast?

A. Opening the board

B. Moving the ladder

C. Killing the snake

D. Throwing the dice

39. What does the text about?

A. How to play game

B. How to play snake and ladder game

C. Games

D. Snake and ladder

40. What is the main idea of this text?

A. Playing snake and ladder game

B. Throwing the dice to make a step

C. Making steps until the finish

D. Giving every player a counter.

Questions number 41 to 43 are based on the following text

He second paragraph 

41. The text is written in order to …….

A. show the use of mangrove in our life

B. explain how to plan mangroves trees

C. describe about mangroves trees

D. tell where mangroves live.

42. The main idea of the second paragraph is …..

A. mangroves can grow on dry land

B. mangrove can be found all over the world

C. mangroves has several species all over the world

D. mangroves can grow only on sea water

43. “………. that enable them to thrive in brackish water.” (paragraph I) 

The underlined word has the same meaning as …..

A. Grow well

B. Absorb salt

C. Appear

B. Survive

 The following text is for numbers 44 to 46 !

A rabbit is a small fury mammal with a ……. (44) tail and pointed ears. Rabbits ……..  (45) in burrows in the ground. Each burrow is the home of a single family. A rabbit is weak and timid animal and is always surrounded by many enemies ……. (46), nature has gifted it with large ears to help it to hear even the fun of drop sound

44. A. thick

 B. tall

 C. short

 D. fat

45. A. live

 B. are living 

 C. lived 

 D. have live

46.  A. because

B. so 

C. therefore

D. although

47. Arrange the following words into meaningful sentences! 

. a housewife – is – a lawyer – is – my father –

                  1                2           3           4           5                     

        my mother – an

               6                 7

A. 5 – 2 – 3 – 7 – 6 – 4 – 1  

B. C.  5 – 3 – 2 – 4 – 6 – 7 – 1

C. 6 – 3 – 7 – 1 – 5 – 2 – 4

D. D.  1 – 3 – 7 – 6 – 4 – 2 – 5

48. Arrange the following words into meaningful sentences! 

is – a – from – the best way – to solve – problem – 

         1     2       3                  4                      5                   6                  

to escape – it

7             8

A. 4 – 6 – 5 – 7 – 2 – 3 – 1 -8

B. C.  4 – 3 – 5 – 2 – 1 – 8 – 6 – 7

C. 4 – 6 – 7 – 3 – 1 – 2 – 8 – 5

D. D.  4 – 7 – 3 – 2 – 6 – 1 – 5 – 8

49. Which one is the best arrangement of the sentences below ?

1. female elephant carries her unborn young for  about 20 to 22 months.

2. Although they have huge bodies and great power, their movements are smooth and gentle.

3. When they grow up, the hair becomes sparser.

4. The baby elephant is usually about one meter high and weighs about one hundred kilograms.

5.  Elephants are the largest mammals in the world.

6. Within an hour of birth, the baby elephant can stand on its own feet.

7. Newly born elephants usually have thick hair all over their bodies.

8. Adult elephants have almost no hair.

A. 7-4-1-6-3-8-2-5

B. 5-2-1-6-4-7-3-8

C. 1-2-4-7-6-8-5-3

D. 5-3-2--4-1-7-6-8

50. Arrange these sentences to make a good paragraph.

1. Yanto can collect six to seven hundred rupiahs from selling newspapers.

2.  He goes to an SMP in the afternoon and in the morning he sells newspapers around our neighborhoods.

3. Yanto saves some of his money in a saving box.

4. Yanto's house is not very far from my house.

5.  He spends it on books and other things. 

A. 1-3-5-2-4 

B. 4-2-3-5-1 

C. 1-3-5-4-2 

D. 4-2-1-5-3

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