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 This text is for questions 16 and 17

                December, 20 2008

Dear Clients,

As of Monday, July 1, 2006, Seroja Sales Corporation of Indonesia's Western Regional Office will be located in our new offices and warehouse building at Jln. Delman Utama I/30 Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta  The telephone number for this new location is (021) 7260904.

Our Manufacturing Division will remain at Jln. Hang Lekir 5, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta.  I have enclosed our most recent brochure on robotic equipment for your review. I hope you find it



Yoga Iswara 

Director of Seroja Sales Corporation

16. What does the text mainly announce?

A. The promotion of an official.

B. The new address of an office.

C. The soft opening of an office.

D. The launching of a new product.

E. The selling of robotic equipment.

17.  What does writer enclose in the letter?

A. The list of prices.

B. The addresses of other branches.

C. The brochure on robotic equipment.

D. The address of warehouse building.

E. The address of Manufacturing Division.

This text is for questions 18 to 21

NEW DELHI – India rejoiced Saturday at joining an elite club by planting its flag on the moon as the country's space agency released the first pictures of the cratered surface taken by its maiden lunar mission.

    A probe sent late Friday from the orbiting mother spacecraft took pictures and gathered other data India needs for a future moon landing as it plummeted to a crash-landing at the moon's south pole, said Indian Space Research Organization spokesman B.R. Guruprasad.

    The box-shaped probe was painted with India's saffron, white and green flag, sparking celebrations in the country that is striving to become a world power.

     "The tricolor has landed," the Hindustan Times said in a banner headline, while The Asian Age proclaimed "India is big cheese."

      As India's economy has boomed in recent years, it has sought to convert its newfound wealth — built on the nation's high-tech sector — into political and military clout. The moon mission comes just months after it finalized a deal with the United States that recognizes India as a nuclear power, and leaders hope the mission will further enhance its prestige.

 18. What is the text about?

A. India’s success on space exploration.

B. A sophisticated spacecraft.

C. India’s sparkling flag.

D. A nuclear power

E. India’s economy

19. From the third paragraph, we can conclude that “saffron” is a kind of ….

A. box

B. flag

C. color

D. shape

E. spacecraft

20. “India rejoiced Saturday at joining an elite club by planting its flag on the moon…”

      (Paragraph 1)

     The word “ rejoiced” has the same meaning as “ felt …”

A. disappointed.

B. delighted

C. worried.

D. terrible.

E. lonely

21. “As India's economy has boomed in recent years, it has sought to convert its newfound wealth,…”

What doest the word “it” refer to?

A. India

B. Tricolor

C. Asian Age

D. India’s economy.

E. The United States

This text is for questions 22 to 25

 Abraham Lincoln was born in Hardin (now Larue) County, Ky., on Feb. 12, 1809. His family moved to Indiana and then to Illinois, and Lincoln gained what education he could along the way. While reading law, he worked in a store, managed a mill, surveyed, and split rails. In 1834, he went to the Illinois legislature as a Whig and became the party's floor leader. For the next 20 years he practiced law in Springfield, except for a single term (1847–49) in Congress, where he denounced the Mexican War. In 1855, he was a candidate for senator and the next year he joined the new Republican Party.

        A leading but unsuccessful candidate for the vice-presidential nomination with Frémont, Lincoln gained national attention in 1858 when, as Republican candidate for senator from Illinois, he engaged in a series of debates with Stephen A. Douglas, the Democratic candidate. He lost the election, but continued to prepare the way for the 1860 Republican convention and was rewarded with the presidential nomination on the third ballot. He won the election over three opponents.

22. The text tells about Lincoln’s ….

A. childhood.

B. part of his life.

C. unhappy moment.

D. Republican Party.

E. role in Mexican War.

23. “A leading but unsuccessful candidate for the vice-presidential nomination with Frémont, Lincoln gained national attention in 1858…” (Paragraph 2)

      What does the underlined word mean?

A. received

B. produced

C. showed

D. started

E. noted

24. Which of the following is NOT true about Lincoln?

A. He was a politician.

B. He agreed to the Mexican War.

C. He came from the Republic Party.

D. He used to live in different places.

E. He worked in different professions.

25. As illustrated in the second paragraph, we can conclude that Lincoln was …

A. rich.

B. humble

C. generous 

D. persistent

E.   adventurous.

This text is for questions 26 to 28

Bandung  is renowned for its indigenous beauties, cool climate, people's friendly smile and its exotic Parahyangan culture and Holiday Inn® Bandung is right in the center of it. Holiday Inn Bandung provides what Holiday Inn hotels are famous for worldwide: friendly, dependable service, excellent facilities and convenient location. Whether your trip is for business or leisure, Holiday Inn Bandung is your address for comfort and exceptional value. "When you think of Bandung; Think of staying at the Holiday Inn Bandung"

Hotel chain:

  Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts (HI|BDOID)





Check in:


Check out:




26. What does the text promote?

A. A hotel.

B. Tourism.

C. Holidays.

D. West Java

E. A tourist resort.

27. “ Bandung  is renowned for its indigenous beauties,…”

   The underlined word is synonymous with ….

A. interesting

B. promoted

C. important

D. valuable

E. famous

28. The following are  offered by Holiday Inn hotels, EXCEPT ….

A. Friendly service

B. Affordable prices.

C  Excellent facilities 

D. Convenient location

E.  Dependable service

This text is for questions 29 to 32

Thirty-five years ago I was out prospecting on the Stanislaus, tramping all day long with pick and pan and horn, and washing a hatful of dirt here and there, always expecting to make a rich strike, and never doing it. It was a lovely region, woodsy, balmy, delicious, and had once been populous, long years before, but now the people had vanished and the charming paradise was a solitude.    

    They went away when the surface diggings gave out. In one place, where a busy little city with banks and newspapers and fire companies and a mayor and aldermen had been, was nothing but a wide expanse of emerald turf, with not even the faintest sign that human life had ever been present there. This was down toward Tuttletown. 

     In the country neighborhood thereabouts, along the dusty roads, one found at intervals the prettiest little cottage homes, snug and cozy, and so cobwebbed with vines snowed thick with roses that the doors and windows were wholly hidden from sight--sign that these were deserted homes, forsaken years ago by defeated and disappointed families who could neither sell them nor give them away. Now and then, half an hour apart, one came across solitary log cabins of the earliest mining days, built by the first gold-miners, the predecessors of the cottage-builders. In some few cases these cabins were still occupied; and when this was so, you could depend upon it that the occupant was the very pioneer who had built the cabin; and you could depend on another thing, too--that he was there because he had once had his opportunity to go home to the rich States, and had not done it; had rather lost his wealth, and had then in his humiliation resolved to sever all communication with his home relatives and friends, and be to them thenceforth as one dead.  

29. What does the text tell about?

A. An abandoned place.

B. A mining site.

C. Gold miners.

D. Rich people.

E. Log cabins.

30. “…, but now the people had vanished and the charming paradise was a solitude. “ (Paragraph 1).

    The closest meaning of the underlined word is ….

A. gone

B. fought

C. cheered

D. gathered

E. appeared

31. Which of the following is NOT true according to the text?

A. There used to be gold miners in the country.

B. The roads in the countryside were dirty.

C. Most of the people left their houses.

D. The cabins were well taken care.

E. The cabins were made of wood.

32. “In some few cases these cabins were still occupied; and when this was so, …” (Paragraph 3).

      The word this refers to ….

A. The neighboring country.

B. The challenging case

C. The occupying cabin

D. The mining site

E. The rich state.

 This text is for questions 33 to 36.

Lombok is noticeably different to its close neighbor, Bali. The northern part of the island is mountainous and lush with tall trees and shrubs. The South on the other hand is arid and covered by savannas. Large Asian mammals are absents and replaced instead by large numbers of marsupials, lizards, cockatoos and parrots. The difference becomes more pronounced as one moves further east where dry seasons are more prolonged and the land is dry and bush-like, and so in many areas corn and sago are the staple food, instead of rice. 

       At first Islam time come to these islands in the 16th century, four Hindu Kingdoms co-existed in apparent peace what is now called West Nusa Tenggara and is still the religion embraced by those in the west of Lombok, which are primarily Balinese. Lombok experienced strong Balinese influences in the past, but has still retained a unique identity. The indigenous people of Lombok, the Sasaks, are predominantly Moslem and have a strong, distinguished tradition, as do the people of neighboring Sumbawa. 

      Soft white sand, virgin beaches are typical in Lombok, where the motto is 'You can see Bali in Lombok, but not Lombok in Bali'. Famous for its 'tenun ikat' hand-woven textiles, the island has exceptional charm and its relatively undiscovered, except for Senggigi City, which becoming a major resort area. 

33. What is the text mainly about?

A. Exotic plants. 

B. Unique animals.

C. The description of Lombok Island 

D.  .The geographical condition of Lombok

E.   The varieties of tourist resorts in Lombok.

34. What does the first paragraph describe?

A. The difference between Lombok and Bali.

B. What makes Lombok famous.

C. Kinds of animals in Lombok.

D. What makes Bali famous.

E. Kinds of animals in Bali.

35.” Lombok experienced strong Balinese influences in the past, but has still retained a unique identifies.” (Paragraph 2)

      The underlined word can be replaced with ….

A. left

B. kept

C. exposed

D. created

E. promoted

36. The following are true according to the text, EXCEPT ….

A. Most of Sasaks are Moslems.

B. Lombok beaches are very natural.

C. Faunas in Bali and Lombok are alike.

D. There are mountains in the north part.

E. Cockatoos and parrots are found in the islands.

This text is for questions 37 to 40.

There are many different types of volcanic eruptions. Different types of eruptions tend to form different types of volcanoes. Most volcanic eruptions are "builders," adding thin layers of lava or ash to the sides of a volcano, slowly building the easily recognized cone-shaped volcanoes seen around the world. Some eruptions, however, are "destructors" knocking off pieces of a volcano's summit or even destroying the entire mountain. Generally, small-to-medium eruptions build volcanoes, and large explosive eruptions tend to destroy them. Let's look at simple animations of some of the different types of eruptions. 

      The first animation shows a "building" or constructive eruption of a typical strato-volcano like Mount Rainier or Fujiyama. The volcano itself consists of a pile of successive layers of ash  and lava  resting on a pre-existing surface. Prior to the surface eruption, a new mass of lava has surged into the established vent system deep under the mountain . Inflation of the mountain is negligible because the amount of fresh lava is small. 

       The eruption begins with the invasion of the fresh lava along the old eruption channel leading to the summit vent.  In this case, the first stage of the eruption begins with a mildly explosive fire fountain of fragmented liquid rock. The hot particles blast out of the vent, but since the gas content is low, the particles almost immediately begin to fall back under the influence of gravity. The particles coat the sides of the cone and build up a new layer of ash. In this case, the layer is thick enough to flow slightly after landing, engulfing some of the neighboring vegetation. Next, there is a short break in activity, during which the ash layer cools.

37. What does the text mainly explain?

A. Volcanic eruptions.

B. Types of eruptions.

C. Types of volcanoes.

D. Volcanic substances.

E. How eruption begins.

38. “Generally, small-to-medium eruptions build volcanoes, and large explosive eruptions tend to destroy them.” (Paragraph 1)

       What does the word “them” refer to?

A. volcanoes

B. eruptions

C. pieces

D. ashes

E. types

39. The following statements are true according to the text, EXCEPT ….

A. When erupting, lava flows along the old eruption channel.

B. Types of volcanoes are caused by how they erupt.

C. Due to dense gas content , the particles  fall back.

D. Large explosion destroy volcanoes’ layers.

E. Lava and ash add volcanoes’ surfaces.

40. Prior to the surface eruption, a new mass of lava has surged into the established vent system deep under the mountain

      The underlined phrase can be replaced with ….

A. When

B. While

C. Before

D. During

E. Between

This text is for questions 41 to 44.

Death penalty still becomes a controversial issue in the US. The American Civil Liberties Union believes the death penalty inherently violates the constitutional ban against cruel and unusual punishment and the guarantees of due process of law and of equal protection under the law. Those who are against the capital punishment also state that it is an intolerable denial of civil liberties, and is inconsistent with the fundamental values of our democratic system.  

       However, there is a difference between murder and execution. The distinction is that the first is unlawful and undeserved, the second is a lawful and deserved punishment for an unlawful act.  By committing the crime, the criminal volunteered to assume the risk of receiving a legal punishment that he could have avoided by not committing the crime. The punishment he suffers is the punishment he voluntarily risked suffering and, therefore, it is no more unjust to him than any other event for which one knowingly volunteers to assume the risk.

     Our resolve to end crime is only as strong as the laws we pass to punish criminals. By making the death penalty the law of the land in New York, we have demonstrated that resolve, thus strengthening the promise that our children and future generations will grow up in a state that is free of violence.

41. What is the best title of the text?

A. Civil liberty.

B. Human right.

C. Death penalty.

D. Public opinion.

E. Democratic system.

42. The writer believes that ….

A. most people against death penalty.

B. death penalty should be conducted.

C. death penalty is against human right.

D. there are disadvantages of conducting death penalty.

E. death penalty should be carried out in a certain condition.

43. “By committing the crime, the criminal volunteered to assume the risk of receiving a legal punishment.” (Paragraph 2)

     What does the underlined word mean?

A. Doing

B. Making

C. Showing

D. Supporting

E. Opposing

44. How does the writer argue that death penalty is not against civil liberties?

A. By showing the difference between murder and execution.

B. By contradicting civil liberties and values of democracy.

C. By showing the effects resulting from murder.

D. By explaining values of democracy.

E. By exposing the danger of crimes.

This text is for questions 45 to 48.

The word arthritis literally means joint inflammation, but it is often used to refer to a group of more than 100 rheumatic diseases that cause pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joints. The most common are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and gout. Most forms of arthritis are associated with pain that can be divided into two categories: acute and chronic. Acute pain is temporary. It can last a few seconds or a few minutes but diminishes as healing occurs. Acute pain is associated with burns, cuts and fractures. Chronic pain, such as that felt by people with arthritis, ranges from mild to severe and can last days, months, years or even a lifetime. 

     Osteoarthritis is one of the most frequent causes of physical disability among adults. More than 20 million people in the United States, alone, have the disease. By 2030, according the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 20 percent of all Americans--about 70 million people--will have passed their 65th birthday and will be at a higher risk of osteoarthritis. 

     Arthritis limits the everyday activity of 8 million Americans, and this disability creates huge burdens for the individuals, their families, and the nation as a whole. Each year, arthritis results in 9,500 deaths and 750,000 hospitalizations. According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Control, in 1997, medical care for arthritis (in the U.S.) was $51 billion. 

 45. What is the text mainly about?

A. Disease.

B. Arthritis.

C. Practioners

D. Osteoarthritis.

E. Pain stiffness.

46. “More than 20 million people in the United States, alone, have the disease.” (Paragraph 2)

       What does the word “the disease” refer to?

A. Osteoarthritis.

B. Disability.

C. Arthritis

D. Injury

E. Pain

47. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?

A. Osteoarthritis is a dangerous disease.

B. Osteoarthritis becomes the cause of disability.

C. People above 65 have a risk to get osteoarthritis.

D. There are 20 million people who have osteoarthritis.

E. The National Institutes of Health concerns with osteoarthritis.

48. “…and this disability creates huge burdens for the individuals, their families, and the nation as a whole.” (Paragraph 3)

      The underlined word is close in meaning to ….

A. things

B. options

C. troubles

D. belongings

E. expectations

This text is for questions 49 and 50.

When StrongStart BC early learning centres were started in 2006, the goal was to help prepare children for school. The success of the StrongStart BC program has exceeded our expectations and this province is a leader in early learning.

      There are 175 StrongStart BC centres open now, with 25 more to come by the end of this school year. Every school district has at least one StrongStart BC centre, and communities from Agassiz to Zeballos have a centre to call their own.

      Children, parents and caregivers who come to a StrongStart BC centre enjoy a unique experience. Through arts, playtime, storytime and other play-based activities, StrongStart BC facilitators help children develop their full potential. Every time I visit a StrongStart BC centre I am impressed by the enthusiasm for this program. It is certainly providing new opportunities for children and their families right across the province.

Congratulations and thank you to all our partners who have helped make StrongStart BC such a resounding success!

49. What does the text tell?

A. Activities in StrongStart BC.

B. The success of StrongStart BC.

C. Appreciation of StrongStart BC.

D. The beginning of StrongStart BC.

E. The foundation of StrongStart BC.

50. Why do parents send their children to StrongStart BC?

A. To prepare their children to attend schools.

B. To take their children to good places.

C. To compensate their lack of time.

D. To make their children happy.

E. To enjoy good programs.

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