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Bank Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP 21

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1. What does it mean ?

a. The grass if for the visitors to walk

b. The visitors are not allowed to step on the grass

c. The visitors may step on the grass 

d. People can on the grass

2. This notice is put on the door in a hotel 

What does is mean?

a. The guests should not let the door open

b. The guests must open the door sometime

c. The guests are allowed to open the door freely

d. The guests are not allowed to lock the door

Read the text answer questions 3 and 4

3. The purpose of the text above is to……

a. Give information

b. Persuade the reader

c. Advise the reader

d. Invite someone

4. Which of the following statements is not true about the text?

a. Ika like pizza hut

b. The party will be held in a restaurant 

c. The sender will have a party with her relatives 

d. The relationship between the sender and the receiver is siblings

5. KK

17. Which of the following statement is wrong about the text?

a. The advertisement offered 3 main jobs 

b. The applicant will get an attractive salary

c. The applicant could be man or woman

d. The job is not offered for young person

Highly self motivated and strong analytical skills 

Well developed interpersonal skill 

Good interpersonal relationship skills with team work attitude 

We offer an attractive remuneration pack age (including, salary, bonus career, and overseas training). If you fell that you are qualified for the position above, please send you application witch CV and recent photograph, not later than two weeks after this advertisement to :


World Trade Center 16/F

Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 29-31

Jakarta 12920

Only short listed candidates will be notified

18. We offer an attractive remun ration package” 

The underlined word is closest in meaning to….

a. Cash 

b. Present 

c. Payment 

d. Recruitment 

19. What was the purpose of the above text?

a. Persuading the reader to follow the writer.

b. Describing who Charles Darwin 

c. Entertaining the readers with a funny story

d. Retelling the journey of Charles Darwin

20. What was Charles Darwin’s job?

a. Scientist and author 

b. Sailor and botanist 

c. Geologist and sailor 

d. Publisher and author

21. How long was Charles Darwin voyage on the Beagle?

a. 20 years

b. 15 years 

c. 5 years

d. 4 years 

22. The main idea of the fourth paragraph is …..

a. The exciting places in Galapagos

b. The voyage to Galapagos Island

c. The arrival of Charles Darwin home

d. Kinds of plants and animal in Galapagos

23. “During his long voyage he saw many exciting thing”

The world underlined is similar in meaning to…

a. Journal 

b. Journey 

c. Traveler 

d. Adventurer 

Read the text questions 24 to 26

24. The purpose of writing the above text is…..for a baby born party

a. To give information

b. To invite some one 

c. To express happiness

d. To describe a certain party

25. Which statement is wrong based on the text above?

a. The name of the baby is Drew Davidson Crepi

b. The contact persons are Anna and James

c. The party is held to celebrate the baby bron

d. The party will be held in the mounting 

26. “26 Park Road London, SE 218 AT”

a. Purpose 

b. Place 

c. Time 

d. Date 

Read the text answer questions 27 and 28

1) On/of and speed selector 

2) Ejector knob

3) Cord storage 

4) Beater 

5) Kneading hooks

How to use the mixer

Insert the beaters or kneading hooks as illustrated in fig. 2a it may be necessary to turn the beaters or kneading hooks a little white doing so.

Put the ingredients in a bowl

Lower the beaters or kneading hooks in the ingredients.

Switch the mixer on refer to the table for correct speed setting 

After use, depress ejector knob to release the beaters of kneading hooks 

27. The text mostly tells us about……

a. The function of mixer 

b. The steps how to use the mixer

c. How to maintain the mixer

d. The general description of the mixer

28. What should we do before we lower the beaters?

a. Depress ejector knob

b. Switch the mixer on

c. Put the ingredients a bowl 

d. Press the speed selector

Read the text and answer questions 29 to 31

3 Clifford Avenue


NW 2 & GF

6th June

Dear Nick

Thank you very much for you letter, I’m sorry I haven’t writing lots of letters to try and get a summer job. Mum and Dad are both well and send their regards. Susie sends her love. She twelve next week and she’s very excited because she’s going camping with her friends a birthday treat.

How are you getting on with your foot ball? Are you still in the school team? I haven’t played for weeks because of the exams. How is your brother? Is he still going out with Julia or have they broken up?

Anyway I must stop now and catch the post. Say hello to your mum and dad give them they my regards. Hope to see you soon keep touch.

Best Wishes


29. The purpose of writing the letter is to……

a. Invite Nick to spend summer holidays

b. Give information and ask Nick’s news

c. Explain how to get a job

d. Look for a summer job

30. Who send the letter?

a. Mark

b. Nick 

c. Julia 

d. Susie 

31. What is the relationship between Mark and Nick?

a. Brothers

b. Sibling 

c. Friends 

d. Relatives 

32. What is the purpose the purpose of text above?

a. Persuading the reader to play hole game

b. Giving instruction how to of playing game

c. Retelling the experience of playing hole game

d. Describe the hole game

33. How many steps are there in there instructions?

a. 8

b. 7

c. 6

d. 5

34. The word “it” in the text refers to…

a. Hole

b. Line

c. Player 

d. Marble 

Read the text and answer question 35 to 37


Oceanography is the studies of sea societies who study the sea are called Oceanography. They go down to the sea in ships, not ornery ships but specials research ships. They record thing that they see and preserve what they find. 

Man has explored few parts of very shallow seas. Where water is warm and clear diving seas, where water is warm and clear, diving is easy and pleasant. Deep Ocean is cold and dark. Scientists know very little about it. Oceanographers have mapped the bottom of the sea. They begin to understand how water circulates or flows from one part of the sea. In part they are curios, but it also a chance to gain great riches. There are minerals to mine the ocean floor. And more valuable is a large amount of food that produces.

35. Which of following statements is not true about the text?

a. It is easy to dive in warm and clear water 

b. There are many riches in bottom of the sea

c. Marine biologists go down to the sea to see the creatures

d. The oceanographers go down to the sea in ordinary ships

36. The paragraph tells us information about…..

a. Why the oceanographer go do to the sea

b. What oceanographers do under the sea

c. What has been mapped at the bottom of the sea

d. How oceanographers go down to the sea

37. The purpose of writing the passage above is….

a. To give detailed information about oceanographers

b. Ti describe what the oceanographers do under the sea

c. To amuse the reader though me sea life

d. To tell reader about the sea life

Read the text and answer question 38 and 39

Skin Cream

Indications : for minor burns, insect bites and minor outs

  Helps prevent infection 

Directions : Apply a thin layer on the affected area times a 

  day. Do not use for more than two weeks.

Caution : Do not use on deep wounds for external use only. 

  Keep out of children’s reach.

  Consult a doctor if imitation occurs 

Net weight : 5 gram 

Expiration : March 2008

38. What is the text about?

a. Skin whitening

b. Skin irritation 

c. Body lotion 

d. Skin cream 

39. Which of the following statements about the text is not true?.

a. We can use this product for more than 2 weeks 

b. It is not recommended for deep wounds 

c. It would be better used before March 2008

d. The product can relieve skin irritation

40. The text above belongs to….

a. Announcement 

b. Advertisement 

c. Instruction 

d. Invitation 

41. Which of the statements is not true about the text?

a. The advisement is valid more than 1 month

b. You do not have to pay for the service for three years

c. This vehicle has three warranty

d. This car suitable for family

42. Capita is planed to be the…..in 2008

a. Best seller

b. Worst seller

c. Worst quality

d. Most expensive

43. “Super Trade in higher than market price”

The underlined phrase is closest in meaning to….

a. Come and see

b. Check in and out

c. Cash and carry things

d. Buy and sell things 

For questions 44 to 46 choose the best words to completed 

44. A. Stopped B. Tried C. Began D, Wanted

45. a. Him b. You c. Her d. Me

46. a. Always b. often c. seldom d. never

For question 47 and 48, arrange the jumbled preventives into a good paragraph 


1. She began to write a letter 

2. Then she took a piece of paper and a ballpoint 

3. After that she got an envelope and a stamp

4. Last weekend Ratih wanted to write a letter to her pen  friend.

5. She closed the envelope and went to the post office

6. At five in the afternoon she sat down on a chair in the room

b. 6-1-2-4-3-5

c. 6-2-1-3-6-4

d. 4-2-6-1-5-3

e. 4-6-2-1-3-5

1) A lift carries visitors to the top tower from where views of the city can be seen.

2) It was built in 1889 as part of an inhabitation held in the city

3) It is named after Gustavo Eiffel, the man who designed it.

4) It is over four hundred meters tall and made entirely of iron and steel.

5) One of the most famous sight in Paris capital of France, is the Eiffel Tower.

6) The tower was intended to be a temporary structure for the exhibition but it was so popular that it has remained.

f. 5-2-3-1-6-4

g. 5-4-2-3-1-6

h. 5-2-4-3-6-1

i. 5-6-3-2-1-4

50. Use-before-read-instructions –the

j. 5-4-3-2-1

k. 1-5-4-2-3

l. 3-5-4-2-1

m. 3-2-1-5-4

For questions 49 and 50, arrange the word into a good order

49. What-do-it-is-and-right-do-right 

a. 2-1-4-6-5-7-3-8

b. 2-1-6-4-5-7-3-8

c. 1-2-3-4-8-5-7-6

d. 1-4-3-2-6-5-7-8

50. Use-before-read-instructions –the

a. 5-4-3-2-1

b. 1-5-4-2-3

c. 3-5-4-2-1

d. 3-2-1-5-4

Charles Darwin was born in 1809 in a small town in England. When he was young he decided he wanted to study botany and geology in 1831he joined an expedition to Patagonia in South America. Darwin Sailed on the British Ship the Beagle as a scientist it was his job to collect and record information about the rock, plants and animals in South America. 

The Beagle sailed across the Atlantic and reached (now Salvador) in Brazil in spring 1832. Darwin was amazed by the brilliant colors of the flowers and brids he saw. Then they sailed south along the coast. They stopped at places like Montevideo and Buenos Aries. Darwin traveled to pampas of Argentina and lived among the gauchos. In Patagonia he found fossils of animals which are now extinct.

They sailed to Tierra del Fuego at the south tip of South America and than north along the coast of Chile. Darwin always wrote his notes and collected rock, fossils plants brids, animal and shells everywhere.

In September 1835, The Beagle reached the Galapagos Islands in the Pasific ocean 1000 kilometers west of Ecuador. Darwin was excited to find very different plants and animals on the these Island.

Darwin arrived home in October 1936 During his long voyage he saw many exciting things. He had a lot of question in his mind. For twenty year he thought and wrote. He finally published his book. The origin of species in 1859. His ideas of evolution changed our world.

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Tidak membuat Kondisi rumah berantakan.

Konsep Aplikasi

  • Branding di PlayStore Android dengan Nama Laundry Anda Sendiri.
  • Pelanggan hanya Sekali Klik untuk Penjemputan Cucian.
  • Tracking Kondisi Cucian di Aplikasi.
  • Tombol WhatsApp untuk menghubungi Custumer Service.
  • Biaya Antar Jemput Otomatis / Custom.


Contoh Aplikasi

Silahkan Isi data sebagai Pemilik Laundry
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