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Read the text carefully and answer the questions!

Text 1

Many years ago, there lived a hermit in a forest in Sumatera. He did not grow foods but depended on the jungle to survive. Soon, there was a drought, all the plants and fruit trees in the jungle died

The old man had nothing to eat now, so he turned to begging. He went to nearby village trying to get some food. At first, the villagers were very happy to help him. However, when he came continually, they refused to give him any more food. They told him to grow his own food.

One day, while the hermit was sitting in his hut, sad and hungry, he began to think about growing his own food. Just then a boatman stopped by and taking on the hermit, gave him some rice seeds.

Before the boatman went away, he said, “These seeds will grow and give you everlasting harvest if you work very hard. If you are tired of the work, the rice plants will turn into weeds”.

The old hermit worked hard to clear the land and sowed the seeds before the rains came. Strangely, after a short period of time, the rice was ready for harvesting. The old man got a lot of rice from the harvest. After each harvest, the plants grew back again right away.

When the villagers heard about the hermit and his wonderful rice, they flocked to his rice-field and took home as much rice as they could.

One day, the hermit became so tired of harvesting the rice that she shouted. “Oh, stop growing, you wretched thing!” As soon as he had said this, the rice plants turned into weeds.

1. What is the type of the text?

a. Narrative

b. descriptive

c. Argument

d. Persuasive

e. Exposition

2. What did the boatman give to the hermit?

a. Fruit tree

b. Some food

c. Rice plants

d. Some weeds

e. Some rice seeds

3. Which statement is true about the hermit?

a. He lived a small town

b. He went to the village to ask for some food

c. He liked to give the villagers fruit and rice

d. He died in the jungle when there was a drought

e. He hated begging through there was nothing to eat

4. What is the main idea of paragraph 5?

a. The succession of rice harvest

b. The hermit should clear the land

c. The hermit was successful as a farmer

d. It needed a short of time to harvest the rice

e. The seeds should be shown before the rains came

Text 2

In autumn, the color of the leaves changes into beautiful yellow, red, and brown. Do you know how this happens? To answer the questions, first we have to understand about leaves.

Leaves are the food factories of plants. Plants take water from the ground through their roots and they take carbon dioxide from the air. Plants need glucose for energy and for their growth.

The plants use sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into glucose. The process is called photosynthesis and substances process. The trees will rest, and use the food that they have stored during summer. The trees begin to close their food factories. The green chlorophyll substance disappears from the leaves. As the leaves begin to lose their green color, they change into beautiful yellow and orange.

In some trees, like maple tree, glucose is trapped in the leaves after the photosynthesis process stops. Sunlight and cool rights turn the green color of the leaves into red. Oak leaves become brown because of wastes that are left in the leaves. This combination of red and brown makes the trees look very beautiful in autumn.

5. What is the best title of the text above?

a. The changes of leaves

b. The seasons

c. Photosynthesis

d. The trees

e. Beautiful Autumn

6. How many kind of trees are there mentioned in the text?






7. A part of trees which is used to take water from the ground is ….

a. leave

b. branch

c. fruit

d. root

e. chlorophyll

8. When do trees produce their food?

a. in summer

b. in autumn

c. in winter

d. in spring

e. in fall

9. What makes the trees look beautiful in autumn?

a. Because their leaves are doing photosynthesis

b. Because the trees will rest and use their food

c. Because they have stored their food

d. Because the sunlight and cool nights turn the color of leaves in maple tree

e. Because the leaves color of trees change into beautiful combination of colors.

Text 3

At the birth of the Indonesian nation 1945, Australia and Indonesia shared a positive and friendly relationship. In 1947 Australia supported Indonesia’s struggle for independence by placing embargos on Dutch supplies, arms and troops. Australian dock workers went on strike and significant numbers of Australians demonstrated in the streets in support of Indonesian independence. The Dutch were unable to ship supplies through Australian ports during this period.

Much of the support Australians gave to Indonesians was based on the friendship that developed between Australian soldiers and the Indonesia people at the end of the Second World War. There was also a strong anti-imperialist mood among some sections of the Australian population at that time. It is significant that Australia supported her Asian neighbors against a European colonial.

10. What is the passage about?

a. A strong anti imperialist mood

b. The Indonesia’s struggle for the independence

c. The early friendship between Indonesia and Australia

d. The relationship between Australian and Indonesian people

e. The influence of the second World War on Indonesia and Australia

11. What is the meaning of “embargo”?

a. prohibition

b. permission

c. alignment

d. shipping

e. agreement

12. Indonesian and Australian shared positive and ______ relationship at the birth of the Indonesian nation.

a. clear

b. significant

c. friendly

d. long lasting

e. friendship

13. Which of the following statement is not correct according to the text above?

a. going on strike

b. demonstrating in the streets

c. placing embargoes on Dutch supplies

d. shipping Dutch supplies through Australian ports

e. M

14. Tia      : Dad, may I go with Ajie this evening?

Dad    : Be sure to be home before 9.

      From the underlined words we know that father … Tia to go with Ajie to   

      the cinema

a. warns

b. forbids

c. suggests

d. allows

e. advices

15. X  : Excuse me! ….?

Y  : Oh, Thank you. I think I can handle it myself.

a. Can I do something for you?

b. Could you help me with this?

c. Could you lift this bag for me?

d. Will you do me a favour

e. Is there something you can do for me

16. Rani  : You know the horrible flood has destroyed many houses in Kendal   

                 last night.

      Dian  : Really? I’m so sorry about it. If I were a millionaire, I would help the

                 victims to build their houses.

     From the underlined words we know that …

     a. Dian is a millionaire so she builds many new houses

     b. Dian has no money to build new houses

     c. Dian plans to build new houses for the victims

     d. Dian and Rani have no money to build new houses

     e. Rani asks Dian to build new houses for the victims

17. This is a very popular TV program. Every week it …. by many people.

a. watches

b. being watch

c  is watched

d. has been watching

e. to be watched

18. Our school ….  here next year

a. is going to rebuild

b. is building rebuild

c. will be rebuilt

d. is to be rebuilt

e. is rebuilt

Text 4


   Meeting in the boardroom on Friday, July 10 at 10 am has been changed to Monday,

   July 13. Same time, same place. Please bring the notes of the previous meeting.


19. The text above is …….

a. An invitation

b. An announcement

c. An agreement

d. An intention

e. A news

20. Which of the statement below is not true according to the text?

a. It is second meeting

b. They had another meeting before

c. The place and the time are charged

d. The meeting will be on Monday

e. The text is a note

Text 5

            December, 2005                              

Dear Honey,

            I’m so excited. Finally, I got something. I’ve been dreaming of, but it was not so easy to get it. Let look back to my past. I was born thirty-two years ago. I was born in small village.

           When I was a child, I was so naughty but so smart according to my mother.  I got the second rank when I finished my elementary school, and in high school, I got the first rank, thus I won the scholarship. I was so glad and my parents were very proud of me. Then I went to one of the best State University in Bandung. I took the teacher training and education program. I majored in English. I studied at the university for four years. There, I used to be the best in all the subjects I took. In addition, guess! I got the first rank from the first semester till the last semester!. I won the scholarship for the third time. I was active at the student organizations, and in many activities such as discussions, seminars, trainings, etc. I just began to learn computer programs after I graduated from the university. Did you know that I worked part time at a computer company while I was studying at the university? It was very hard actually. Thank Honey, I have written too much on you!                                                                   

21. What does Honey refer to ?

a. A letter

b. A diary

c. A note

d. A book

e. A report

22. The type of the text is …

a. narrative

b. procedure

c. recount

d. descriptive

23. The writer wrote about …

a. Her dream

b. Her study

c. Her past time

d. Her lesson

e. Her scholarship

24. The writer was born …

a. in 1932

b. In 1972

c. In 1973

d. in 1974

e. 32 years ago

 Text 6

           Two friends were traveling on the same road together when they came face with a bear. One, in great fear, and without a thought of his companion, climbed into a tree and hid. The other, seeing that single handed he was no match for the bear, threw himself on the ground and feigned death, for he had heard that a bear will not touch a dead body.

           The bear approved him, sniffing at his nose and ears, but the man, with great courage, held his breath and kept still, and length the bear, supposing him to be dead, walked slowly ahead.

            When the bear was well out of sight the first traveler came down from his tree and asked what it was that the bear had said to him. “For,” said he, “I observed that he put his mouth very close to your ear.” Why,” he replied the other, “it was no great secret. He only advised me not to keep company with those who, when they get into difficulty, leave their friends in the lurch.

25. What type of writing does this passage belongs to?

a. Descriptive

b. Narrative

c. Explanation

d. Argumentative

e. Discussion

26. What is the orientation of the text above?

a. Two friends were traveling on the same road together when they came face to face with a bear

b. One in great fear, and without a thought of his companion, climbed intro a tree and hid

c. When the bear was well out of sight the first traveler came down from his tree and asked whet is was that the bear had said to him

d. “For,” he said, I observed that he put his mouth very close to you ear 

e. “Why,” he replied the other, “it was no great secret.”

27. Which of these phrases has similar meaning with this phrase;

“When the bear was well out of sight …” 

a. The bear had lost his eyesight.

b. The bear had left the site.

c. The bear watched them from a far.

d. The traveler got blind.

e. The traveler got into difficulty

28. The word him in paragraph 2 line 3 refers to?

a. The bear

b. The firs traveler

c. The second traveler

d. Both traveler

e. The man

29. What is the moral for this story?

a. Pretend to be dead when you come face to face with a bear.

b. A real friend will never leave his friends even in difficult times.

c. A real friend will leave his friends in difficult times.

d. Always bring a company when you’re traveling away.

e. Don’t mess up with a bear.

Text 7

30. “Did you know that I worked part time at a computer …..” (last paragraph)

The underlined word refers to …

a. The listener

b. the readers

c. the audience

d. the diary

e. my friends

31. John   : “Randi, do you know the man … is parking the car over there?

               I watched him on TV last night.”

Randi  : “No, I don’t know him.” 

a. whose

b. who

c. whom

d. when

e. where

32. “Which paintings will be exhibited tomorrow?”

a. Are still being selected

b. Are still selected

c. Still be selected

d. Still selected

e. Still selecting

33. If I were you, I would leave for Jakarta soon.

From this sentence we can conclude that …..

a. I am you, so I leave for Jakarta

b. I was you, so I left for Jakarta

c. I am you, so I don’t leave for Jakarta

d. I am not you, so I leave for Jakarta

e. I am not you, so I don’t leave for Jakarta

34. The man hit by a car yesterday would have died if the doctors had not immediately operated on him.

a. The man will be immediately operated on

b. It’s too late to save the men

c. The man died after the operation

d. The man still alive

e. The doctors didn’t operated him

35. Hary    : “I’ve got a terrible headache.”

Rossy  :” Why don’t you see the doctor?”

     From the expression, we know that Rossy …..

a. asks questions

b. gives order

c. gives advice

d. feels sorry

e. feels irritated

36. Ridwan    : Why don’t you ride your motor cycle to come here?

Raihan      : It ….. Last week

a. Has been sold

b. Has to sell

c. Had to sell

d. Wad sold

e. sells

37. Randi    : Mom, I am nominated in the singing contest.

Mother   : Great, I’m really proud of you.

The underlined utterance is an expression …

a. will

b. hope

c. plan

d. pride

e. sad

38. Fadli   : Are you free today?

Ari       : Yes, what’s up?

Fadli    : Would you like to come with me to watch the football match at    


Ari       : Thanks, I’d be delighted to. It’s my favourite sport.

What are the speakers going to do?

a. To visit their friend’s house

b. To watch the football match 

c. To enjoy their free time

d. To stay at home

e. To play football

39. Mary    : Why didn’t you answer my call last night?

John     : I am sorry … with my cousin

a. I was going out

b. I have gone out 

c. I went out

d. I had gone out

e. I will go out

40. Berry    : “Have you known your TOEFL score?”

Teddy   : “Not yet. It ….. next week”.

a. Will have being announce

b. Will be announced

c. Is being announced

d. To be announced

e. Is announced

41.   The antique building ….. in 17th century.

a. build

b. builds

c. is built

d. was built

e. being built

42.   Indonesian Batik is … recognized.

a. international

b. internationalized

c. internationalization

d. internationality

e. internationalizing

43.   The doctor gained immediate . . . for his great discovery.

a. recognition

b. recognize

c. recognizing

d. recognizable

e. recognized

44.   The room has been . . . decorated for the wedding party.  

a. Very beautiful

b. A beauty

c. beautifully

d. beautify

e. beautified

45. Forests yield many . . . which are very beneficial for the local people and        those who leave in the cities. 

a. producers

b. products

c. productively

d. productivity

e. productive

46. The . . . of the new company is very enormous. Now it has opened some new branches in many different cities in the country.

a. develop

b. development

c. developing

d. developer

e. developed

47. The new cigarette product is very popular among the young people. The new product is . . . advertised on TV.

a. nation

b. nationally

c. national

d. nationalize

e. nationalization

48. The people begin to show their . . . to the new established government system.

a. appreciate

b. appreciable

c. appreciative

d. appreciably

e. appreciation

49. His parents are very kind. They let all their children . . . some courses to sharpen their kills.

a. To take

b. Taking

c. Take

d. They take

e. Are to take

50. Student: . . . . . . to carry these books to your room, sir?

Teacher: . . . . . . No, thanks, I can do it myself.

a. Do you want

b. Shall I do

c. Can you help you

d. May I help you

e. Do you mind

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