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UN SMA Inggris P4



 The following text is for questions 16 to 20.

Dear Editor,

We are writing to complain about ads on TV. There are so many ads, especially during our favorite programs. We think they should be stopped for a number of reasons.
     First, ads are nuisance. They go on for a long time and there are so many. Sometimes there seems to be too many ads in one program. Seconds, ads are a bad influence on people. They try to encourage people to buy unhealthy food like beer, soft drink, candy and chips. And they make people want things they do not really need and cannot afford. It can lead to consumerism. Finally, ads disturb programs that people watch. That is because they want to put all their ads on popular programs that a lot of people watch. Some programs that are not so popular get stopped because they do not attract enough ads, even though those programs may be someone’s favorite.
     For those reasons, we think your TV station should stop showing ads. They interrupt programs. They are a bad influence on people, and they  sometimes put a stop to people’s favorite shows.
     We are sick of ads, and now we mostly watch other channels.

Masarani S.W.

16. What is the purpose of the writer?
A. To complain about ads on TV
B. To encourage people to buy TV
C. To stop the favorite programs on TV
D. To support the existence of ads on TV
E. To persuade the reader to make good ads on TV

17. How many reasons does the writer put forth to stop  ads on TV?
A. One          D. Four     
B. Two        E. Five   
C. Three

18. “First, ads are nuisance.”
         The similar meaning of the underlined word is ….(Paragraph 2)
A. Obedience                    D. exciting
B. Annoyance                  E. boring
C. importance

19. Which is NOT the writer’s opinion about the ads?
A. They are nuisance                        D. They give negative influence
B. They lead to consumerism            E. They make the program interesting
C. They interrupt the programs

20. “They try to encourage people to buy unhealthy food like beer, soft drink, candy and chips.” (Paragraph 2) The underlined word means ….
A. Accommodate            D. create
B. Stimulate                    E. divide
C. speculate

The following text is for questions 21to 25.
                                                                     Around Bali
Bali, the fabled “Island of the Gods” has been enchanting visitors for centuries with its rich cultural traditions and spectacular panoramas. As for recreation, there is no shortage of options. Nature walks, horseback riding, diving, surfing – even bungee jumping and white water rafting – await the adventurers here.

Bali Barat National Park
Bali’s largest nature reserve encompasses 70.000 hectares of rainforest and 7,000 hectares of coral reefs and is home to many rare species of fauna.

The cool highland resort of Bedugul on the shores of lake Bratan has become a popular retreat for tourist and residents as well.

Bali’s “Mother Temple” is a sprawling complex of shrines and pavilions set high in the slopes of sacred Mt. Agung.

Kuta Bay, with its long stretch of white sand and brilliant sunset, has attracted swarms of visitors since its rediscovery by surfers and sun worshippers in the 1970s.

21. What does the text above describe?
A. Bali and it’s tourist areas          D. Bali and it’s food
B. Bali and it’s religion                  E. Bali and it’s art
C. Bali and it’s people

22. “Bali’s largest nature reserve encompasses 70.000 hectares of …”
         The  underlined word means ….
A. Involves              D. enriches
B. Comprises          E. reaches
C. enlarges

23.  “... for centuries with its rich cultural traditions and spectacular panoramas.”
        The  underlined word refers to ….
A. National part          D. Besakih
B. Bali island              E. Kuta
C. Bedugul

24. “... has become a popular retreat for tourist and residents as well”
      The closest meaning of the underlined word is …
A. Surrounding        D. area
B. Location              E. place
C. people

25. What do the people do when they are in Bali?
A. Surfing                  D. Horseback Riding
B. Diving                  E. Doing various recreations
C. Water Rafting

The following text is for questions 26 to 30.

            To improve comfort and cleanliness at our school, a number of dustbins should be increased.
            When we look at classrooms, school corridors and schoolyard, there are papers, mineral water cups, straws and napkins here and there. The condition of uncleanliness and discomfort really hinders learning and teaching environment. Litters, especially empty plastic cups or glasses, thrown carelessly cause disease. They can be filled out with water coming from the rain. This can be placed for dengue mosquitoes to spread out. Besides, these rubbish can deteriorate the scene. Well-painted wall and green schoolyard do not mean anything if litters are scattered everywhere.
        Anyway I notice that most of the students in our school have responsibilities for their school environment. They put they litters on the proper places. But some are not diligent  enough to find the dustbins. The numbers of dustbins in our school are not enough. More dustbins should be put beside each of steps, outside of the classrooms, and some more along the corridors. Probably one dustbin should be in every ten meters. So when  students want to throw away their litters, they can find the them easily.
         When school is equipped with sufficient dustbins, we do not have problems of filth and discomfort any more. Our school will be very clean and becomes a nice place to study.

26. What is the text mainly about?
A. Litters              D. Environment
B. Dustbin            E. Uncleanlines   
C. Sanitation

 27. What is the writer’s argument on a sufficient number of dustbins?
A. They can minimize litters            D. They make school environment
B. They can save janitor’s energy    E. Students can throw garbage away easily
C. Students are asked to clean them

28. What is the writer’s suggestion to solve the problem?
A. To buy more dustbins                  D. To ask parents to give more dustbins
B. To hire more gardeners                E. To ask students to clean the school yard
C. To use dustbins efficiently

 29. What does the third paragraph discuss?
A. The responsibility                        D.  The outside of the classroom                                                         
B. The number of dust bins              E. The proper place of the dust bins
C. The environment of school

30. “Litters, especially empty plastic cups or glasses, thrown carelessly cause disease.”  (Paragraph 2)
      The underlined word means…
A. Rubbish                                    D. Dust
B. Smoke                                      E. Fog
C. Smog

 The following text is for questions 31 and 32.

Fire razes four houses in Ambon.
Ambon, Maluku; fire razed four houses in Ambon city late on Friday, but no fatalities were reported.
The fire began in one of the four houses and quickly spread to neigbouring homes in the densely populated area of skip, Sirimau Kota district, Ambon city.
Two fire trucks were deployed to the scene and were able to extinguish the blaze after an hour. Local authorities said that the fire was sparked by a short circuit.

31. What caused the fire?
A. Dense population                D. Explosion
B. Moving trucks.                    E. A car crash
C. A short circuit.

32. Which is NOT true according to the text?
A. One was killed in the incident.
B. Fire razed four houses in Ambon city late on Friday.
C. Two fire trucks were able to extinguish the blaze after an hour.
D. Local authorities said that the fire was sparked by a short circuit.
E. The fire began in one of the four houses in Sirimau kota district, Ambon city.

The following text is for questions 33 to 35

Philippines : At least nine people were killed and dozens were injured when the Philippines security forces clashed dozens of slum dwellers who resisted the tearing down of their homes in the northern province, a police commander said Tuesday.
  Raul Gonzales, the police chief in the northern Cordillera area, said , that the soldiers and police officers traded gunfire with dozen of people who are illegally occupying the private land in Kalinga province.
Our team was ambushed on their way to the community to be demolished, said Gonzales. He added that the security only defended themselves after the residents dug. foxholes and opened fire with automatic rifles.
Nine people were killed and dozens were wounded, including 10 police officers during almost 10 hours of fighting. We even had to evacuate some of our officers who
need surgery to get the bullets from their bodies.

33. What is the passage about?
A. An illegal gunfire trade.
B. The murder of slum dwellers.
C. A fight between the police officers and the soldiers.
D. A clash between the security forces and the slum dwellers.
E. A clash between the police officers and the security officers.

34. The clash happened because ….
A. Illegal slum dwellers resisted the demolition of their homes.
B. The police officers and soldiers shot the dwellers
C. Nine people were killed by the security forces
D. The police officers fired the dwellers.
E. The people dwelled on private land.

35. Raul Gonzales said that …
A. Ten police officers had to be evacuated.
B. Some of the wounded people needed surgery.
C. Ten police officers were killed in the fighting.
D. Ten police officers were injured during the fighting.
E. More than ten police officers were killed and injured in the fighting.

The following text is for questions 36 to 40

A heat wave that struck Europe last month killed 112 people in France, Thursday, many of them were elderly, of the people whose deaths were attributed to sweltering temperatures in France, 66 of them were age 75 or up. French officials said,” This year people must be more careful to avoid a repeat of the summer of  2003, when 15,000 people, most of them elderly, died of heat related causes.’

36. What is the suitable title of the text?
A. A Heat Wave                           D. A Summer Wave in Europe
B. A Heat Wave in Europe.         E. 112 Die in France from July Heat Wave
C. A France Heat Wave.

37. How many people died because of heat wave in 2003.
A. 67              D. 1500
B. 75              E. 15,000
C. 112

38. Why did France officials say that people must be more careful about this year heat wave?
A. In 2003 a lot of people  died.
B. The present condition is better.
C. They did not want more people to die.
D. The present condition in worse than in 2003.
E. They were responsible for the citizens’ safety.

39. “This year people must be more careful to avoid a repeat of the summer of 2003.”
The antonym of the underlined word is ….
A. Aware           D. hopeless
B. Useless          E. harmless
C. careless

40. “Of the people whose deaths were attributed to the sweltering temperatures…”
The underlined word has almost the same meaning as the word ….
A. as a matter of fact   D. whenever
B. because of               E. moreover
C. whereas

The following text is for questions 41 to 45

       Edison once worked for the railroad. Something happened that changed the course of his career. Edison saved the life of a station official's child, who had fallen onto the tracks of an oncoming train. For his bravery, the boy's father taught Edison how to use the telegraph.
     From 1862 to 1868, Edison worked as a roving telegrapher in the Midwest, the South, Canada, and New England. During this time, he began developing a telegraphic repeating instrument that made it possible to transmit messages automatically.
     Edison moved to New York City. Within a year, he was able to open a workshop in Newark, New Jersey. He produced the Edison Universal Stock Printer, the automatic telegraph, the quadruplex, as well as other printing telegraphs, while working out of Newark.
       Thomas Alva Edison died in West Orange, New Jersey on October 18, 1931. At the time of this death, he was experimenting on rubber from goldenrod. After his death, Edison became a folk hero of legendary status. His inventions had truly and profoundly affected the shaping of modern society.

41. What does the passage mainly tell?
A. Edison’s working experience.            D. Edison’s company
B. Edison’s teenage years.                      E. Edison’s wife
C. Edison’s difficult time.

42. What is the first paragraph tell?
A. Edison’s life change                          D. The tragic accident
B. The use of telegraph.                         E. Edison’s success
C. The oncoming train.

43. What made Edison become a folk hero of legendary status?
A. He moved to the biggest town in the States     D. He worked very hard
B. His work influenced modern society.              E. He saved a boy’s life
C. He invented telegraph.

44. “…he began developing a telegraphic repeating instrument that made it possible to transmit messages automatically.” (Paragraph 2)
      What does ‘it’ refer to?
A. telegraphic repeating instrument         D. instrument   
B. automatic telegraph                             E. message
C. New England

45. How can we describe Edison’s personality as illustrated on paragraph 1?
A. Curious and innovative.         D. Honest and helpful
B. Industrious and smart.            E. Brave and kind
C. Arrogant and diligent.

The following text is for questions 46 to 50

Hello, and welcome to Harvard. People make a university great, so whether you are a prospective student, current student, professor, researcher, staff member, graduate, parent, neighbor, or visitor, your interest and enthusiasm are valued and appreciated.

As  a historian, I am proud to lead an institution with such a rich and storied past. Harvard began in colonial days with a handful of students, little property and limited power and prestige, but a determined mission: “To advance Learning and perpetuate it to Posterity,” as a 1643 brochure put it.

That bold vision has guided Harvard for the past four centuries and made it the world-leading center of discovery and learning that it is today. It is our collective efforts, however, that today make this university such a vibrant place to live, to learn, to work, and to explore. No matter what your reason for visiting, we’re glad you came and I hope you will make the most of your time here.

Drew Gilpin Faust

46. What is the text mainly about? 
A.  The historian’ speech.                       D. The success of Harvard University
B. Harvard University’s vision.             E.  The University president’s welcoming message
C. The history of Harvard University

47. What does the second paragraph mainly tell about?
A. The good brochure.                            D. The foundation of Harvard University
B. Harvard University’s mission.           E. The reason of becoming a great university.
      C. The history of  Harvard University.

48. According to Harvard president, what made the university an exciting place to live and to learn?
A. The colonial efforts.                          D. The university’s researchers.
B. The smart professors.                        E. The university’s past history
C. The collective efforts.

49. “ It is our collective efforts, however, that today make this university such a vibrant place to live, to learn, to work, and to explore.” (Paragraph 3)
      The underlined word is closest in meaning with ….
A. Lively                  D. common
B. Strange                E. expensive
C. unusual

50. “ … as a 1643 brochure put it.” (Paragraph 2)
     What does the word “it” refer to?
A. power                   D. learning
B. mission                 E. institution
C. prestige

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Biaya Pendaftaran Kemitraan
Rp 500 ribu
Sudah termasuk 5 Analisa untuk Simulasi Pengiriman Data dan Percobaan Penjelasan Hasil

Alur Kerja

  • Pelanggan di-scan 10 jari dan Telapak Tangan
  • Kirimkan Hasil Scan melalui WA atau email
  • Setelah jadi Hasil Analisa dikirimkan ke Anda,
  • silahkan cetak dan berikan ke Pelanggan
  • Jika diperlukan tambahkan sedikit Penjelasan.


Untuk lebih mudah memahaminya
Kirimkan Data Anda saat Simulasi Pengiriman Data.

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Aplikasi Toko Online

Aplikasi Toko Online dengan Nama Usaha Anda Sendiri

Jasa Pembuatan Aplikasi Android untuk Usaha Penjualan (Toko) dimana Aplikasi Tersebut dibuat dengan Nama Usaha Anda Sendiri dan tentu saja muncul di pencarian PlayStore.
Hal ini akan memberikan Warna Baru untuk Usaha Anda dan tentu saja akan menambah kepercayaan Pelanggan.

Fungsi secara Umum

  • Katalog Produk yang menampilkan seluruh Produk/Dagangan Anda.
  • Lebih mudah untuk di-share dengan hanya satu Link aja, dan seluruh Produk sudah include di dalamnya.
  • Broadcast ke seluruh pengguna dalam bentuk notifikasi dimana Pelanggan tidak merasa terganggu namun informasi tersampaikan.
  • Catatan Transaksi lengkap dengan status pembayaran dan status pengiriman sehingga lebih mudah memantau Kondisi Penjualan.
  • Penjelasan Produk bisa lebih detil dilengkapi dengan Foto, Video dan Teks auto Link.
  • Cetak Nota Pembelian dan Nota antar Barang.
  • Chat ke Administrasi dari Pelanggan sebagai Pusat Informasi.
  • Tombol WhatsApp yang langsung mengarah ke WhatsApp Anda.
  • Profil Usaha lengkap dengan Link Medsos yang terkait.

Apa yang berbeda ?

  • Memakai Nama Usaha Sendiri sehingga Anda tidak perlu ragu dalam memarketingkan Aplikasi tersebut.
  • Multi admin, Aplikasi dapat dibuka oleh banyak Administrator sehingga memberikan peluang membagi pekerjaan.
  • Fungsi berita dapat digunakan sebagai Informasi Produk baru, Aktifitas atau Promo Toko Anda.
  • Notifikasi akan langsung dikirim secara otomatis ke Seluruh Pelanggan ketika Anda menginput Berita,
  • Pengumuman dan Produk Baru. Hal baru seperti ini selalu disukai Masyarakat.
  • Ukuran Aplikasi relatif kecil hanya 10 mb, jadi Calon pelanggan tidak ragu untuk meng-install.
  • Fungsi Hadiah untuk Meningkatkan Jumlah Install.
  • Kategori Produk untuk memudahkan pencarian oleh Pelanggan.
  • Foto Slider depan sebagai Media Promosi Utama.


  • Katalog Produk akan efektif apabila kurang dari 500 item, sebenarnya bisa lebih dari 10 ribu namun produk akan sulit ditemukan karena fungsi pencarian hanya untuk 3 kata kunci.
  • Pada Tahap awal relatif sulit untuk membuat calon pelanggan meng-install Aplikasi. Hal ini bisa dirangsang dengan Hadiah atau dengan memberikan diskon lebih ketika membeli melalui Aplikasi.

Silahkan coba Aplikasi Sample-nya

Buka menu, pilih Login untuk mencoba menambah produk dan mencoba fungsi-fungsinya
Isi Nomor HP 0123456789 Password 1234

Biaya Pembuatan
Harga Rp 4 juta
sudah termasuk Upload di PlayStore
Mohon Persiapkan Logo, Nama Usaha, HP Pemilik, HP pusat Informasi.

Biaya Berjalan
Aplikasi ini Online artinya bisa berjalan karena ada dukungan Server. Untuk itu ada biaya Rp 10 per Aplikasi dibuka.

Custom Fungsi Tambahan
Ada Biaya Tambahan apabila Anda menghendaki Penambahan Fungsi (Menu) sebesar Rp 3 jt per Fungsi.

Update ke Versi Terbaru
Kedepedannya Aplikasi akan mengalami Penambahan Fungsi dan perbaikan-perbaikan UI.
Untuk mendapatkan ke Versi Terbaru, ada Biaya Update sebesar Rp 300 rb karena Perubahan data dan Script membutuhkan waktu cukup lama.

Pemesanan WhatApps ke

Aplikasi Laundry Online

Aplikasi Laundry
dengan Nama Laundry Anda Sendiri

Biaya Pembuatan 900 ribu sudah termasuk upload di PlayStore
Lama Pembuatan sekitar 15 s.d. 30 harian.

Jasa Laundry masih akan berkembang layaknya Jasa Ekspedisi (Pengiriman).
Semakin lama orang akan semakin disibukkan dengan Pekerjaan sehingga malas mencuci baju.
Rumah semakin minimalis dan ruang cuci semakin sempit.
Tidak membuat Kondisi rumah berantakan.

Konsep Aplikasi

  • Branding di PlayStore Android dengan Nama Laundry Anda Sendiri.
  • Pelanggan hanya Sekali Klik untuk Penjemputan Cucian.
  • Tracking Kondisi Cucian di Aplikasi.
  • Tombol WhatsApp untuk menghubungi Custumer Service.
  • Biaya Antar Jemput Otomatis / Custom.


Contoh Aplikasi

Silahkan Isi data sebagai Pemilik Laundry
Aplikasi tersebut masih contoh sehingga digunakan oleh Banyak Pemilik Laundry, Nantinya setelah Pembelian Hanya personal untuk Laundry Anda Sendiri.

Biaya Bejalan
Rp 10 per Aplikasi dibuka (Sekitar Rp 100 per Paket Cucian)

Telah memiliki Logo (JPG/PNG) dan Nama Laundry

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