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Soal Ujian Nasional SMA UN Bahasa Inggris P13

Soal Ujian Nasional SMA UN Bahasa Inggris P13

Text 1

           Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Snow White. She lived with her Aunt and Uncle because her parents were dead.
One day she heard her Uncle and Aunt talking about leaving Snow White in the castle because they both wanted to go to America and they didn't have enough money to take Snow White.
Snow White did not want her Uncle and Aunt to do this, so she decided it would be best if she ran away. The next morning she ran away from home when her Aunt and Uncle were having breakfast. She ran away into the woods.
She was very tired and hungry. Then she saw this little cottage. She knocked but no one answered so she went inside and fell asleep.
Meanwhile, the seven dwarfs were coming home from work. They went inside. There they found Snow White sleeping. Then Snow White woke up. She saw the dwarfs. The dwarfs said, what is your name? Snow White said, “My name is Snow White”.
Doc said, 'If you wish, you may live here with us". Snow White said, "Oh could I? Thank you". Then Snow White told the dwarfs the whole story and Snow White and the seven dwarfs lived happily ever after.

1. What is the story about?                             
A. The seven Dwarf
B. The Red Riding Hood
C. Going to America
D. Snow White
E. A beautiful Princess

2. These are the characters of the story, except …..
A. Aunt
B. Uncle
C. Dwarf
D. A Princess
E. Snow White
3. What is the complication of the story?
A. Snow White ran away from home.
B. Snow White saw this little cottage.
C. The seven dwarfs were coming home.
D. Snow White went inside the castle and fell asleep.
E. Aunt was talking about leaving Snow White in the castle. 

4. Which one of the following sentence is not direct sentence?
A. Oh, could I?
B. What is your name?
C. My name is Snow White.
D. If you wish, you may live here with us.
E. Snow White told the dwarfs the whole story.

5. How is the end of the story?
A. Snow White and 7 dwarfs lived happily ever after.
B. Snow White told the dwarfs the whole story.
C. Snow White lived with the seven dwarfs.
D. The seven dwarf found Snow White sleeping.
E. Snow White and the 7 dwarfs lived together.

6. What is the function of the text?
A. To inform about Snow White to the reader.
B. To describe the story of Snow White.
C. To amuse the reader.
D. To retell the events.
E. To give information.

Text 2
A young and very beautiful princess lost her ball in the water while she was playing by the side of a lake. She began to cry so sadly that the frog who sat beside the lake crocked to her, "What will you give me if I get you your ball back?"
"All the gold you could wish for!" replied the princess. "No, I ask only that I'll be allowed to stay with you and be your friend," said the frog. The princess gave her word (what did such a promise cost her if it meant she could have her ball back?), but she said absolutely no intention of keeping her promises. In fact, the moment she had her ball back she ran of so fast that the frog could not keep up with her. Nevertheless, after a while the frog arrived at the palace.
As soon as she saw the frog, the princess was frightened. She ran to ask for help from her father, but the king, who knew what had happened, ordered his daughter her promise. So the princess picked the frog up gently in her hand, but, with a shiver of disgust, she let it drop to the ground again. But that one brief touch was enough to break the spell that bound the frog, and caused it to turn back into a young and handsome prince ha had been before.
The story ends with the happiest wedding ceremonies.

7. What is the text about?
A. The princess ball
B. The young prince
C. The princess father
D. A beautiful princess
E. The princess and the frog

8. Paragraph 3 mainly tells about …..
A. the frightened princess
B. how the princess broke her promise
C. what the princess asked the father
D. what the king ordered his daughter to do
E. why the frog turned back into a handsome prince

9. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text?
A. The princess hid a t the back of the palace
B. The frog paid no attention to the princess
C. The princess tried not to keep her promise
D. The frog couldn’t help the beautiful princess
E. The King asked his daughter to marry the frog

10. "All the gold you could wish for!" replied the princess. (Paragraph 2).
The underlined word means ….
A. replayed
B. answered
C. shouted
D. told
E. said

Text 3           
The Tyrant Who Became a Just Ruler

In the olden times there was a king who was so cruel and unjust toward his subjects that he was always called The Tyrant. So heartless was he that his people use to pray night and day that they might have a new king.
            One day, much to their surprise, he called his people together and said to them. "My dear subjects, the days of my tyranny are over. Henceforth, you shall live in peace and happiness, for I have decided to try my rule henceforth justly and welt" The king kept his words, so well that soon lie was known throughout the land as The Just King. By and by one of his favorites came to him said, "Your Majesty, I beg you to tell me how it was that you had this change of heart towards your people."
           And the King relied, "As I was galloping through my forests one afternoon, I caught sight of a hound chasing a fox. The fox escaped into his hole, but not until he had been bitten by the dog so badly that he would be lame for life. The hound, returning home, met a roan who threw a stone at him, which he broke his leg. And the horse, starting to run, fell into a hole and broke his leg. Here I came to my senses, and resolved to change my rule, For surely, I said to myself, who does evil will sooner or later be overtaken by evil."   
11. How  is  the King as stated in the text above?
A. handsome
B. cruel
C. cruel and just
D. wise and good
E. greedy

12. What animals are stated in the text above?
A. dog
B. horse and goat
C. hound
D. dog, fox, hound, and horse
E. dog, pig, tiger, and fox

13. Here I came to my sense and resolved to change my rule (parag. 3)
What is the meaning of italic word?
A. happen
B. create
C. modify
D. develop
E. try

14. Which of the statement is true according to the text?
A. The King was chased by a fox.
B. The King's behaviour never changed.
C. The man was thrown with a stone by a hound.
D. The King's subjects hated him when he was, tyrant.
E. In the olden times the King was loved by his subject.

15. Paragraph two tells us that the King …..
A. never ended the day of his tyranny.
B. Showed his surprise to his subject.
C. Decided to rule his subject unjustly.
D. Warned his subject to obey his rules.
E. Changed his behaviour and became a just ruler.

16. To show his real words of the speakers, the writer uses ….
A. passive voice
B. direct speech
C. reported speech
D. simple past tense
E. simple present tense
17. What is the purpose of the text?
A. to criticize a work of art.
B. To describe a person.
C. To describe how something happened.
D. To entertain the readers.
E. To share an amusing incidents.

Text 4                   
The Travelers and the Bear

        Two friends were traveling on the same road together when they came face to face with a bear. One, in great fear, and without a thought of his companion, climbed into a tree and hid. The other, seeing that single handed he was no match for the bear, threw himself on the ground and feigned death, for he had heard that a bear will not touch a dead body.
          The bear approached him, sniffing at his nose and ears, but the man, with great courage, held his breath and kept still, and length the bear, supposing him to be dead, walked slowly ahead.
           When the bear was well out of sight the first traveler came down from his tree and asked what it was that  the bear had said to him. “For,” said he, “I observed that he put his mouth very close to your ear.” “Why,” he replied the other, “it was no great secret. He only advised me not to keep company with those who, when they get into difficulty, leave their friends in the lurch.

18. What type of writing does this  passage belongs to?
A. Descriptive
B. Narration
C. Explanation
D. Argumentative
E. Discussion

19. What is the orientation of the text above?
A. Two friends were traveling on the same road together when they came face to face with a bear.
B. One in great fear, and without a thought of his companion, climbed into a tree and hid.
C. When the bear was well out of sight the first traveler came down from his tree and asked what it was that the bear had said to him.
D. “For,” he said, I observed that he put his mouth very close to your ear.”
E. “Why,” he replied the other, “it was no great secret.”

20. Which of these phrases has similar meaning with this phrase;
“When the bear was well out of sight …”
A. The bear had lost his eyesight.
B. The bear had left the site.
C. The bear watched them from a far.
D. The traveler got blind
E. The traveler got into difficulty.

21. What is the moral for this story?
A. Pretend to be dead when you come face to face with a bear.
B. A real friend will never leave his friends even in difficult times.
C. A real friend will leave his friends in difficult times.
D. Always bring a company when you’re traveling away.
E. Don’t mess up with a bear

22. The word him in paragraph 2 line 3 refers to?
A. the bear
B. The firs traveler
C. The second traveler
D. Both travelers
E. The man

23. "What a lovely evening dress you're wearing! Did you make it yourself?"
"No. I ______ ".
A. to be made
B. had it made
C. had to made it
D. to have made it
E. having made it

24. "Have you known your TOEFL score?"
"Not yet. It __________ next week".
A. will be announced.
B. will have being announced.
C. is announced.
D. is being announced.
E. to be announced.

25. The old house  _______ in  18th century. 
A. build
B. builds
C. is built
D. was built
E. being built

26. "If I had a car, I would drive to Puncak very often". This sentence means ……
A. I didn't have a car, so I didn't drive to Puncak very often.
B. I don't have a car, so I don't drive to Puncak very often/
C. I didn't have a car, yet I drove to Puncak very often.
D. I don't have a car, yet I drive to Puncak very often.
E. I had a car so I could drive to Puncak very often.

27. If I had not quarreled with John. I could have gone to the party with him.
It can be concluded that _______ to the party.
A. John promise to go with me.
B. John would like to go with me.
C. Perhaps I'll go with John.
D. I didn't go with John.
E. I went with John.

28. If Rully had waited ten more minutes, he would not have walked home in the rain. From this sentence we may conclude that _____ .
A. Rully came home all wet.
B. The rain stopped home all wet.
C. Rully had gone home before it rained.
D. The rain did not make Rully wet.
E. Rully waited for 5 minutes for the rain to stop.

29. If it were not for your education, you _____ such a good position.
A. will not have.
B. Have not had.
C. Did not had
D. Would not had
E. Had not had

30. "Why does the secretary have to work overtime?"
"Her boss _____ the letter.
A. has retyped
B. has been retyping
C. has her retype
D. has to retype
E. wants to retype

31. If he had taken the computers course, it would have been easier for him to get a good job. This means that……..
A. It wasn't easy to get a good job although he had taken a computer course.
B. He had taken a computer course, so it wasn't difficult to get a good job.
C. Even though had taken a computer course, it wasn't easy to get a good job.
D. He hadn't taken a computer course, so it wasn't easy  to get a good job.
E. He took a computer course, so that it would be easier to get a good job.

32. "This English text on chemistry is too difficult for me to understand".
"Well, you'd better _____ ".
A. translate it
B. have it translated
C. have to translate
D. have translated
E. to translate

33. If he ______ more confident during the interview, he might have got the job he wanted.
A. were
B. would be
C. could have been
D. was being
E. had been.

34. She wishes that she hadn't forgotten her promise. This means that _____
A. She tried  not to forget her promise.
B. She didn't forget her promise.
C. She forgot her promise.
D. She would forget her promise.
E. She should not forget her promise.

35. "You look tired. Why don't you take a rest?"
"I wish ______; I still have to finish my homework"
A. I would be able
B. I can
C. I will be able
D. I could
E. I had been able

36. "The floor looks dirty"
"Don't worry, I will have it ______ ".
A. to paint
B. painting
C. painted
D. be painted
E. paint

37. "What is your plan now?"
" ________ ".
A. To have my house repainted.
B. Having my house repainted
C. Have my house repainted
D. Repainting my house
E. To have my house repaint

38. 'After I finished my article, I had it edited.' This means that____.
A. I had edited my article
B. My article would be edited
C. Somebody edited my article
D. I was asked to edit my article
E. I had to edit my article my self
39. "I'm having trouble with my computer again, I've done everything I can bud it doesn't work properly."
"Why don't you have Darno _____it?"
A. to fix
B. fixing
C. he fixed
D. fix
E. fixed

40. The schoolmaster had the students _____their lessons before the exam.
A. to review
B. reviewing
C. review
D. reviewed
E. they reviewed

41. Mr. Bill : Have you sent all the spare parts?
Marketing Manager : Yes, sir. I … last Monday. 
      The distributor did it.
A. Send them
B.    had them sent
C. will sent them
D. have sent them
E.    will get them sent

42. "Do you make your own dresses?'"
"Yes, but sometimes I______."
A. have to make them
B. have made them
C. have them made
D. have made for them
E. make them

43. I will have my secretary ____an appointment with Mr. Setiawan for next wee
A. makes
B. make
C. making
D. made
E. to make

44. My watch is too slow. Can I have it ______ here?
A. fixed
B. fixes
C. fixing
D. to fix
E. to be fixed

45. The teacher has a children ______to the passage twice
A. listen
B. listened
C. listening
D. to listen
E. have listened

46. "I have the table cleared",  means "_______the table."
A. I have to clear
B. Somebody wants to clear
C. Somebody wants to me to clear
D. I ask somebody to clear
E. I have cleared the table

47. "Tita, are you going to see the dentist this afternoon?"
'I wish I didn't have to.'
We may conclude that ______ to the dentist.
A. she doesn't have to go
B. she needs to go
C. she is not going this afternoon
D. she is willing to go
E. she has gone

48. The music next door is very loud. I wish someone turned it down.
The underlined sentence means ….
A. I will turn the music down
B. someone turns the music down
C. I ask someone to turn the music down
D. I feel annoyed with the music next door
E. Someone ask me to turn the music down

49. "If only his son had studied harder", means …..
A. his son did not study hard
B. his son has studied hard
C. his son had studied hard
D. his son will not study hard
E. his son never studies hard

50. Doctor       :  What's happened to your son, Mrs. Rina?
Mrs. Rina   :  He said ........ a terrible pain in his stomach.(Ambil dr thn 2005)
A. that he felt
B. that her feels
C. if he is feeling
D. whether he felt
E. that he is feeling

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Manfaat Analisa :

  • Mengetahui IQ dan EQ Bawaan untuk menyesuaikan kecepatan belajar.
  • Mengetahui Keseimbangan Otak Kiri dan Kanan dimana hal ini akan mempengaruhi Gaya Kerja, Cara Berfikir, Tingkah laku dan Posisi Kerja.
  • Mengetahui Bakat Alami, Kecerdasan Majemuk, Sifat Bawaan untuk selanjutnya bisa dikembangkan dan Mengantisipasi Kelemahan.
  • Memperkirakan Jurusan Pendidikan yang cocok.
  • Memperkirakan Posisi Kerja yang lebih relevan.
  • Memperkirakan Pekerjaan yang dengan Kemungkinan Sukses lebih banyak.
  • Mengetahui Kemampuan yang Paling menonjol yang ada pada diri Anda.


Hasil Analisa
Hasil Analisa Dalam bentuk PDF 13 Halaman dikirim langsung melalui WhatsApp.

Contoh Hasil Analisa

Kualitatif (jika Gagal Kuantitatif)

Info Lebih Lanjut
Website http://fitalis.net
Android App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aqila.sjblangsung
Videp PlayList

Kemitraan Analisa Bakat dengan Sidik Jari

Kemitraan Analisa Bakat

Info Lengkap Tentang Analisa Bakat

Memiliki Scanner, Printer dan Komputer
(Scanner bisa menggunakan Scanner di Printer fotocopy)
Mau Belajar dan Mampu Menerangkan Hasil Analisa

Silahkan Pelajari terlebih dahulu penjelasan Hasil Analisa di


  • Dapat membuka Outlet Analisa Bakat dengan Sidik Jari
  • Lokasi Anda terdaftar di Aplikasi Analisa Bakat Online
  • Mendapatkan Harga Reseller (Hubungi Kami untuk Detilnya)


Biaya Pendaftaran Kemitraan
Rp 500 ribu
Sudah termasuk 5 Analisa untuk Simulasi Pengiriman Data dan Percobaan Penjelasan Hasil

Alur Kerja

  • Pelanggan di-scan 10 jari dan Telapak Tangan
  • Kirimkan Hasil Scan melalui WA atau email aqilabakat@gmail.com
  • Setelah jadi Hasil Analisa dikirimkan ke Anda,
  • silahkan cetak dan berikan ke Pelanggan
  • Jika diperlukan tambahkan sedikit Penjelasan.


Untuk lebih mudah memahaminya
Kirimkan Data Anda saat Simulasi Pengiriman Data.

Hubungi Kami https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6281391005464


Aplikasi Toko Online

Aplikasi Toko Online dengan Nama Usaha Anda Sendiri

Jasa Pembuatan Aplikasi Android untuk Usaha Penjualan (Toko) dimana Aplikasi Tersebut dibuat dengan Nama Usaha Anda Sendiri dan tentu saja muncul di pencarian PlayStore.
Hal ini akan memberikan Warna Baru untuk Usaha Anda dan tentu saja akan menambah kepercayaan Pelanggan.

Fungsi secara Umum

  • Katalog Produk yang menampilkan seluruh Produk/Dagangan Anda.
  • Lebih mudah untuk di-share dengan hanya satu Link aja, dan seluruh Produk sudah include di dalamnya.
  • Broadcast ke seluruh pengguna dalam bentuk notifikasi dimana Pelanggan tidak merasa terganggu namun informasi tersampaikan.
  • Catatan Transaksi lengkap dengan status pembayaran dan status pengiriman sehingga lebih mudah memantau Kondisi Penjualan.
  • Penjelasan Produk bisa lebih detil dilengkapi dengan Foto, Video dan Teks auto Link.
  • Cetak Nota Pembelian dan Nota antar Barang.
  • Chat ke Administrasi dari Pelanggan sebagai Pusat Informasi.
  • Tombol WhatsApp yang langsung mengarah ke WhatsApp Anda.
  • Profil Usaha lengkap dengan Link Medsos yang terkait.

Apa yang berbeda ?

  • Memakai Nama Usaha Sendiri sehingga Anda tidak perlu ragu dalam memarketingkan Aplikasi tersebut.
  • Multi admin, Aplikasi dapat dibuka oleh banyak Administrator sehingga memberikan peluang membagi pekerjaan.
  • Fungsi berita dapat digunakan sebagai Informasi Produk baru, Aktifitas atau Promo Toko Anda.
  • Notifikasi akan langsung dikirim secara otomatis ke Seluruh Pelanggan ketika Anda menginput Berita,
  • Pengumuman dan Produk Baru. Hal baru seperti ini selalu disukai Masyarakat.
  • Ukuran Aplikasi relatif kecil hanya 10 mb, jadi Calon pelanggan tidak ragu untuk meng-install.
  • Fungsi Hadiah untuk Meningkatkan Jumlah Install.
  • Kategori Produk untuk memudahkan pencarian oleh Pelanggan.
  • Foto Slider depan sebagai Media Promosi Utama.


  • Katalog Produk akan efektif apabila kurang dari 500 item, sebenarnya bisa lebih dari 10 ribu namun produk akan sulit ditemukan karena fungsi pencarian hanya untuk 3 kata kunci.
  • Pada Tahap awal relatif sulit untuk membuat calon pelanggan meng-install Aplikasi. Hal ini bisa dirangsang dengan Hadiah atau dengan memberikan diskon lebih ketika membeli melalui Aplikasi.

Silahkan coba Aplikasi Sample-nya

Buka menu, pilih Login untuk mencoba menambah produk dan mencoba fungsi-fungsinya
Isi Nomor HP 0123456789 Password 1234

Biaya Pembuatan
Harga Rp 4 juta
sudah termasuk Upload di PlayStore
Mohon Persiapkan Logo, Nama Usaha, HP Pemilik, HP pusat Informasi.

Biaya Berjalan
Aplikasi ini Online artinya bisa berjalan karena ada dukungan Server. Untuk itu ada biaya Rp 10 per Aplikasi dibuka.

Custom Fungsi Tambahan
Ada Biaya Tambahan apabila Anda menghendaki Penambahan Fungsi (Menu) sebesar Rp 3 jt per Fungsi.

Update ke Versi Terbaru
Kedepedannya Aplikasi akan mengalami Penambahan Fungsi dan perbaikan-perbaikan UI.
Untuk mendapatkan ke Versi Terbaru, ada Biaya Update sebesar Rp 300 rb karena Perubahan data dan Script membutuhkan waktu cukup lama.

Pemesanan WhatApps ke https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6281391005464

Aplikasi Laundry Online

Aplikasi Laundry
dengan Nama Laundry Anda Sendiri

Biaya Pembuatan 900 ribu sudah termasuk upload di PlayStore
Lama Pembuatan sekitar 15 s.d. 30 harian.

Jasa Laundry masih akan berkembang layaknya Jasa Ekspedisi (Pengiriman).
Semakin lama orang akan semakin disibukkan dengan Pekerjaan sehingga malas mencuci baju.
Rumah semakin minimalis dan ruang cuci semakin sempit.
Tidak membuat Kondisi rumah berantakan.

Konsep Aplikasi

  • Branding di PlayStore Android dengan Nama Laundry Anda Sendiri.
  • Pelanggan hanya Sekali Klik untuk Penjemputan Cucian.
  • Tracking Kondisi Cucian di Aplikasi.
  • Tombol WhatsApp untuk menghubungi Custumer Service.
  • Biaya Antar Jemput Otomatis / Custom.


Contoh Aplikasi

Silahkan Isi data sebagai Pemilik Laundry
Aplikasi tersebut masih contoh sehingga digunakan oleh Banyak Pemilik Laundry, Nantinya setelah Pembelian Hanya personal untuk Laundry Anda Sendiri.

Biaya Bejalan
Rp 10 per Aplikasi dibuka (Sekitar Rp 100 per Paket Cucian)

Telah memiliki Logo (JPG/PNG) dan Nama Laundry

Hubungi Kami https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6281391005464

SBMPTN Kesimpulan


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