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Modul Bimbel Gratis Kelas 10 SMA

Modul Bimbel Gratis Kelas 10 SMA

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Sedikit cuplikan Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Bab 1

In your daily life you often meet new people and you need to introduce yourself to them or possibly introduce your friends to others. You may also need to respond to others who introduce themselves to you. Do you know how to do them very well? When you meet others you usually greet them, ask them how they are, say goodbye, etc. Do you know how to do them?

Study the following expressions of greetings, introducing, meeting and parting

•      Good morning.
•      Good afternoon.
•      Good evening.
•      How nice to see you
•      Hello.
•      How are you?
•      How do you do?
•      How're you doing?
•      Hi!

Responses :
·         Good morning.
·         Good afternoon.
·         Good evening.
·         Yes, it's been so nice.
·         Hello.
·         Fine, thanks.
·         How do you do?
·         Not bad.
·         Hi!

Partings :
·         Good night.
·         Goodbye.
·         See you later.
·         Bye

Responses :
·         Good night.
·         Goodbye.
·         See you.
·         Bye.

Introducing your self :
·         First let me introduce myself.
·         My name is ....
·         Allow me to introduce my self.
·         I'm ...
·         Excuse me my name's ...
·         How do you do? My name is ....
·         Hi! I'm ...
·         Hello! My name is ...
·         Good morning. My name's ...

Introducing someone
·         I would like to introduce you to ....
·         Let me introduce you to ...
·         This ...
·         Allow me to

introduce ....
•      I'd like you to meet ...
•      Do you know ...
•      Oh look, here's Peter.
•      Peter–Jeny, Jeny–Peter

In small groups, introduce your self to your classmates. The following guidance will help you.
1.     greet your classmates
2.     introduce yourself: name, place/date of birth address
3.     mention your hobbies and your ambitions
4.     tell the activities you ever joined and recent activities you have

Good morning, everybody! Let me introduce myself. My name is Anita Mumpuni. I was born in Semarang, on 29 August 1992. I live at Diponegoro streetno. 27. My hobbies are dancing, singing, and swimming. I want to be a professional dancer someday. I joined the music club in the Junior High School. Now, I join the dancing club. I practice hard to reach my ambition.

A.    Complete the dialogues below with correct expressions.

1)    Arnys             : …
        Ruben            : Very well, thank you.

2)    Ayu                : Good evening.
        Denias            : …

3)    Andi               : How are you doing?
        Retno             : …

4)    Adib               : See you tomorrow.
         Virga             : …

5)    Anita              : Take care.
        Marcell         : …

B.    Complete the following dialogues with correct expressions. Then, perform them with your partner.

Dialogue 1
Situation        :   Andi and Denias are in the bookstore. They meet Ayu, a friend of Andi.
Andi               :   Hi, Ayu! 1) _______________.
Ayu                :   Hi, I’m fine, thanks. What about you?
Andi               :   2) _____________. By the way this isDenias. He is my classmate.
Ayu                :   Nice to meet you.
Denias            :   3) ______________.
Andi                   :   Ayu, I didn’t see you at the farewell party. I heard you went to London. Is that true?  
Ayu                :   Yes, I left for London two days before the farewell party.
Andi               :   What did you do there?
Ayu                :   Actually, my brother studies there, and last month I had the chance to visit him.
Andi               :   Oh, I see. Denias also lived in London for two years when his father studied there.
Ayu                :   Really?
Denias            :   Yes, that’s true. That’s when I was still ten years old.
Andi               :   Anyway, it’s been nice talking to you. I’m afraid I must go now.
Denias            :   Well, we still have a lot of things to do this evening.
Ayu                :   Okay, I’ll call you tonight.
Andi               :   That’d be great. You have to tell me more about your holiday. Goodbye.
Ayu                :   4) _________

C.    Complete the dialogues below with correct expressions.
1)    Arnys         : …
        Ruben        : Very well, thank you.
2)    Ayu            : Good evening.
        Denias        : …
3)    Andi           : How are you doing?
        Retno         : …
4)    Adib           : See you tomorrow.
        Virga          : …
5)    Anita          : Take care.
        Marcell      : …

Complete the following conversation with the correct expressions in the box. Compare your answers with a classmate’s. Then, act the conversation out.

Adib, Arnys, and Retno are new students. They meet at the students orientation course.

Adib           :   Hi, Are you a new student?
Arnys         :   Yes, I am. By the way, are you a new student, too?
Adib           :   I’m a new student too. 1) ______________________
Arnys         :   2) _________________ Well, Adib, 3) ______________
                        She was my classmate in the Junior High School.
Adib           :   4) ________________ Nice to meet you?
Retno         :   Nice to meet you too.
Adib           :   Anyway, we still have half an hour before the class starts. Shall we go to canten?
Arnys & Retno  : Okay.

Read the dialogues once again. Can you identify the expressions of greetings, introducing, meeting and parting?

Dialogue 1
Today is the commemoration of National Education Day. Every province in Indonesiasends their representatives to attend outstanding students gathering in Jakarta.
Asep               :   Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Ali. I study at SMAN 19 Bandung.
Denias            :   Hi, I'm Denias, I'm from Papua. Nice to meet you.
Asep               :   Nice to meet you too. Let's go to the crowd.
Denias and Asep go to the crowd and they meet a girl.
Sri                   :   Hi, Asep. How are you?
Asep               :   I'm fine. How about you?
Sri                   :   I'm fine too. Thank you.
Asep               :   Elvi, this is Denias, my new friend.
Denias            :   Hi. How do you do? Pleased to meet you.
Sri                   :   How do you do? Pleased to meet you too.
Denias            :   By the way, what is your hobby?
Sri                   :   I like cooking very much. I can spend my whole day for cooking.
Denias            :   Wow, great. My hobby is cooking too. Will you tell me how to cook special foods from your province? I'd like to know them.
Asep               :   Alright my friends, let's talk about cooking later. We should go to the palace to meet the President of Indonesia.
Denias and Sri : Let's go. We can talk about cooking later.

Dialogue 2
Cipto waiting for Andi and Yani, his new colleague at the airport.
Andi       :   Excuse me. Are you Henri?
Cipto      :   Yes. I'm Cipto Susanto.
Andi       :   How do you do, Cipto? I'm Andi from University of Jakarta.
Cipto      :   How do you do, Cipto. Nice to see you.
Andi       :   Nice to meet you, too. Did you have a good journey?
Cipto      :   Yes. It was fine, thanks.
Andi       :   Let me help you to bring your suitcase.
Cipto      :   That's very kind of you.
Andi       :   Not at all. Let me introduce you to my friend Yani this is Cipto. Cipto this is Yani.
Yani       :   Hello, Cipto. Nice to meet you.
Cipto      :   Pleased to meet you, too. How's the trip?
Yani       :   Well, It's nice and exciting.
Cipto      :   Great, then. You must be tired. I'll take you to the Hotel first.
Andi       :   OK. Thanks, Cipto.

Work in pairs and complete the dialogue. Then practice it with your partner.
Budi introduces himself to Rendi on the way home from the school.
Budi       :   1 ……………. Haven't we met before?
Rendi     :   I don't think so.
Budi       :   Anyway, 2………… Budi.
Rendi     :   3 ……………….Reni.
Budi       :   Do you somehow stay around here?
Rendi     :   Yeah. I stay in the Uptown Apartment on fifth Avenue.
Budi       :   That's great. I also stay there on eleventh floor.
Rendi     :   Mine's on tenth floor. Sorry, I have to get going. 4 …………..
Rendi     :   See you then. Goodbye.
Budi       :   5 ………………

Work in groups and perform a dialogue based on the following situations.
1.     You introduce yourself to Mr Hutagalung and he responds to the introduction.
2.     Wayan is your friend. He introduces Sofyan, his brother, to you.
3.     In the classroom, Dewi, your friend, introduces you to Tini, her sister.
4.     At a meeting, you introduce Mr Lubis, your English teacher, to your father.

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