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Bahasa Inggris SMA Recount text telling what happened

Bahasa Inggris SMA Recount text telling what happened

Recount text telling ‘what happened’.

The purpose of the story is to tell a series/sequence of events and evaluate their significance in some way. It has expressions of attitude and feeling, usually made by the writer about the events.

The text is organized to include:
-       an information about ‘who’, ‘where’ and ‘when’;
-       a record of events usually in chronological order;
-       personal comments or evaluative remarks, which are arranged over throughout the record of events; and
-       a reorientation which ‘rounds off’ the sequence of events.

The grammatical patterns of the text include:
-       use of nouns and pronouns to identify people or things involved;
-       use of action verbs to refer to events;
-       use of past tense to locate events in relation to   writer’s time;
-       use of conjunction and time connectives to sequence the events;
-       use of adverbs and adverbial phrases to indicate place and time; and
-       use of adjectives to describe nouns.

What is the meaning Recount in Indonesia ?

Teks recountmerupakan jenis teks yang isinya melaporkan peristiwa, kejadian, atau kegiatan yang menimpa seseorang, atau berupa pengalaman seseorang.

Tujuan (purpose) teks recount adalah menceritakan kembali tentang kejadian di masa lampau
Þ to retell past events

Stuktur Teks Recount
v  Orientation, pendahuluan atau pembuka berupa pengenalan tokoh, waktu, dan tempat
v  Events,rangkaian kejadian/peristiwa
v  Reorientation, penutup, ungkapan-ungkapan yang menunjukkan peristiwa/kejadian/kegiatan sudah selesai.
v  Komentar pribadi akan peristiwa yang diutarakan, sifatnya opt

Unsur Kebahasaan Teks Recount
v  Noun tertentu sebagai kata ganti orang, misalnya Albert Eistein, Bill Gates, Bob Marley, dsb
v  Individual participant, terfokus pada kisahan partisipan (pelaku) tertentu yang spesifik.
v  Past tense, menggunakan kata kerja bentuk lampau
v  Time connective dan conjunction untuk mengurutkan kejadian, misalnya after, before, soon, then, after that, dsb
v  Action verb, kata kerja yang menunjukkan peristiwa atau kegiatan, misalnya stayed, climbed, killed, dll
v  Adverb and adverb phrases, untuk menunjukkan tempat, waktu, dan cara. Misalnya, yesterday, last week, at home, slowly, carefully, dll.

Pay attention to the following diary. Answer the questions that follow.
March, 28th 2008
08.00 p.m.

This morning Andika called me. I was surprised. I
wondered from whom he got my cell phone number.
Confuse. Happy. Speechless. My heart beat faster when I
heard his voice.


Answere these questions
1.     When did Luna write her diary above?
2.     Who called her?
3.     How did she feel when Andika called her?
4.     Did she know where Andika got her number?
5.     How is Luna's feeling for Andika? Do you think she likes him?

Study the following schedule. Write a paragraph that telling past events based on the schedule. Remember to begin with topic sentences.

Tuesday 08.30 - 9.00         greet new students
9.00 - 10.30          give test to new students
10.30 - 11.30        order new text books
11.30 - 12.00        make phone calls
12.00 - 1.00          have lunch with teachers
1.00 - 3.00             observe classes

For example:
Last week I had a busy schedule in my class. At 08.30, I came in to the class and greeted the students. ....

Read this story. As you read the text, decide the conclusion at each stage. Write it in your workbook.

Blind Date The phone call

Her story
Doni got my name from a friend. He telephoned me and invited me to see a film and I accepted. However I explained that it was time for my piano practice, he started talking about himself, and there was no stopping him. I couldn't have got in a word edgewise even if I had wanted to.

His story
Maya is a friend of Galih. He told me that she was really pretty and had a lovely personality, so I rang her and asked her for a date. I was delighted when she agreed but it was really difficult talking to her. She wouldn't say a word. I had to carry on the whole conversation myself.

Read the text and then choose the right statements by circling the letter a, b, c, or d.

When I was a boy, I liked swimming very much. Each year my two brothers and I spent the holiday with our uncle and aunt in their house by the sea. It was only twenty yards from the water. The water was warm, the sun shone brightly, and most days there were no waves. In the middle of the day a wind always began to blow, but it was not strong and did not make the sea rough.
One day, we put on our swimming-shorts before breakfast. Then, we ran down to the sea across the sand and jumped in. We were in the sea or on the beach until late at night. When our aunt rang a bell, we went back to the house for food, but we ate it in our swimming-shorts and
soon went back in the sea again. We were all very good swimmers. We dived through the waves or rode towards the beach on top of them until we were tired and hungry.

1.         a.     The boys’ home was near the sea.
            b.     The boys’ uncle’s home was near the sea.
            c.     The boys’ uncle’s home was long way from the water.
            d.     The boys’ home was a long way from the water.

2.         a. There were waves every day.
            b. There were waves on most days.
            c. There were no waves on most days.
            d. There were no waves every day.

3.         a. The boys had breakfast in the house.
            b. The boys did not have breakfast.
            c. The boys had breakfast on the sand.
            d The boys did not use to have breakfast.

4.         a.     The boys put on their swimming-shorts before meal.
            b.     The boys put other clothes on before every meal.
            c.     The boys didn’t do anything to their clothes before  meals.
            d.     The boys always changed their clothes before meals.

5.         a.     The waves rode on top of the boys towards the beach.
            b.     The waves carried the boys towards the beach.
            c.     The boys rode on top of their brothers towards the  beach.
            d.     The boys rode on the waves using their board.

Read aloud the following text. Pay attention to your pronunciation and intonation. Study the events.
Last weekend, my friends and I went camping. We reached the camping ground after we walked for about one and a half hour from the parking lot. We built the camp next to a small river. It was getting darker and colder, so we built a fire camp. The next day, we spent our time observing plantation and insects while the girls were preparing meals. In the afternoon we went to the river and caught some fish for supper. At night, we held a fire camp night. We sang, danced, read poetry, played magic tricks, and even some of us performed a standing comedy. On Monday, we packed our bags and got ready to go home.

Answer these questions based on the text above
1.     What did we do last weekend?
2.     How long did we reach the camping ground?
3.     When did we build the camp?
4.     What did we do on the next day?
5.     What activities did we do at the night of a fire camp night?

Read the following text about someone's experience.

Meeting a Star

On Saturday morning at 9:30, I was walking down Sunda Street, looking for a record store. A man stopped me and asked me the way to the Hyatt Hotel. I wasn't sure exactly where it was, but I walked with him to the end of Sunda Street. He was very friendly, and his face looked so familiar. Then I remembered where the Hyatt was and told him how to get there. He thanked me and tried to give me something. I thought it was money. I said 'no' at first, but he really wanted me to have it, so I took it.
I found the record store and listened to a few records. D'Masive had a new record that was number two in the top twenty. I decided to buy it. I looked in my bag for my wallet and found a piece of paper the man gave me. It was a photo. I was so surprised! He was a singer in D'Masive!

Answer these following questions based on the text above
1.     Where was the writer?
2.     What was he doing?
3.     What did the man ask the writer?
4.     How was the man's character?
5.     Did the writer help the man?
6.     What did the writer decide to buy?
7.     What did he find in his wallet? Explain.
8.     How was he when he knew who the man was?

Read the text and choose the correct answer to the following questions.
1.         What happened to the writer yesterday?
            a. He has a terrible day.
            b. He gets a terrible day.
            c. He had a terrible day.
            d. He got a terrible day.

2.         Why did he wake up an hour late?
            a. Because he didn't set alarm clock.
            b. Because his alarm clock didn't go off.
            c. Because he didn't see alarm clock.
            d. Because his alarm clock didn't work.

3.         What did he do after having breakfast?
            a.     He got dressed so quickly that he forgot to wear socks.
            b.     He wear socks so quickly that he forgot to get dressed.
            c.     He ran out of the house trying to get the 9:30 bus.
            d.     He burned his hand when he was making breakfast.

4.         How far did the writer walk?
            a. He walked for two miles.
            b. He walked for three miles.
            c. He walked for four miles.
            d. He walked for five miles.

5.         What does the writer hope?
            a.     The writer hopes to discover that it was Sunday.
            b.     The writer hopes to take a taxi.
            c.     The writer hopes he never had a day like yesterday.
            d.     The writer hopes that yesterday will be better.
Read the following text and identify its text organization or schematic structure Work in pairs.
I woke up at about five o'clock yesterday. It wasn't a regular day, because I was about to propose a girl.
 After praying and taking a bath, I had my early breakfast. At about nine o'clock I was in my office but my soul wasn't there. I was thinking about the lines that I had to say to her. At one o'clock, I had my lunch but I wasn't enjoying it either. So, I practiced the lines to almost all girls I met at my lunch. Yes, I was a little bit crazy. Finally, it was three o'clock. I remembered all my lines. I wrapped my works and got ready to pick her up and of course proposed her.
I met her at four o'clock, took a little walk and went to a movie. At seven, we had a romantic dinner. I thought it was the perfect time to ask her to be my wife. Then I said the lines that I practiced the whole afternoon. She smiled. I reached my pocket to get a ring and put it around her finger. Then she said "Yes." After driven her home I went back to my house.Taken from New Horizons in English, 2002.

Read the following text and identify the prepositions of
time in the text.
My mother got me ready for school then I had to wait for her to brush my hair and place every strand in just the perfect position. I had to show her my shoes that I had cleaned the night before and my school bag had to be neatly put on my shoulder before I could get near the door. Only after my mother was totally satisfied would I be allowed to rush out of the front door.
 I would leave home at 8 am on the dot and make my way down the lane. After a walk of about 700 metres I would be able to see the tall steeple of the school.
The playground would be full in the summer and the noise would make me want to rush into the yard and get into a good game of football before the bell went.

Now think of your most memorable experience and write it like a diary entry. Consider the following.
1. What was it?
2. When and where did it happen?
3. Who was involved?
4. How was it memorable? And  why?

The Football Match

My brother and I went to a football match yesterday. Our school team was playing against another High School team. Our team wore red and white shirts, white shorts, and red stockings.
The other team wore orange and black shirts, orange shorts, and black stockings. “They look like bees“, my brother said, and we laughed.
They played like bees too. They ran very fast, attacked very hard, and passed the ball to each other very fast. Soon they scored their first goal. My brother and I shouted and shouted, “Come on, Valley School! Come on, the Valleys!” Our headmaster was near us and he was shouting too. He seemed very enthusiastic. However, the high school scored another goal. We were very sad.
Then, one of the “bees” stopped the ball with one of his hands, so our team got the free kick. Our captain took it and scored a goal. We shouted, “Hooray!” The score was now 2:1.That was better.
Now our team began to play better or the “bees” were getting tired. Our team scored another goal before half-time. In the second half of the match, both teams tried very hard, but neither scored, so at the end the score was still two all.

1.         The text tells about …
            a. joining a football match
            b. winning a football match
            c. attending a football match
            d. the school football team
            e. playing football

2.         What did the writer and his brother do after the rival    team scored the first goal?
            a. They shouted to support their school team.
            b. They shouted to the headmaster.
            c. They laughed at their school team.
            d. They ran very fast.
            e. They played like bees.

3.         Which statement is true according to the text?
            a.     The writer and his brother will watch a football  match.
            b.     The writer’s school team wore orange and black shirts.
            c.     The writer called his school team the “bees”.
            d.     The writer’s school team scored the first goal.
            e.     The opponent scored the first goal.

4.         A word in the text which has the same meaning as  “leader” is …
            a. brother
            b. goal
            c. captain
            d. team
            e. score

5.         “He seemed very enthusiastic.” The antonym of the    underlined word is …
            a. energized
            b. excited
            c. eager
            d. apathetic
            e. impatient

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