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Bahasa Inggris SMA Narrative

Bahasa Inggris SMA Narrative

A narrative text that entertains and instructs the readers. It entertains because it deals with the unusual and unexpected development of events. It instructs because it teaches readers that problems should be confronted, and attempts made to resolve them. The text incorporates patterns of behavior that are generally highly valued.

The text is organized to include:
-       a stage that introduces the main character/s in a setting of time and place;
-       a sequence of events, which may begin in a usual pattern, is changed in some way so that the pattern of events becomes a problem for one or more of the characters. The events are evaluated by the character/s, thus making it clear to the reader that a crisis has developed;
-       the problem is resolved or attempted to be resolved; and
-       a stage which makes explicit how the character has changed and what has been learned from the experience.

The grammatical features include:
-       use of particular nouns to refer or to describe the particular people, animals and things that the story is about;
-       use of adjectives to build noun groups to describe the people, animals or things in the story;
-       use of time connectives and conjunctions to sequence events through time;
-       use of adverbs and adverbial phrases to locate the particular events;
-       use of past tense action verbs to indicate the actions; and
-       use of saying and thinking verbs to indicate what characters are feeling, thinking or saying.

Study and pronounce the following words. Then, read the text entitled Kyai Jegod and answer the questions.
black magician (kb) : dukun jahat
cattle  (kb)             : ternak
itch (kb)              : gatal
lumberjack (kb)   : penebang pohon
massive (ks)          : raksasa
meditate (kki)    : bersemedi
miracle (kb)       : keajaiban
noble  (ks)              : mulia
palace (kb)            : istana
Pole (kb)                : tiang
Pond (kb)               : kolam
Rumor (kb)           : rumor
Scabies (kb)       : kudis
stinky (ks)              : bau tidak enak (busuk)
Ulcer (kb)           : bisul
Kyai Jegod

Once upon a time there was a king who ruled Mataram Kingdom. His name is Amangkurat IV. He was the grandfather of Sultan. He often meditated in a nearby forest, called Garjitawati. One day, when a gardener was gathering grass for his cattle in the forest, he looked for some water because it was so hot.
 He found a small pond and when he was going to drink some water from it, a dragon came out of the underwater, but it was so friendly to him. The dragon said that if Sultan wanted to build his palace, it was supposed to be located in that forest.
Then it disappeared. Then Sultan started to build the palace in that forest. He demanded strong and old woods and the forest where those woods lied was said to be home of genies and spirits. His lumberjacks could not find anything to eat and the only thing they could have were some rice and water for three days, or sometimes they could not have anything.
 Then Sultan started to build the palace in that forest. He demanded strong and old woods and the forest where those woods lied was said to be home of genies and spirits. His lumberjacks could not find anything to eat and the only thing they could have were some rice and water for three days, or sometimes they could not have anything. Then Sultan ordered that the main pole in the palace’s hall had to be built from special wood, which would give strong impression.
 One night, a servant who was sleeping in the forest heard loud and deep voice. The voice introduced itself as Kyai Jegod. The servant saw that Kyai Jegod was an old, tall, and massive tree. He said that he would voluntarily let himself be cut to make the main pole so that he could stay inside it forever. The servant told it to Sultan and Sultan let Kyai Jegod stay inside it forever, while Kyai Jegod became the protector of that palace since then.

1.     Who is Sultan?
2.     What happened to the gardener in the forest?
3.     What kind of woods that Sultan wanted to build his palace with?
4.     Who is Kyai Jegod? What does it look like?
5.     What did Kyai Jegod say to the servant?
6.     What has Kyai Jegod done till today?

The Legend of Beowulf

Once upon a time, there was a horrible monster called Grendel. He was half-man and half-monster. He lived in Denmark. One day, he went to the King's castle. The king and his men tried to kill the monster but their swords were useless. A knight called Beowulf heard about the problem and went to Denmarkto help the king.
That night, Beowulf and his men took off their armor and put away their swords and went to sleep. The monster came into the castle and killed a knight. Beowulf woke up and fought the monster-he pulled off an arm! Grendel went back to his home in a lake and died. Grendel's mother was very angry and the next night she went to the castle and killed a knight.
In the morning, Beowulf went to the lake. He killed Grendel's mother with a special sword. When he came back, the king was very happy and he gave Beowulf presents and money. Beowulf went back to his country and became a king. He was king for fifty years. But one day, a dragon came to his country, and it attacked people. It lived in a cave with treasure. The dragon was very big and breathed fire. The knights were afraid and they did not want to fight the dragon. King Beowulf was an old man but he put on his amour again and went to the dragon's cave with his men. …

Answer the following questions based on the text
1.     Who was half-man and half-monster?
2.     Were the king and his men succeeding in killing Grendel?
3.     Why did Beowulf come to Denmark?
4.     What did Beowulf do to Grendel when he fought him?
5.     What happened to Grendel after he fought Beowulf?
6.     What did Grendel's mother do when she find out about her son's death?
7.     What did Beowulf use to kill Grendel's mother?
8.     How long did Beowulf become king?
9.     What attacked the people in Beowulf's country?
10. What did Beowulf do about it?

Read another story and identify its text structure in the table that follows.
The Fox and the Crow

A crow, perched in a tree with a piece of cheese in his beak, attracted the eye and nose of a fox. "If you can sing as prettily as you sit," said the fox, "then you are the prettiest singer within my scent and sight." The fox had read somewhere, and somewhere, and somewhere else, that praising the voice of a crow with a cheese in his beak would make him drop the cheese and sing. But this is not what happened to this particular crow in this particular case.

B. Inggris Kelas 10 SMA
"They say you are sly and they say you are crazy," said the crow, having carefully removed the cheese from his beak with the claws of one foot, "but you must be nearsighted as well. Warblers wear gay hats and colored jackets and bright vest, and they are a dollar a hundred. I wear black and I am unique.
 "I am sure you are," said the fox, who was neither crazy nor nearsighted, but sly. "I recognize you, now that I look more closely, as the most famed and talented of all birds, and I fain would hear you tell about yourself, but I am hungry and must go."
"Tarry awhile," said the crow quickly, "and share my lunch with me." Whereupon he tossed the cunning fox the lion's share of the cheese, and began to tell about him self. "A ship that sails without a crow's nest sails to doom," he said. "Bars may come and bars may go, but crow bars last forever. I am the pioneer of flight, I am the map maker. Last, but never least, my flight is known to scientists and engineers, geometricians, and scholar, as the shortest distance between two points. Any two points," he concluded arrogantly.
 "Oh, every two points, I am sure," said the fox. "And thank you for the lion's share of what I know you could not spare." And with this he trotted away into the woods, his appetite appeased, leaving the hungry crow perched forlornly in the tree.

Answer the following questions based on the text
1.     How many characters are there in the story?
2.     Where did the story probably take place?
3.     Why did the fox praise the voice of the crow?
4.     Had the crow known the fox's plan of praising him?
5.     Did the fox give up trying to persuade the crow to share his lunch?
6.     What did the fox do in order that the crow shared his lunch?
7.     Did the fox succeed in getting what he wanted?
8.     What is the moral of the story?

Queen Aji Bidara Putih

Muara Kaman lies along the Mahakam River, in eastern Borneo. In the past the area was a kingdom ruled by Queen Aji Bidara Putih. She was a typical queen of myths: beautiful, wise, and sensitive. Many princes and kings proposed to her but she always refused them because she was more concerned with ruling her country and guarding her people.
 One day, a Chinese boat came to eastern Borneo. First, the people thought it was a merchant ship but the boat was loaded with trade goods and highly trained soldiers. Their envoys brought gold and porcelain to announce the marriage proposal from a prince of China. The queen didn’t refuse instantly and replied that she had to ponder the proposal first.
After the envoys left the palace, the queen called a court officer and ordered him to in filtrate the Chinese boat to gather information on the prince. When night fell the officer sneaked onto the boat, got by all the guards, and finally found the prince’s room.
 The large door would not open and he couldn’t find a peek hole, so the officer put his ear to the wall, trying to catch sounds from inside. He heard that the prince was having his dinner and the noise of his chewing and slurping surprised the officer. It was like a boar that he had once heard when he was hunting. He quickly left the boat and returned to the palace. He reported that the prince must have been a phantom, not a human. He believed that the phantom could be in a human’s form only during the daytime. The queen was so surprised and got angry.
 On the next day, she refused his proposal. The enraged prince ordered his troops to raid Muara Kaman. The battle was won by the prince’s huge band of troops. As they drew near to the palace, Queen Aji Bidara Putih chewed a leaf of betel vine and sang a mantra while holding it. When she threw it at the Chinese troops, it turned to giant centipedes.
The Chinese troops started to retreat but three centipedes chased them and sank the boat. The site of the sunken ship is now known as Danau Lipan (Lake of Centipedes), with Chinese treasures hidden on the lake’s bed.

1.     The text tells about …
a. Queen Aji Bidara Putih
b. The Mahakam River
c. The Prince’s Proposal
d. The Sunken Ship
e. The Chinese Troops

2.     Where did the story take place?
a. in a kingdom in China
b. in western Borneo
c. in the area that is now called Muara Kaman
d. in a sunken ship
e. in the Lake of Centipedes

3.     How was Queen Bidara Putih like?
a. beautiful, sensible, and sensitive
b. beautiful, uncaring, and sensitive
c. pretty, wise, and indifferent
d. pretty, sensible, and indifferent
e. beautiful, wise, and unconcerned

4.     Why did the envoys bring gold and porcelain?
a.     to trade them for stocks
b.     to announce the marriage proposal from a prince of China
c.     to load their ship
d.     to share them with the residents
e.     to sell them to the queen

5.     How did Queen Aji Bidara Putih respond to the proposal?
a. She agreed with the proposal instantly.
b. She approved the proposal right away.
c. She did not refuse the proposal immediately.
d. She did not reply the proposal.
e. She refused the proposal.

6.     Why did the prince raid Muara Kaman?
a. because the queen was spying on the prince
b. because the queen did not accept his proposal
c. because the queen attacked the prince’s kingdom
d. because the queen returned the prince’s gifts
e. because the queen chased the prince away

7.     Which statement is not true according to the text?
a.     The prince wanted to marry the queen.
b.     The prince had gold and porcelain to announce the marriage proposal.
c.     The prince ordered his troops to attack Muara Kaman.
d.     The prince won the battle.
e.     The prince turned into a giant centipede.

8.     The word “he” (paragraph 3, sentence 3) refers to …
a. the court officer
b. the prince
c. the envoy
d. the phantom
e. the giant centipedes

9.     “Their envoys brought gold and porcelain to …” The synonym of “envoy” is …
a. team
b. messenger
c. troop
d. advocate
e. squad

10. “… prince ordered his troops to raid Muara Kaman.”      The synonym of “raid” is …
a. establish
b. ascertain
c. attack
d. expand
e. enlarge

Study and pronounce the following words. Then, read the text and answer the questions.
barn (kb)                : gudang
cloak (kb)       : mantel; jubah
commotion (kb)               : keributan
enchant (kkt)        : memikat
frantic                    : kalut
hut (kb)                  : pondok
murmur(kki)   : berbisik
pellet (kb)              : butiran
rattle(kkt)               : menderak-derakkan
rein  (kb)                : tali kekang
soothe (kkt)           : menenangkan
spear (kb)              : tombak
stalk (kkt)        : mengikuti
suspicious (ks)                : curiga
wicked (ks)     : jahat

The Snow Bride

Many years ago, when great forests still covered the hills of Japan, a samurai named Hikaru lost his way in a sudden winter storm. Snow pellets sharp as spears pierced his cloak and drove him blindly into the deep woods. Cold stalked him, and he had no weapon to battle this invisible enemy. Finally his horse burst into a clearing. The wind rattled the tree limbs, but no snow fell here.            
 A wooden house squatted beside a huge camphor tree. The snow was a smooth white carpet. This quiet place seemed peaceful enough, but he sensed someone watching, waiting in silence. A door opened. A white-haired woman studied him. Holding out her arms, she murmured, “Welcome, my lord. Enter and feel no fear.” Hikaru smiled. He had killed fear long ago. But his horse ran away from the tiny hut. The samurai pulled the reins and drove it forward until the horse reluctantly moved forward. He found a lean to built on the side of the hut, sheltered on one side by the hut and on the other by the tree.
When his mount discovered some hay, its hunger drove out all fear. He left the animal peacefully grazing and went to find his hostess. The hut was simply furnished, though relight created a golden sparkle off the dishes and cups she set before him. Where this woman had found such luxuries, he wondered as she silently served him. After he had eaten, he fixed his eyes on her. “Who are you?” She kept her gaze modestly lowered. “I am called Yuki, my lord. This place is my home.” Yuki glided around the room in a silken whisper. Gradually he became aware of how quiet the woods had become. “Are you not lonely here?” Her lips quirked in a shadow of a smile. “You are here, my lord. As long as you are pleased with me, how could I be lonely?” Time passed, but it was always winter.
Hikaru forgot everything but the lovely woman who anticipated his wants. As soon as he thought, “I want 

B. Inggris Kelas 10 SMA
“ Yuki was there, offering food and drink to fall his belly or song to soothe his soul. Yet men are never content. For a warrior, even an earthly paradise can become a wicked prison. One day, Hikaru woke with anger. Nothing Yuki said or did please him. Dashing dishes off the table, the tiny crashes echoed how he’d destroyed his enemies in the past. The memory in farmed his temper. Enough of this quiet and inaction! He could find that in death.  “My lord, tell me how I have displeased you. I” “You, woman!” he snapped. “You’ve kept me prisoner in this place far too long!” He rushed to the door and flung it open. A cold breeze brushed his cheek. Yuki grasped his sleeve. “My lord! Do not leave!” “Enough!” The samurai jerked from her grip. Rage boiled in his heart as he backhanded her.
“Out of my way, woman!”, “As you wish.” The mark of his hand seemed a dark bruise on her pale skin. “I will bother you no more.” Head bowed, Yuki stepped aside. The door swung shut between them. A low moan shuddered amongst the trees. Wind whipped his helm from his head and his cloak off his shoulders. Cold knifed his body, just beneath the heart Yuki?” Blinded, Hikaru stumbled backwards, but tree bark scraped his questing hands. Where was the hut? It was cold, so cold. Spring came late that year.
 Birdsong welcomed the sun’s return. The golden fingers of the goddess Amateratsu caressed the still alabaster face of the sleeping man. But he never wakened. As she continued her journey across the sky, cherry trees covered the silken clad form with tiny pink-edged petals, a living blanket of snow.

1.     Where does the story come from?
2.     Who is Hikaru?
3.     What happened to him?
4.     How was the weather then?
5.     What happened to Hikaru after she met Yuki?
6.     What made Hikaru want to leave Yuki’s hut?
7.     What happened to Yuki when she tried to restrain Hikaru’s anger?
8.     What happened after Yuki stepped aside?
9.             Do you think this story has a happy ending or sad ending? Why?

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  • Mengetahui IQ dan EQ Bawaan untuk menyesuaikan kecepatan belajar.
  • Mengetahui Keseimbangan Otak Kiri dan Kanan dimana hal ini akan mempengaruhi Gaya Kerja, Cara Berfikir, Tingkah laku dan Posisi Kerja.
  • Mengetahui Bakat Alami, Kecerdasan Majemuk, Sifat Bawaan untuk selanjutnya bisa dikembangkan dan Mengantisipasi Kelemahan.
  • Memperkirakan Jurusan Pendidikan yang cocok.
  • Memperkirakan Posisi Kerja yang lebih relevan.
  • Memperkirakan Pekerjaan yang dengan Kemungkinan Sukses lebih banyak.
  • Mengetahui Kemampuan yang Paling menonjol yang ada pada diri Anda.


Hasil Analisa
Hasil Analisa Dalam bentuk PDF 13 Halaman dikirim langsung melalui WhatsApp.

Contoh Hasil Analisa

Kualitatif (jika Gagal Kuantitatif)

Info Lebih Lanjut
Website http://fitalis.net
Android App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aqila.sjblangsung
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Kemitraan Analisa Bakat dengan Sidik Jari

Kemitraan Analisa Bakat

Info Lengkap Tentang Analisa Bakat

Memiliki Scanner, Printer dan Komputer
(Scanner bisa menggunakan Scanner di Printer fotocopy)
Mau Belajar dan Mampu Menerangkan Hasil Analisa

Silahkan Pelajari terlebih dahulu penjelasan Hasil Analisa di


  • Dapat membuka Outlet Analisa Bakat dengan Sidik Jari
  • Lokasi Anda terdaftar di Aplikasi Analisa Bakat Online
  • Mendapatkan Harga Reseller (Hubungi Kami untuk Detilnya)


Biaya Pendaftaran Kemitraan
Rp 500 ribu
Sudah termasuk 5 Analisa untuk Simulasi Pengiriman Data dan Percobaan Penjelasan Hasil

Alur Kerja

  • Pelanggan di-scan 10 jari dan Telapak Tangan
  • Kirimkan Hasil Scan melalui WA atau email aqilabakat@gmail.com
  • Setelah jadi Hasil Analisa dikirimkan ke Anda,
  • silahkan cetak dan berikan ke Pelanggan
  • Jika diperlukan tambahkan sedikit Penjelasan.


Untuk lebih mudah memahaminya
Kirimkan Data Anda saat Simulasi Pengiriman Data.

Hubungi Kami https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6281391005464


Aplikasi Toko Online

Aplikasi Toko Online dengan Nama Usaha Anda Sendiri

Jasa Pembuatan Aplikasi Android untuk Usaha Penjualan (Toko) dimana Aplikasi Tersebut dibuat dengan Nama Usaha Anda Sendiri dan tentu saja muncul di pencarian PlayStore.
Hal ini akan memberikan Warna Baru untuk Usaha Anda dan tentu saja akan menambah kepercayaan Pelanggan.

Fungsi secara Umum

  • Katalog Produk yang menampilkan seluruh Produk/Dagangan Anda.
  • Lebih mudah untuk di-share dengan hanya satu Link aja, dan seluruh Produk sudah include di dalamnya.
  • Broadcast ke seluruh pengguna dalam bentuk notifikasi dimana Pelanggan tidak merasa terganggu namun informasi tersampaikan.
  • Catatan Transaksi lengkap dengan status pembayaran dan status pengiriman sehingga lebih mudah memantau Kondisi Penjualan.
  • Penjelasan Produk bisa lebih detil dilengkapi dengan Foto, Video dan Teks auto Link.
  • Cetak Nota Pembelian dan Nota antar Barang.
  • Chat ke Administrasi dari Pelanggan sebagai Pusat Informasi.
  • Tombol WhatsApp yang langsung mengarah ke WhatsApp Anda.
  • Profil Usaha lengkap dengan Link Medsos yang terkait.

Apa yang berbeda ?

  • Memakai Nama Usaha Sendiri sehingga Anda tidak perlu ragu dalam memarketingkan Aplikasi tersebut.
  • Multi admin, Aplikasi dapat dibuka oleh banyak Administrator sehingga memberikan peluang membagi pekerjaan.
  • Fungsi berita dapat digunakan sebagai Informasi Produk baru, Aktifitas atau Promo Toko Anda.
  • Notifikasi akan langsung dikirim secara otomatis ke Seluruh Pelanggan ketika Anda menginput Berita,
  • Pengumuman dan Produk Baru. Hal baru seperti ini selalu disukai Masyarakat.
  • Ukuran Aplikasi relatif kecil hanya 10 mb, jadi Calon pelanggan tidak ragu untuk meng-install.
  • Fungsi Hadiah untuk Meningkatkan Jumlah Install.
  • Kategori Produk untuk memudahkan pencarian oleh Pelanggan.
  • Foto Slider depan sebagai Media Promosi Utama.


  • Katalog Produk akan efektif apabila kurang dari 500 item, sebenarnya bisa lebih dari 10 ribu namun produk akan sulit ditemukan karena fungsi pencarian hanya untuk 3 kata kunci.
  • Pada Tahap awal relatif sulit untuk membuat calon pelanggan meng-install Aplikasi. Hal ini bisa dirangsang dengan Hadiah atau dengan memberikan diskon lebih ketika membeli melalui Aplikasi.

Silahkan coba Aplikasi Sample-nya

Buka menu, pilih Login untuk mencoba menambah produk dan mencoba fungsi-fungsinya
Isi Nomor HP 0123456789 Password 1234

Biaya Pembuatan
Harga Rp 4 juta
sudah termasuk Upload di PlayStore
Mohon Persiapkan Logo, Nama Usaha, HP Pemilik, HP pusat Informasi.

Biaya Berjalan
Aplikasi ini Online artinya bisa berjalan karena ada dukungan Server. Untuk itu ada biaya Rp 10 per Aplikasi dibuka.

Custom Fungsi Tambahan
Ada Biaya Tambahan apabila Anda menghendaki Penambahan Fungsi (Menu) sebesar Rp 3 jt per Fungsi.

Update ke Versi Terbaru
Kedepedannya Aplikasi akan mengalami Penambahan Fungsi dan perbaikan-perbaikan UI.
Untuk mendapatkan ke Versi Terbaru, ada Biaya Update sebesar Rp 300 rb karena Perubahan data dan Script membutuhkan waktu cukup lama.

Pemesanan WhatApps ke https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6281391005464

Aplikasi Laundry Online

Aplikasi Laundry
dengan Nama Laundry Anda Sendiri

Biaya Pembuatan 900 ribu sudah termasuk upload di PlayStore
Lama Pembuatan sekitar 15 s.d. 30 harian.

Jasa Laundry masih akan berkembang layaknya Jasa Ekspedisi (Pengiriman).
Semakin lama orang akan semakin disibukkan dengan Pekerjaan sehingga malas mencuci baju.
Rumah semakin minimalis dan ruang cuci semakin sempit.
Tidak membuat Kondisi rumah berantakan.

Konsep Aplikasi

  • Branding di PlayStore Android dengan Nama Laundry Anda Sendiri.
  • Pelanggan hanya Sekali Klik untuk Penjemputan Cucian.
  • Tracking Kondisi Cucian di Aplikasi.
  • Tombol WhatsApp untuk menghubungi Custumer Service.
  • Biaya Antar Jemput Otomatis / Custom.


Contoh Aplikasi

Silahkan Isi data sebagai Pemilik Laundry
Aplikasi tersebut masih contoh sehingga digunakan oleh Banyak Pemilik Laundry, Nantinya setelah Pembelian Hanya personal untuk Laundry Anda Sendiri.

Biaya Bejalan
Rp 10 per Aplikasi dibuka (Sekitar Rp 100 per Paket Cucian)

Telah memiliki Logo (JPG/PNG) dan Nama Laundry

Hubungi Kami https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6281391005464

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