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Bahasa Inggris SMA Explanation

Bahasa Inggris SMA Explanation


The purpose of the text is to tell how and why things occur in scientific and technical fields.

Schematic structure :
1.     The general statement or phenomenon of topic discussed
2.     Explanation sequences which may be related according to time or cause, or according to both relationships.
3.     A concluding statement (optional)

Common grammatical patterns of an explanation text include :
•      general and abstract nouns
•      action verbs
•      simple present tense
•      passive voice
•      conjunctions of time and cause

Read and answer the question

How Unemployment Occurs
Unemployment is the state in which a person is without work, available to work, and is currently seeking work. The unemployment rate is used in economic studies and economic indexes such as the United States’ Conference Board’s Index of Leading Indicators. The rate is determined as the percentage of those in the labour force without jobs. There are some of common types of unemployment.
Firstly, frictional unemployment occurs when a worker moves from one job to another job. While he searches for a job he is experiencing frictional unemployment. This is a productive part of the economy, increasing both the worker’s long term welfare and economic efficiency. Secondly, classical or real-wage unemployment occurs when real wages for a job are set above the market-clearing level. This is often ascribed to government intervention, as with the minimum wage, or labour unions. Thirdly, structural unemployment is caused by a mismatch between jobs offered by employers and potential workers. This may pertain to geographical location, skills, and many other factors. If such a mismatch exists, frictional unemployment is likely to be more significant as well. Fourthly, seasonal unemployment occurs when an occupation is not in demand at certain seasons.
 Lastly, cyclical or Keynesian unemployment, also known as demand deficient unemployment, occurs when there is not enough aggregate demand for the labour. This is caused by a business cycle recession and wages not falling to meet the equilibrium rate.
Adapted from: Wikipedia free encyclopaedia-last update 190408
1.         What is unemployment?
2.         How does frictional unemployment occur?
3.         How does classical unemployment occur?
4.         What is structural employment caused by?
5.         When does seasonal unemployment occur?
6.         What is caused by a business cycle recession?
7.         What do the following words refer to?
            a. “he” in paragraph 2   : ________________
            b. “this” in paragraph 3 : ________________

Rural Poverty in Indonesia

More than half of Indonesia’s 235 million people are poor. Most struggle to survive on less than US$2 a day, and are at risk of even more severe poverty. Approximately 60 per cent of the populations live in rural areas where agriculture is the main source of livelihood. Poverty has always been a concern in Indonesia. First, in the 1970s the country entered a period of steady economic growth, accompanied by progressive social development. Then in 1997 and 1998 the Indonesian economy came close to collapse, when a financial crisis swept through South-Eastern Asia. Before the crisis, 16.8 per cent of the country’s families were officially classified as poor. At the height of the financial upheaval, the proportion of poor households in the country doubled.
 Although the crisis hit harder in urban areas, recovery was also more rapid in the cities and towns. Instead, in rural areas, poverty is greater than it was before the financial crisis. Millions of small farmers, farm workers and fishers are materially and financially unable to tap into the opportunities offered by years of economic growth.
Then, the financial crisis also took a heavy toll on the government’s budget. At a time when government spending was needed to help reduce economic hardships weighing on poor people, social expenditures such as spending for health and education had to be cut. Even today, the government’s heavy debt burden means that there are few resources to help finance poverty reduction programe.

Write the Indonesiameaning and memorizing
struggle (kb)          : ………………..
rural (ks)                : ………………...
progressive (ks)     : …………………
collapse (kb)         : ………………….
financial (ks)         : ………………….
upheaval (kb)       : ………………….
toll (kb)                  : ………………….
hardships (kb)       : ………………….
expenditures (kb) : …………………
debt (kb)                : …………………
reduction (kb)       : …………………
What is Language Death?

Language death is a process that affects speech communities where the level of linguistic competence that speakers possess of a given language idiom is decreased.
Total language death occurs when there are no speakers of a given language idiom remaining in a population where the idiom was previously used (i.e. when all native speakers die). Language death may affect any language idiom, including dialects and languages.
Language death may manifest itself in one of the following ways:
• gradual language death
• bottom-to-top language death
• radical language death
• linguicide (a.k.a. sudden language death, language death by genocide, physical language death, biological language death.
The most common process leading to language death is one in which a community of speakers of one language becomes bilingual in another language, and gradually shifts allegiance to the second language until they cease to use their original (or heritage) language. This is a process of assimilation which may be voluntary or may be forced upon a population. Speakers of some languages, particularly regional or minority languages may decide to abandon them based on economic or utilitarian grounds, in favour of languages regarded as having greater utility or prestige. Languages can also die when their speakers are wiped out by genocide, disease, or the rare event of devastating natural catastrophe.
A language is often declared to be dead even before the last native speaker of the language has died. If there are only a few elderly speakers of a language remaining, and they no longer use that language for communication, then the language is effectively dead. A language that has reached such a reduced stage of use is generally considered moribund. The process of
attrition occurs when intergenerational transmission of a “heritage language”, mother tongue or native language has effectively stopped. This is rarely a sudden event, but a slow process of each generation learning less and less of the language, until its use is relegated to the domain of traditional use, such as in poetry and song. For example, a family’s adults may speak in an older native language, but when they have children, they may not pass on this language, and therefore the language dies in that family. One example of this process reaching its conclusion is that of the Dalmatian language.

1. What is language death?
2. When does total language death occur?
3. How does the process of the death happen?
4. When is the language declared to be dead?
5. When does the process of attrition occur?
6. What is Dalmatian language?
Origins of Slang

Slang is the use of informal words and expressions to describe an object or condition. Slang is vocabulary that is meant to be interpreted quickly but not necessarily literally, as slang words or terms are often a metaphor or an allegory
 First, one use of slang is to circumvent social taboos, as mainstream language tends to shy away from evoking certain realities. For this reason, slang vocabularies are particularly rich in certain domains, such as violence, crime and drugs and sex. An interesting fact about the word slang is that it was originally a slang term for the old French phrase “sale langue”, which translated into English means “dirty language”. Alternatively, slang can grow out of mere familiarity with the things described. Among wine connoisseurs, Cabernet Sauvignon might be known as “Cab Sav”, Chardonnay as “Chard” and so on; this means that naming the different wines expends less superfluous effort. It also serves as a shared code among connoisseurs.
Then, even within a single language community, slang tends to vary widely across social, ethnic, economic, and geographic strata. Slang sometimes grows more and more common until it becomes the dominant way of saying something, at which time it is regarded as mainstream, acceptable language (e.g. the Spanish word caballo), while at other times it may fall into disuse. Numerous slang terms pass into informal mainstream speech, and sometimes into formal speech, though this may involve a change in meaning or usage.
Besides, slang very often involves the creation of novel meanings for existing words. It is very common for such novel meanings to diverge significantly from the standard meaning. Thus, “cool” and “hot” can both mean “very good”, “impressive” or “good looking”.
Slang terms are often known only within a clique or in group. For example, Leet (“Leetspeak” or “1337”), originally was popular only among certain Internet sub-cultures, such as crackers (malicious “hackers”) and online video gamers. During the 1990s and 2000s, however, Leet became increasingly more commonplace on the Internet, and has even spread outside of Internet-based communication and into spoken languages. Another type of slang, with roots in Internet culture, is texting language (txt or chatspeak), which is widely used in instant messaging on the Internet (AOL speak) and mobile phones (SMS language).
Certain dialects may be viewed by some people as slang, such as Hawaiian Creole English and African American Vernacular English.

1.         What is slang according to the text?
2.         Why is slang used?
3.         How does slang sometimes grow?
4.         What does slang very often involve?
5.         What happened during the 1990s and 2000s?
6.         What dialects may be viewed as slang according to the text?
7.         What does the word “it” in paragraph 2 refer to?

How Venus Eclipse Happens

On May 16, 2010, people in most regions in the world have seen a very rare natural phenomenon. It was Venus eclipse. It was very rare amazing natural event. It was reported that the Venus eclipse will seen again in the future in 2050. Do you know how this rare Venus eclipse happens?
Well, actually Venus eclipse is like Sun eclipse. Venus eclipses occurs when the position of the earth, moon and Venus is parallel. Venus planet will slowly disappear for a moment because it is covered the surface of the Moon. Venus planet seems to move to the back side of the Moon.
The moon and planets are sharing a similar apparent path in the sky. That is why, it is not unusual for the moon to appear to pass close to Venus. In fact, the moon appears somewhere near it about once a month. However, most people don’t see these events because they are visible in the evening sky only half the time, and then only for a short period after sunset. The apparent closeness varies from month to month as well.

1.     What is the purpose of the text above ?
2.     What is the text above ?
3.     It was very rare . the word it refer to….. ( paragraph 1 )
4.     What is the synonym of the word appear.
5.     What is the antonym of the word near.


The term of “tsunami” comes from the Japanese which means harbour ("tsu") and wave ("nami"). A tsunami is a series of waves generated when water in a lake or a sea is rapidly displaced on a massive scale.
A tsunami can be generated when the sea floor abruptly deforms and vertically displaces the overlying water. Such large vertical movements of the earth's crust can occur at plate boundaries.
Subduction of earthquakes are particularly effective in generating tsunami, and occur where denser oceanic plates slip under continental plates.
As the displaced water mass moves under the influence of gravity to regain its equilibrium, it radiates across the ocean like ripples on a pond.
Tsunami always bring great damage. Most of the damage is caused by the huge mass of water behind the initial wave front, as the height of the sea keeps rising fast and floods powerfully into the coastal area.

1. What is the text above ?
2. What is tsunami ?
3. Why is tsunami always bring great damage ?
4. What is the synonym of the word powerfully ?
5. which sentence is correct based on the text above !

What You Need to Know about Drugs
Drugs are chemicals that change the way a person’s body works. You have probably heard that drugs are bad for you, but what does that mean and why are they bad? If you have ever been sick and had to take medicine, you already know about one kind of drugs. Medicines are legal drugs, meaning doctors are allowed to prescribe them for patients, stores can sell them, and people are allowed to buy them. But it is not legal, or safe, for people to use these medicines any way they want or to buy them from people who are selling them illegally.
When people talk about the “drug problem,” they usually mean abusing legal drugs or using illegal drugs, such as marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, LSD, crystal meth and heroin. Illegal drugs can damage the brain, heart, and other important organs. Cocaine, for instance, can cause a heart attack. While using drugs, a person is also less able to do well in school, sports, and other activities. It is often harder to think clearly and make good decisions. People can do dumb or dangerous things that could hurt themselves - or other people - when they use drugs.
Sometimes people try drugs to fi t in with a group of friends. Or they might be curious or just bored. A person may use illegal drugs for many reasons, but often because they help the person escape from reality for a while. If a person is sad or upset, a drug can - temporarily - make the person feel better or forget about problems. But this escape lasts only until the drug wears off. Drugs do not solve problems, of course. And using drugs often causes other problems on top of the problems the person had in the first place. A person who uses drugs can become dependent
on them, or addicted. This means that the person’s body becomes so accustomed to having this drug that he or she cannot function well without it. Once a person is addicted, it is very hard to stop taking drugs. Stopping can cause withdrawal symptoms, such as vomiting (throwing up),
sweating, and tremors (shaking). These sick feelings continue until the person’s body gets adjusted to being drug free again.
            If someone is using drugs, you might notice changes in how the person looks or acts. Here are some of those signs. A person using drugs may:
     lose interest in school
     change friends (to hang out with those who use drugs)
     become moody, negative, cranky, or worried all the time
     ask to be left alone a lot
     have trouble concentrating
     sleep a lot (maybe even in class)
     get in fights
     have red or puffy eyes
     lose or gain weight
     cough a lot
     have a runny nose all of the time

1.     What are drugs?
2.     What are the examples of illegal drugs?
3.     What are the effects of abusing drugs?
4.     Why do people try drugs?
5.     Can drugs solve problems?
6.     What is meant by being addicted?
7.     What will happen if a person stops taking drugs?
8.     Mention some signs of someone using drugs.
9.     What do the following words refer to?
        a. “you” in paragraph 1 line 1 refers to ….
        b. “they” in paragraph 1 line 2 refers to ….
        c. “them” in paragraph 1 line 5 refers to ….
        d. “they” in paragraph 1 line 5 refers to ….
        e. “themselves” in paragraph 2 line 6 refers to ….

Read the following text.

The El Niño and La Niña Phenomena

Devianations from nor m al temperature patterns of the southern Pacific Ocean, between Australia and South America, result in the phenomenon called El Niño. Under normal conditions, eastern trade winds blows across the Pacific. These drive the sun-warmed surface water from the central Pacific to the coast of northern Australia. When clouds form above this area of warm water and move over Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and
Australia, they bring rain with them. Every two to seven years, however, this pattern is interrupted by the El Niño event. During El Niño, the Pacific Ocean of Australia does not warm as much as it normally does. Instead, it becomes warmer right up to the coast of Peruin South America.
At the same time, the easterly trade winds that blow across the Pacific reverse their direction. This causes high-pressure systems to build up to the north of and across the Australian Continent, preventing moist tropical air reaching the continent.

B. Inggris Kelas 12 SMA
These conditions in turn result in storms, and in rain falling in the eastern Pacific Ocean and in South America instead of in Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia, which suffer drought conditions. While the effect of El Niño are sometimes weak, at the other times they are very strong. During a severe El Niño period, extreme drought conditions prevail, as in 1982–83 and 1997-98. In contrast, heavy rainfall and flooding occurred in parts of North and South America. In 1997, there were severe storms and floods in Mexico and further north along the west coast of the United States.
The converse of the El Niño effect is the La Niña effect, which is an exaggeration of normal conditions. This takes place when trade winds blow strongly and consistently across the Pacific towards Australia. This pushes the warm waters from the central Pacific, off the northern Australian coast, to build up into a mass that is bigger than normal. Thus, much more cloud develops than usual, and this brings considerably more rain to Australia and neighbouring countries.

Answer the questions individually.
1.     What cause the El Niño phenomenon?
2.     Explain how rain falls in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia.
3.     Explain why Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia suffer drought conditions during El Niño year.
4.     What natural disasters did Mexicosuffer in 1997 as the result of El Niño?
5.     Explain how La Niña effect takes place.

Acid Rain

Acid rain is rain that is highly acidic because of sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and other air pollutants dissolved in it. Normal rain is slightly acidic, with a pH of 6. Acid rain may have a pH value as low as 2.8.
Acid rain can severely damage both plant and animal
life. Certain lakes, for example, have lost all fish and plant life because of acid rain.
Acid rain comes from sulphur in coal and oil. When they burn, they make sulphur dioxide (SO2). Most sulphur leaves factory chimneys as the gaseous sulphur dioxide (SO2) and most nitrogen is also emitted as one of the nitrogen oxides (NO or NO2), both of which are gases. The gases may be dry deposited–absorbed directly by the land, by lakes or by the surface vegetation. If they are in the atmosphere for any time, the gases will oxidise (gain an oxygen atom) and go into solution as acids. Sulphuric acid (H2SO4) and the nitrogen oxides will become nitric acid (HNO3). The acids usually dissolve in cloud droplets and may travel great distances before being precipitated as acid rain.
Catalysts such as hydrogen peroxide, ozone and ammonium help promote the formation of acids in clouds. More ammonium (NH4) can be formed when some of the acids are partially neutralised by airborne ammonia (NH3). Acidification increases with the number of active hydrogen (H+) ions dissolved in acid. Hydrocarbons emitted by for example, car exhausts will react in sunlight with nitrogen oxides to produce ozone. Although it is invaluable in the atmosphere, low level ozone causes respiratory problems and also hastens the formation of acid rain. When acid rain falls on the ground it dissolves and liberates heavy metals and aluminium (Al). When it is washed into lakes, aluminium irritates the outer surfaces of many fish. As acid rain falls or drains into the lake the pH of the lake falls. Forests suffer the effect of acid rain through damage to leaves, through the loss of vital nutrients, and through the increased amounts of toxic metals liberated by acid, which damage roots and soil micro organisms.

Answer these questions
1.     What is acid rain?
2.     What is the pH of normal rain?
3.     How is sulphur dioxide formed?
4.     What will happen to sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide if they enter the atmosphere?
5.     What substances react to form nitric acid?
6.     What helps promote the formation of acids in clouds?
7.     What influences the increase in acidification?
8.     How is ozone produced?
9.     Does low level ozone harm respiratory organs?
10. How does acid rain affect forests?


How the Water Cycle Works
Solar energy evaporates exposed water from seas, lakes, rivers, and wet soil; the majority of this evaporation takes place over the seas. Water is also released into the atmosphere by the plants through photosynthesis. During this process, known as evapotranspiration, water vapour rises into the atmosphere.
Clouds form when air becomes saturated with water vapour. The two major types of cloud formation are stratified or layered grey clouds called stratus and billowing white or dark grey cloud called cumulus clouds.
Precipitation as rain, or hail ensures that water returns to Earth’s surface in a fresh form. Some of this rain, however, falls into the seas and is not accessible to humans. When rain falls, it either washes down hill slopes or seeps underground; when snow and hail melts, this water may also sink into the ground.
Rain fall also replenishes river water supplies, as does underground water. Snow fall may consolidate into glaciers and ice sheets which, when they melt, release their water into the ground, into stream or into the seas.

1.     Why does the majority of evaporation take place over seas?
2.     How do clouds form?
3.     How many major types of cloud formation are there?
4.     What types of clouds are associated with rainy weather?
5.     What will bring continuous rain?
6.     What makes certain that water returns to Earth’s surface in a fresh form?

Latihan Soal



What is photosynthesis? Photosynthesis is a food-making process that occurs in green plants. It is the chief function of leaves. The word photosynthesis means putting together with light. Green plants use energy from light to combine carbon dioxide and water to make sugar and other chemical compounds.
How is the light used in photosynthesis?
The light used in photosynthesis is absorbed by a green pigment called chlorophyll. Each food-making cell in a plant leaf contains chlorophyll in small bodies called chloroplasts. In chloroplast, light energy causes water drawn form the soil to split into hydrogen and oxygen.
What are the steps of photosynthesis process? Let me tell you the process of photosynthesis, in a series of complicated steps, the hydrogen combines with carbon dioxide from the air, forming a simple sugar. Oxygen from the water molecules is given off in the process. From sugar together with nitrogen, sulphur, and phosporus from the soil-green plants can make starch, fat, protein, vitamins, and other complex compounds essential for life. Photosynthesis provides the chemical energy that is needed to produced these compounds.

1.         What is the text above ?
a.     Phospur
b.     Photosynthesis
c.     Protein
d.     Vitamin
e.     Sulphur

2.         What is the main idea of paragraph 2 ?
a.     The steps of photosynthesis
b.     The mean of photosynthesis
c.     The used of photosynthesis
d.     The advantages of photosynthesis
e.     The complex of photosynthesis

3.         How was the step of Photosynthesis?
a.     Photosynthesis make starch, fat, protein, vitamins, and other complex compounds essential for life.
b.     Photosynthesis provides the chemical energy that is needed to produced these compounds
c.     Green plants use energy from light to combine carbon dioxide and water to make sugar and other chemical compounds.
d.     light energy causes water drawn form the soil to split into hydrogen and oxygen.
e.     the hydrogen combines with carbon dioxide from the air, forming a simple sugar. Oxygen from the water molecules is given off in the process. From sugar together with nitrogen, sulphur, and phosporus from the soil-green plants can make starch, fat, protein, vitamins, and other complex compounds essential for life

4.         It is the chief function of leaves. What does the word it refer to… in 1 paragraph.
a.     Photosynthesis
b.     Leave
c.     soil - green
d.     carbon
e.     Oxygen

5.         What tenses used in the text above ?
a.     Present tense
b.     Past tense
c.     Present perfect
d.     Past countinous
e.     Passive voice

Why Eiffel Tower was Built

If we talk about the Wonders of the World buildings, then we will see Eiffel Toweras one of them. However many of us do not know the tower’s past history on why it was build. Everything has the reasonable background, especially for the tower which is to be one of the most recognized buildings in the world.
Primarily, the Eiffel Towerwas built for the World Exhibition. It was called Paris Exposition in 1889. The exhibition was organized to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. The purpose of building EiffelTower in such structure was to show to the world France’s advancement of technology and beauty. The Eiffel Towerwas designed by Gustave Eiffel. It seemed that then the name of the tower was derived from the designer’s last name, “Eiffel”
Another reason on why the tower was built was for scientific progress. Although few realized it, the Eiffel Tower would become the prominent structure in terms of science and technology. Many experiment with temperature, pressure and pendulums were performed atop the unique famous building. Additionally the Eiffel Tower was used for radio transmission tower. Many experiments were conducted atop the Eiffel Towerfor radio transmission advancement. Once the Eiffel Towerwas proposed to be demolished but it was spared because the tower had the promising future as a radio tower.

6.         Why Eiffel Tower was Built ?
a.     Because show to the world France’s advancement of technology and beauty.
b.     the promising future as a radio tower.
c.     to make past history
d.     to show the power of france
e.     to built adventure

7.         Who is built the Menara Eiffel ?
a.     the writer
b.     Manohara
c.     Gustave Eiffel
d      Budi Utomo
e.     Candra Eiffel

8.         It seemed that then the name of the tower was derived from the designer’s last name, “Eiffel” What does the word it refer to ? in paragraph 2…
a.     Eiffel
b.     The writer
c.     Gustav Eiffel
d.     Building
e.     Tower

9.         What is the purpose of the text above ?
a.     To explain why the Menara Eiffel built
b.     To describe about menara Eiffel
c.     To amuse about menara effiel
d.     to discuss about menara eiffel
e.     to built how menara eiffiel

How is a Kite Flying?
A kite is an object which is made from a light material stretched over a frame. Due to its light material a kite will lift off the ground and fly when it is tilted into the wind.
A kite is uses wind to make it fly because it is heavier than air. When wind travels over the surface of the kite, it is split into two streams of air. One stream of the air goes over the kite while the second stream goes under the kite.
The upper stream creates an area of low pressure above the kite. The lower stream hits the kite at a shallow angle and creates an area of high pressure.
The high pressure area has a pushing effect while the low pressure area has a pulling effect. The combination of push and pull can creates enough force to lift the kite into the air.
Kites have been known for thousand of years. They are used for military or scientific purposes. Todays kites are much used for leisure and competition.

10.      What is the main idea of the text above ?
a.     How is kite flying
b.     kite
c.     kite competation
d.     playing kite
e.     material of kite
11.      What is the social function of the text above ?
           a.     to explain about how make kite
           b.     to explain about the material of kite
           c.     to explain about flying kite
           d.     to explain about step of playing kite
           e.     to describe about make kite

12.      What is the last paragraph about ?
           a.     playing kite
           b.     making kite
           c.     Competation kite
           d.     material kite
           e.     well known kite

13.      When did kite have been known ?
           a.     for thousand years
           b.     for hundred years
           c.     for about five years
           d.     for about nine years
           e.     for about six years

14.      What is the synonym of known ?
a.     strange
b.     famous
c.     habit
d.     well
e.     beautifu

How Chocolate is Made

Have we wondered how we get chocolate from? Well this time we will enter the amazing world of chocolate so we can understand exactly we are eating.
Chocolate starts a tree called cacao tree. This tree grows in equatorial regions, especially in place such as South America, Africa, and Indonesia. The cacao tree produces a fruit about the size of a small pine apple. In side the fruits are the tree's seeds. They are also known as coco beans.
Next, the beans are fermented for about a week, dried in the sun. After that they are shipped to the chocolate maker. The chocolate maker starts by roasting the beans to bring out the flavour. Different beans from different places have different qualities and flavour. So they are often shorted and blended to produce a distinctive mix.
The next process is winnowing. The roasted beans are winnowed to remove the meat nib of the cacao bean from its shell. Then the nibs are blended. chocolate liquor. The liquid is called chocolate liquor. It tastes bitter.
All seeds contain some amount of fat and cacao beans are not different. However, cacao beans are half fat, which is why the ground nibs from liquid. It is pure bitter chocolate.

15.      What is the text about ?
a.     How chocolate is made
b.     How the procedure of chocolate
c.     The material of made chocolate
d.     The contain of made chocolate
e.     The price of made chocolate

16.      What is the paragraph 3 about ?
a.     the contain of chocolate
b.     The step how to make chocolate
c.     the material of chocolate
d.     the price of chocolate
e.     the value of chocolate

17.      What is the called of liquid?
            a.     sweet chocolate
            b.     the bitter chocolate
            c.     the contain of chocolate
            d.     chocolate liquor.
            e.     the taste of chocolate

18.      What is the last prosses of making chocolate ?
            a.     the beans are fermented for about a week
            b.     roasting the beans to bring out the flavour.
            c.     Then the nibs are blended. chocolate liquor.
            d.     shipped to the chocolate maker.
            e.     The roasted beans are winnowed to remove the meat nib of the cacao bean from its shell.
19. What is the word it refer to…. (It tastes bitter )
a.     The bitter chocolate
b.     the sweet chocolate
c.     the dark chocolate
d.     the white chocolate
e.     The liquid

How Earthquakes Happen
Earthquake is one of the most destroying natural disasters. Unluckily it often happens in several regions. Recently a horrible earthquake has shaken West Sumatra. It has brought great damages. Why did it occur? Do you know how an earthquake happens?
Earthquakes are usually caused when rock underground suddenly breaks along a fault. This sudden release of energy causes the seismic waves. It make the ground shake. When two blocks of rock or two plates are rubbing against each other, they stick a little. They don't just slide smoothly. The rocks are still pushing against each other, but not moving. After a while, the rocks break because of all the pressure that's built up. When the rocks break, the earthquake occurs.
During the earthquake and afterward, the plates or blocks of rock start moving, and they continue to move until they get stuck again. The spot underground where the rock breaks is called the focus of the earthquake. The place right above the focus is called the epicenter of the earthquake.

20.      What is earthquake ?
a.     The place right above the focus
b.     the rocks break
c.     rock underground
d.     Earthquake is one of the most destroying natural disasters.
e.     The spot underground where the rock breaks

21.      How was earthquake happen ?
a.     When two blocks of rock or two plates are rubbing against each other, they stick a little.
b.     Earthquakes are usually caused when rock underground suddenly breaks along a fault.
c.     Earthquake is one of the most destroying natural disasters.
d.     the plates or blocks of rock start moving,
e.     The place right above the focus

22.      What is the main idea of second paragraph ?
a.     happen of earthquake
b.     happen of flood
c.     happen of
d.     happen of
e.     happen of epicentre

23.      They continue to move until they get stuck again. The word they in paragraph 3 refer to…….
           a.     eartquake
           b.     stone
           c.     epicenter
           d.     block of rock
           e.     sand

24.      What is the synonym of the word rock……..
a.     sand
b.     stone
c.     air
d.     water
e.     earth

How does Rain Happen?

Rain is the primary source of fresh water for most areas of the world, providing suitable conditions for diverse ecosystems, as well as water for hydroelectric power plants and crop irrigation.
Rain is the primary source of fresh water The concept of the water cycle involves the sun heating the Earth's surface water and causing the surface water to evaporate. The water vapor rises into the Earth's atmosphere. The water in the atmosphere cools and condenses into liquid droplets. The droplets grow until they are heavy and fall to the earth as precipitation which can be in the form of rain or snow.
However, not all rain reaches the surface. Some evaporates while falling through dry air. This is called virga, a phenomenon which is often seen in hot, dry desert regions.

25.      What is the title above ?
           a.     The phenomenon of rain
           b.     The water vapor
           c.     The concept of the water cycle
           d.     atmosphere
            e.     How does Rain Happen?

26.      What is the second paragraph about ?
           a.     The phenomenon of rain is actually a water circle.
           b.     the virga
           c.     atmospher
           d.     the water vapor
           e.     the rain

27.      What is virga ?
           a.     The phenomenon of rain
           b.     evaporates while falling through dry air
           c.     The water vapor rises into the Earth's atmosphere.
            d.     The droplets grow until they are heavy and fall to the earth as precipitation which can be in the form of rain or snow.
            e.     The water vapor rises into the Earth's atmosphere.

28.      The droplets grow until they are heavy and fall to the earth. ( the word they, paragraph 3 refer too…… )
           a.     the water
           b.     the vapor
           c.     atmospher
           d.     evaporates
           e.     earth’s atmosphere

29.      What is the correct sentence, according the text above !?
           a.     Rain is the last  source of fresh water
           b.     Rain is not the primary source of fresh water
           c.     Rain is the primary source of fresh water
           d.     Rain was not  the primary source of fresh water
           e.     Rain is not the primary source of fresh water

30.      What is the purpose of the text above !
           a.     to describe about rain happen
           b.     to inform about rain happen
           c.     to explain about rain happen
           d.     to tell about rain happen
           e.     to persuade about rain happen

Kami Bimbingan Belajar Aqila Course menawarkan biaya yang sangat terjangkau bagi Anda yang mau mencoba bisnis ini. Hanya dengan 500 rb saja Anda sudah bisa mendapatkan Modul Bimbel SD, SMP, SMA, Software Administrasi, SOP dan Link Aplikasi Belajar.

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Cloud System
Salah satu kelebihan sistem Distribusi ini adalah ketika kita selesai membuat modul, Anda langsung bisa download saat itu juga. Lebih cepat lebih baik. Tapi Sistem ini juga mempunyai Kelemahan untuk Lokasi yang belum terjangkau internet. 

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Pasang Iklan Gratis

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Ketika Anda memasang Sebuah Iklan di Aplikasi Iklan Gratis Kami, Iklan Produk Anda akan Kami Pasang tidak hanya dalam satu website, namun akan terpasang di beberapa website pembantu, tentu saja dapat dicari dengan mudah di Aplikasi. 

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Aqila Toko Online

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Namun untuk membangun sendiri sebuah website dan aplikasi e commerce  Tidak lah Murah, butuh lebih dari 20 juta untuk membangunnya, untuk itu dalam Aplikasi ATO ini Anda sudah merasa mempunyai Website e commerce sendiri.
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Lowongan Tutor/Guru Les Privat di Rumah

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Produk Aqila

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Contoh Aplikasi Portal Info Bimbel

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Aplikasi Android memakai Nama Bimbel Anda sendiri
Aplikasi ini dapat sebagai media Promo bimbel dan dapat digunakan sebagai Pendaftaran Online.
Konsepnya Admin membuka dengan Laptop, Siswa dan Tutor buka di HP dengan Aplikasi Android.
Siswa dan Tutor dapat mengakses Kehadiran, Pembayaran, Jadwal dan Materi Belajar Bimbel.
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Contoh Aplikasi untuk Simulasi Input Soal dll
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Video Keterangan

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Privat Mengaji

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Pendaftaran - Rp 50K


Analisa Bakat Online

Analisa Bakat dengan Sidik Jari Online

Info Lengkap silahkan download di Aplikasi

Syarat Utama
memiliki Scanner Dokument
(Scanner di Printer Fotocopy sudah cukup)

Harga Rp 100K/analisa
(Biaya di Transfer setelah Hasil Analisa dikirimkan)

Kirimkan :
Hasil Scan Telapak Tangan, dan 10 Ujung jari

Mohon Lihat Video Berikut untuk Cara Pengambilan Data

Video Selengkapnya di PlayList Berikut

Manfaat Analisa :

  • Mengetahui IQ dan EQ Bawaan untuk menyesuaikan kecepatan belajar.
  • Mengetahui Keseimbangan Otak Kiri dan Kanan dimana hal ini akan mempengaruhi Gaya Kerja, Cara Berfikir, Tingkah laku dan Posisi Kerja.
  • Mengetahui Bakat Alami, Kecerdasan Majemuk, Sifat Bawaan untuk selanjutnya bisa dikembangkan dan Mengantisipasi Kelemahan.
  • Memperkirakan Jurusan Pendidikan yang cocok.
  • Memperkirakan Posisi Kerja yang lebih relevan.
  • Memperkirakan Pekerjaan yang dengan Kemungkinan Sukses lebih banyak.
  • Mengetahui Kemampuan yang Paling menonjol yang ada pada diri Anda.


Hasil Analisa
Hasil Analisa Dalam bentuk PDF 13 Halaman dikirim langsung melalui WhatsApp.

Contoh Hasil Analisa

Kualitatif (jika Gagal Kuantitatif)

Info Lebih Lanjut
Website http://fitalis.net
Android App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aqila.sjblangsung
Videp PlayList

Kemitraan Analisa Bakat dengan Sidik Jari

Kemitraan Analisa Bakat

Info Lengkap Tentang Analisa Bakat

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Mau Belajar dan Mampu Menerangkan Hasil Analisa

Silahkan Pelajari terlebih dahulu penjelasan Hasil Analisa di


  • Dapat membuka Outlet Analisa Bakat dengan Sidik Jari
  • Lokasi Anda terdaftar di Aplikasi Analisa Bakat Online
  • Mendapatkan Harga Reseller (Hubungi Kami untuk Detilnya)


Biaya Pendaftaran Kemitraan
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Sudah termasuk 5 Analisa untuk Simulasi Pengiriman Data dan Percobaan Penjelasan Hasil

Alur Kerja

  • Pelanggan di-scan 10 jari dan Telapak Tangan
  • Kirimkan Hasil Scan melalui WA atau email aqilabakat@gmail.com
  • Setelah jadi Hasil Analisa dikirimkan ke Anda,
  • silahkan cetak dan berikan ke Pelanggan
  • Jika diperlukan tambahkan sedikit Penjelasan.


Untuk lebih mudah memahaminya
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Aplikasi Toko Online

Aplikasi Toko Online dengan Nama Usaha Anda Sendiri

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Hal ini akan memberikan Warna Baru untuk Usaha Anda dan tentu saja akan menambah kepercayaan Pelanggan.

Fungsi secara Umum

  • Katalog Produk yang menampilkan seluruh Produk/Dagangan Anda.
  • Lebih mudah untuk di-share dengan hanya satu Link aja, dan seluruh Produk sudah include di dalamnya.
  • Broadcast ke seluruh pengguna dalam bentuk notifikasi dimana Pelanggan tidak merasa terganggu namun informasi tersampaikan.
  • Catatan Transaksi lengkap dengan status pembayaran dan status pengiriman sehingga lebih mudah memantau Kondisi Penjualan.
  • Penjelasan Produk bisa lebih detil dilengkapi dengan Foto, Video dan Teks auto Link.
  • Cetak Nota Pembelian dan Nota antar Barang.
  • Chat ke Administrasi dari Pelanggan sebagai Pusat Informasi.
  • Tombol WhatsApp yang langsung mengarah ke WhatsApp Anda.
  • Profil Usaha lengkap dengan Link Medsos yang terkait.

Apa yang berbeda ?

  • Memakai Nama Usaha Sendiri sehingga Anda tidak perlu ragu dalam memarketingkan Aplikasi tersebut.
  • Multi admin, Aplikasi dapat dibuka oleh banyak Administrator sehingga memberikan peluang membagi pekerjaan.
  • Fungsi berita dapat digunakan sebagai Informasi Produk baru, Aktifitas atau Promo Toko Anda.
  • Notifikasi akan langsung dikirim secara otomatis ke Seluruh Pelanggan ketika Anda menginput Berita,
  • Pengumuman dan Produk Baru. Hal baru seperti ini selalu disukai Masyarakat.
  • Ukuran Aplikasi relatif kecil hanya 10 mb, jadi Calon pelanggan tidak ragu untuk meng-install.
  • Fungsi Hadiah untuk Meningkatkan Jumlah Install.
  • Kategori Produk untuk memudahkan pencarian oleh Pelanggan.
  • Foto Slider depan sebagai Media Promosi Utama.


  • Katalog Produk akan efektif apabila kurang dari 500 item, sebenarnya bisa lebih dari 10 ribu namun produk akan sulit ditemukan karena fungsi pencarian hanya untuk 3 kata kunci.
  • Pada Tahap awal relatif sulit untuk membuat calon pelanggan meng-install Aplikasi. Hal ini bisa dirangsang dengan Hadiah atau dengan memberikan diskon lebih ketika membeli melalui Aplikasi.

Silahkan coba Aplikasi Sample-nya

Buka menu, pilih Login untuk mencoba menambah produk dan mencoba fungsi-fungsinya
Isi Nomor HP 0123456789 Password 1234

Biaya Pembuatan
Harga Rp 4 juta
sudah termasuk Upload di PlayStore
Mohon Persiapkan Logo, Nama Usaha, HP Pemilik, HP pusat Informasi.

Biaya Berjalan
Aplikasi ini Online artinya bisa berjalan karena ada dukungan Server. Untuk itu ada biaya Rp 10 per Aplikasi dibuka.

Custom Fungsi Tambahan
Ada Biaya Tambahan apabila Anda menghendaki Penambahan Fungsi (Menu) sebesar Rp 3 jt per Fungsi.

Update ke Versi Terbaru
Kedepedannya Aplikasi akan mengalami Penambahan Fungsi dan perbaikan-perbaikan UI.
Untuk mendapatkan ke Versi Terbaru, ada Biaya Update sebesar Rp 300 rb karena Perubahan data dan Script membutuhkan waktu cukup lama.

Pemesanan WhatApps ke https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6281391005464

Aplikasi Laundry Online

Aplikasi Laundry
dengan Nama Laundry Anda Sendiri

Biaya Pembuatan 900 ribu sudah termasuk upload di PlayStore
Lama Pembuatan sekitar 15 s.d. 30 harian.

Jasa Laundry masih akan berkembang layaknya Jasa Ekspedisi (Pengiriman).
Semakin lama orang akan semakin disibukkan dengan Pekerjaan sehingga malas mencuci baju.
Rumah semakin minimalis dan ruang cuci semakin sempit.
Tidak membuat Kondisi rumah berantakan.

Konsep Aplikasi

  • Branding di PlayStore Android dengan Nama Laundry Anda Sendiri.
  • Pelanggan hanya Sekali Klik untuk Penjemputan Cucian.
  • Tracking Kondisi Cucian di Aplikasi.
  • Tombol WhatsApp untuk menghubungi Custumer Service.
  • Biaya Antar Jemput Otomatis / Custom.


Contoh Aplikasi

Silahkan Isi data sebagai Pemilik Laundry
Aplikasi tersebut masih contoh sehingga digunakan oleh Banyak Pemilik Laundry, Nantinya setelah Pembelian Hanya personal untuk Laundry Anda Sendiri.

Biaya Bejalan
Rp 10 per Aplikasi dibuka (Sekitar Rp 100 per Paket Cucian)

Telah memiliki Logo (JPG/PNG) dan Nama Laundry

Hubungi Kami https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6281391005464

SBMPTN Kesimpulan


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