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Soal Ujian Nasioanl Bahasa Inggris UN SMA P9

Soal Ujian Nasioanl Bahasa Inggris UN SMA P9

The Buyat Bay, issue has been a hot topic these past two weeks.
      However, no party has claimed responsibility for the pollution in the bay. This country is suffering from an old illness : it cannot see the culprits even though it could - if it wanted to.
      The issue started when a non-governmental organization discovered that a number of people living near the bay in South Minahasa district, North Sulawesi province, were suffering from skin diseases.
      Blood tests showed that some had high levels of mercury in their blood.
Public opinion then turned against the subsidiary of U.S based Newmont Minahasa Corp. PT Newmont Minahasa Raya, accusing it of causing the pollution by dumping its tailings in the bay.

1. This text mainly talks about ........
A. The pollution in the bay
B. The discovery of pollution by a non government organization
C. The failure of the government to find the culprits
D. The skin disease of the people living in Buyat Bay
E. The Buyat Bay issue

2. "Public opinion then turned ........ by dumping its tailings in the bay." (Paragraph 5)

The underlined word means ........ in a careless manner.
A. Unloading
B. Piling
C. Burying
D. Packing
E. Covering

Nuclear power seems in some ways much cleaner than other sources of energy. Take oil or coal as an example. When they are used in power stations, a great deal of smoke is produced. The smoke contains a great deal of acid. Even if the smoke is cleaned by filters, a lot of the acid still escapes into the air. This can be carried by clouds from power stations in England to Scandinavia. When it rains there, the acid comes down with the rain. As a result, the fish, in lakes and trees in forests begin to die.
          But many people are still against nuclear power. They believe that the problem is not just the danger of an accident in the atomic power stations. Highly radioactive material is used. Radioactivity can cause cancer and other illnesses. Only a part of the material is used. The rest - called waste - is just as radioactive. Although it is still highly dangerous, this radioactive waste is often thrown into the sea. Nobody can be certain what will happen to it there. Only one thing is certain. It will be highly dangerous for at least 240.000 years.

3. What is mainly discussed in the text ?
A. The acid rain.
B. An alternative energy.
C. An atomic power station.
D. Highly radioactive material
E. The advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power.

4. The main idea of paragraph 2 is that ........
A. Nuclear power is very dangerous
B. Radioactivity may cause some diseases
C. Radioactive material is highly dangerous for man's life.
D. Many people disagree with the use of nuclear power
E. Radioactive waste will be highly dangerous for at least 240.000 years

5. "Nobody can be certain what will happen to it there," (paragaraph 2)
The underlined word means ........
A. Locate
B. Exist
C. Come
D. Occur
E. Last

6. All of the following statements are true, EXCEPT ..
A. Acid rain makes plants fertile
B. The smoke produced by the burning coal contains a lot of acid
C. Nuclear power may cause some health problems
D. People should be aware of the danger of radioactive waste
E. When oil or coal is burned, it produces some smoke

  Each society has its own beliefs, attitudes, customs, behaviours, and social habits. These give people a sense of who they are, how they should behave, and what they should or should not do. These 'rules' reflect the 'culture'of a country.
       People become conscious of such rules when they meet people from different cultures. For example, in some. cultures, being on time can mean turning up several hours late for an appointment, even for a business meeting; in others, 3 p.m. means 3 p.m. Also, the rules about when to eat vary from culture to culture. Many North Americans and Europeans are used to having three mealtimes a day and organizing their timetable around them. In some countries, on the other hand, people often do not have strict rules like this - people eat when they want to and every family has its own time table.
      When people visit or live in a country for the first time, they are often surprised at the differences that exist between their own culture and that in the other country. The most common way of comparing two cultures is in terms of their differences - not their similarities.

7. What does the writer want to tell you?
A. Strict rules.
B. Mealtimes day.
C. Culture differences.
D. Culture in a country
E. Culture similarities

8. New comers often feel ........ because their own culture is not similar to that in the new country.
A. Astounded
B. Bored
C. Disturb
D. Uninterested
E. Embarrassed

9. Which statement is TRUE according to the text ?
A. There are no people, becoming conscious of a new cuttura,
B. There are no countries having strict rules of mealtimes.
C. There are no strict rules of mealtimes in some countries.
D. There are no problems for people who visit a coutry for the first time.
E. There are no similarities between a culture is one country and that in another.

10. "Being on time can mean turning up several hours late ..." (Paragraph 2).
The underlined words mean ........
A. Arriving
B. Emerging
C. Appearing
D. Exposing
E. Displaying

11. In some cultures people may ........ for a business meeting.
A. Come late
B. Eat strictly
C. Be surprised
D. Behave differently
E. Use their own time table

      The problem of over population in Indonesia is made worse by the fact that fifty percent of all Indonesians are below the age of eighteen years. Most of them are dependents. They do not earn money to support themselves and are in need of many facilities like food, medical care, clothing, education, and employment opportunities. Although a large number of them are forced to drop out of school to earn a living, the government. still has to spent a very large part of its revenue  on education. Then comes the problem of creating enough jobs for every new generation of school leavers or college graduates.
      Although the problem of overcrowded cities is difficult to solve, there is a solution to the problem of people living in overcrowded areas of the countryside. The solution is internal migration. This means moving poor people from the countryside to different but underdeveloped parts of Indonesia, where they may work to build a new life themselves. In Indonesia, there are large and active resettlement programmes  of his sort which have given a new life to thousands of people.

12. What is mainly discussed in the text?
A. Population problem.
B. Migration in Indonesia.
C. How to solve unemployment in Indonesia.
D. Overcrowded cities
E. A new life for thousands of people

13. The main idea of paragraph one is that ........
A. Most of the youth are jobless
B. The elderly are more than the youth
C. The youth earn money to support themselves.
D. Indonesians lack employment opportunities
E. Fifty percents of Indonesians are dependents

14. Which sentence is TRUE according to the text?
A. Creating enough jobs for the young is not urgent.
B. Less than fifty percent of Indonesians are dependents.
C. There is no solution to the problem of overcrowded cities.
D. The only way to solve problem of over populatlon is by internal migration.
E. Employment opporcunities cannot help solve the over population problem.

15. " ........ government still has to spend a very large part of ........" (paragraph 1)
The meaning of the underlined word is ........
A. Bring up
B. Give out
C. Take off
D. Use up
E. Take up

16.   " ........ from the countryside to different but underdeveloped parts of Indonesia." (paragraph l ).

The antonym of underlined word is ........
A. Developing
B. Developed
C. Isolated
D. Neglected
E. Growing

Flood is a body of water that covers normally dry land. Most floods are harmful. They may ....(17).... homes and other properties and even carry off the top soil leaving the land ....(18).... When people are not prepared, sudden and violent floods may bring huge ....(19).....

17. ……
A. Destroy
B. Break
C. Bunt
D. Fall
E. Drop

18. …..
A. Dry
B. Wet
C. Helpful
D. Barren
E. Fertile

19. …..
A. Advantages
B. Demolition
C. Benefits
D. Questions
E. Losses

20. Doctor       :  What's happened to your son, Mrs. Rina?
Mrs. Rina   :  He said ........ a terrible pain in his stomach.
A. that he felt
B. that her feels
C. if he is feeling
D. whether he felt
E. that he is feeling

21. James  : Why didn't you answer my call?
Peter   : Sorry ...
A. I was feeding my cattle
B. I have fed my cattle
C. I fed my cattle
D. I had fed all my cattle
E. I'll feed my cattle

22. Rindu   :  Mom, I am nominated in the singing contest
Mama  :  Great! I'm really proud of you.

The underlined utterance is an expression ........
A. Will
B. Pride
C. Hope
D. Plan
E. Satisfaction

23. Rina      :  May I go to Pangandaran, Mom?
Mother  : Yes, but don't forget to take care of yourself.
Rina      : Thanks, Mom.

From the dialogue above, we know that mother ........ Rina togo to Pangandaran.
A. Allows
B. Orders
C. Forbids
D. Avoids
E. Stops

24. Student  : ........ to carry these books to your room, sir?
Teapher : No, thanks, Ican do it myself
A. Do you want
B. Shall I do
C. Can you help
D. May I help you
E. Do you mind

25. Bobby  : ........ you will do your best in the competition this season.
Brenda : Well, everybody expects that, and I feel certain about it anyway.
A. I believe
B. I don't care
C. I congratulate
D. It's a pity
E. It's nothing

26. X : Tom, what happened to your leg?
Y : I fell when, I was playing football and my leg broke.
X : ........ you'd better the a rest,
A. Oh, poor you
B. That's great
C. That's fantastic
D. How lucky you are
E. I don't know what to do ,

27. Wido          :  Would you like me to carry these books, sir?
Mr Sumadi  :  Sure, thank you very Much.
The underlined expression shows ........
A. offering to do something
B. asking to do something
C. apologizing for someone's mistake
D. disagreeing with someone's opinion
E. greeting someone

28. X  :  Why didn't you ride your motor-cycle here?
Y  :  It ........ last week.
A. Sells
B. Was sold
C. Has to sell
D. Has to sell
E. Has been sold

29. X  :  There will be a party at my house tonight, Would you like to come?
Y  :  I'd love to, but I have an appoinment with my colleague.
From the dialog we know that the second speaker ........ the invitation.
A. Gives
B. Declines
C. Takes
D. Loves
E. Enjoys
30. Raissa  :  I'm sorry, I can't leave now. We have to practise the last part of the drama but
               we ........ by six o'clock.
Rezza   :  Don't worry. I'll wait until you finished.
A. Finish
B. Will finish
C. Have finished
D. Are finishing
E. will have finished

31. Ridwan  :  Do you think our youth have the competence to keep up with
                the Americans in technology?
Ade       :  I don't think so because it needs a lot of money.
The underlined word means ........
A. Knowledge
B. Cleverness
C. Capability
D. Experiment
E. Profession

32. A  : You have only a few minutes before the  train leaves, or you ........ it.
B  :  Thank you for reminding me.
A. Might miss
B. Have missed
C. Are missing
D. Have to miss
E. Should have missed

33. Ina  :  What do you think of your new red dress?
Eta  :  ........ It goes with my shoes.
Ina  :  I think so. You look beautiful on it.
Eta  :  Thank,you.
A. I am very satisfied with it
B. I don't think so
C. Sorry to hear that
D. I don't like it
E. It's too difficult to do

34. Shifa   :  It's difficult for me to solve the mathematics problem. I can't do it myself.
Radita :  Let's solve it together, I'll have my brother ........ us if we can't do it.
A. Help
B. To help
C. Helps
D. Helped
E. Helping

35. Andre    :  Did you join the trip last holiday?
Firdaus  :  If my father had given me permission, I would have joined it.
From the dialogue we know that ........
A. Firdaus joined the trip
B. Andre didn't join the trip
C. Firdaus really wanted to join the trip but he didn't
D. Andre wanted Firdaus to join the trip
E. Firdaus' father permitted him to join the trip

36. Sherly  : Billows of smoke from the forest fires    in Jambi, Riau and West Kalimantan
             are becoming thicker and thicker. They have harmful effects on our health
             and daily activities.
Raissa : That's right. I think the government ........ people to understand the value of
             forests and stop their bad habits.
A. Educated
B. Have educated
C. Are educating
D. would educate
E. should have educated

37. Curiosity is a characteristic shown by many other animals, but organizing and ........  knowledge is a skill demonstrated by humans alone.
A. Discovering
B. Doing
C. Making
D. Recording
E. Writing

38. Thailand, which has already won three gold medals at the Athens Olympics, will bid to host the games in 2016, media reports ........ on Sunday.
A. Said
B. Claimed
C. Purposed
D. Demanded
E. Justified

39. Hellen Keller Was known and admired throughout the world for the way she overcame her handicaps.
The underlined word means ........
A. clarity in speaking
B. curiosity among friends
C. ability to do something good
D. difficulty in understanding something
E. disability of a person's body

40. The island over there is not occupied.
The underlined words mean ........
A. Isolated
B. Infertile
C. Uninhabite
D. Incontinent
E. Uninteresting

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