Thursday, 21 March 2013

Soal Kelas 8 Inggris 1

bimbingan belajar aqila course

Botanical Garden

I went to a botanical garden. It was large, landscaped parks where plants were grown for scientific purposes and for public display. People could stroll down flowers bordered paths or sat on benches and admired the beautiful plants. Most of the plants were labeled with their popular as well as their scientific names.
 In greenhouses, long, low buildings made of glass and artificially heated; the more delicate plants were cultivated.
 One of the greatest botanical gardens in the world today is the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew, England. It is commonly known as Kew Gardens. One of the largest botanical gardens in the United States is the New York Botanical Gardens, Bronx, New York, which contains 13,000 species varieties of plants.

1. What are botanical gardens? They are large, landscaped parks where are grown.
    a. trees               c. plants
    b. shrubs              d. vegetables
2. What are botanical gardens used for? All the answers are correct, except….
    a. for camping
    b. for scientific researches
    c. for scientific purposes
    d. for public display.
3. What are most of the plants labeled with? All the answers are correct, except .
    a. with their scientific names
    b. with their popular names
    c. with their unfamiliar names
    d. with their familiar names
4. What is a bench? It is a/an made of wood or stone.
    a. round seat
    b. equilateral seat
    c. short seat
    d. long seat

5. What is a greenhouse? It is a long, low building made of and artificially heated.
    a. stone                c. bricks
    b. glass                d. wood
6. The delicate plants are cultivated. One of the following is not the meaning of delicate
    a.  fine.                c. tender.
    b. soft.               d. harsh.
7. Where is the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew?
    a. In Europe.
    b. In England.
    c. In West Europe.
    d. In East Europe
8. Where is the botanical garden in West Java?
    a. Bandung Botanical Garden.
    b. Bogor Botanical Garden.
    c. Sukabumi Botanical Garden.
    d. Lembang Botanical Garden.
9. Would you like to come to my party tonight?
    a. It does not matter.
    b. No, I disagree about that.
    c. Well done.
    d. I would love to.
10. Dela    :…………. our new teacher?
      Andi    : I think she is a very good teacher. She is very nice and explains the lessons very well.
    a. Have you seen
    b. Do you like
    c. May I have
    d. What do you think about
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